Peace be with Self

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Peace be with Self

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Peace be with Self

Usually the saying goes within the system, specifically religious systems in this world is ‘peace be with you’, this though is not accurate as what the saying should read is ‘peace be with self’, the I of who I am. This based on the principle of who you are is what you will create, so if each one live this word peace within self, then this will then resonate and start to be created within this world as it will start to effect and influence who you are within your living. So you will be able to give peace as you live it rather then in a way ‘hoping’ another person get’s it with the saying ‘peace be with you’. You can create it in your living.

So peace be with self is something I am practicing living at this moment, it is a powerful and empowering word I have found to live as it has the effect if applied to calm the waters so to speak of my inner being, my inner self in a moment. It’s been supportive as sometimes I can become emotional and within that emotion can become overwhelmed within the energy of it, though what I have been practicing in this moment is to stand within myself and speak the words peace as a directive for me to live. Once I speak this word peace, my whole body releases, like an out breath of my whole body and I become ‘at ease’ so to speak, calm, and what I have found it’s in a way seems as if I step back within myself and settle within the body more deeply or more grounded in a way, like in a way it seems as if i sink into the body more causing this supportive effect of the words lived such as I am here, I am ok, I am able to observe and look again, see what I can see, and take another attempt at finding a solution for what ever it is that is bothering me or making me overwhelmed. So this is one application of this word I am currently applying as a support to release from an energy ‘possession’ in a moment to help settle and become at ease.

I have been looking at the word itself ‘peace’ as I like to find and see what is within the words, the letters, and here what I found was ‘patiences emerging as grace’, I have also redefined the word patiences to be ‘pay attention to the essences (life)’ of another and self, and grace as ‘grateful pace’, so walking at a pace in life that is of gratefulness in considering all that is here and become aware of what I have as my life and opportunity that is here for the living. So I like to play with words to understand myself within them in a way to support myself to get a reference of how to see the word in order to live it and practice this in my everyday life.

This word play of the word peace, I have just today looked at and wrote about so I have not yet tested the living of this word as i stated, ‘patiences emerging as grace’ though I can see within the potential of this application to support with emerging in a peaceful and more wholesome way of living in my everyday enviroment with others. One of the greatest gifts that is emerging in my personal process as of late is my growing awareness and understanding of others beyond my own reactions of them, so through working with and releasing my systematic reactions to others such as emotions like anger, judgment, embarrassment, I am more moving into living words such as gratefulness, grace, consideration, care, understanding, and through this I am starting to connect with people more on a real and substantial level. This I have not yet in my life been able to do, well maybe when i was a child, but since about 12 years old and on I have been very much trapped in insecurity and shyness where i had almost become retarded in my ability to socialize and function normally with others. So this has been quite a process and ability I have developed for myself and this is just the beginning, which is awesome.

What I have been realizing as I have been slowing down and practicing these living words such as peace, grace, patiences, understanding, and others is the absolute magnificence that exists here as our natural everyday life, it’s in a way missed because we are so much in our minds, thinking about this and that, that and this, speedy, busy, what is missed is the actual detail of our natural environments. The way the moon looks, the way the tree bark looks on the trees and the different shapes and kinds of trees that I visit every single morning with my dogs, my dogs expression as they sniff and express themselves from one spot to the next, the smile that my neighbor shows as she exits her front door in a delight of the fresh air and sun, and living the word peace where I become patience emerging as a grace, I become grateful for what is here because I become more aware and in tune with the life that is existing here, and there is so much! Everything is in a way alive and fascinating yet so simple. There is so much that is going on here and when I am in a state of peace as I practice this word in, I am seeing more and more of me here, my awareness and my ability to respond to life in a way of gratefulness and joy for the gift that it is.

Thanks for reading.

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