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Postby tormod » 21 Feb 2017, 20:08

Living word: Pensive

Current allocation: This word is new to me. I have very little attachments what so ever.

Dictionary definition: engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.

Etymology: late 14c., from Old French pensif "thoughtful, distracted, musing" (11c.), from penser "to think," from Latin pensare "weigh, consider," frequentative of pendere "weigh" (see pendant). Related: Pensively; pensiveness.

Sounding of word:
pennen siv: (it's flowing from the pen) - the pen is flowing
pennen Siv: the pen called the girls name "Siv"
pen - s - i - ve : the pen says I have been

Negative: I would first fear the thoughts thinking all thought is awful. I would judge my relationship to this word as addictive and like a escape - desiring it like badly.
Positive: this word sticks a little deeper than ordinary thoughts. it is more who I am within the thought and making/design as such. I would suck right into this word, making it mine, like calling it my precious.

Creative writing:
I would suck right into this word, making it mine, like calling it my precious. This word eases my living to a extended degree. Seeing this word make my world more complete. I digg this word and I see it as vital for me to add to my process.

New definition: Pen - s - i - ve : the pen says I have been. The importance here is the pen and to express. express and make sense. To nurture and care for all ones thoughts so that they support life.

(common sense. with the human (mine) programming this word and to live with this word is like a gift to myself!)

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