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Current Allocation:

I see i am lenient with my mind and thus my self based on indulgences i have allowed and become addicted to for a very long time. I find it difficult to stand within these patterns and thus i tend to accept and allow the word lenient to supersede that which would be best for me based on the level of addiction I have participated in over time, though i find that with commitment and patience this point can be walked to a satisfactory point. What i have realized is that with the deep addiction patterns, i have laced it with fear. So I have a fear that i will not be able to get out of the pattern cause i am too far gone or the mind energy is too much, and so this will inevitably get me and i will fall. This is where i find i have become lenient or accept and allow leniency, when i have fallen and slowly getting back up. As i am getting up, i will indulge in the addiction. So leniency has been a crux in a way, which I allow as indulgence of the mind and I do not stop, I allow myself to stay in the feeling of energy, get drunk in it in a way as i wallow in the giving up point until i stand again. It’s self manipulation and overall unacceptable as it’s not necessary to indulge in such a way, and the living of this word is done to not face myself and thus allow self indulgence, self interest, and giving into my mind addictions. I am not in judgment of myself, though i see this is a flag point because it’s consequential in a way of me taking longer then necessary to move through points that inevitably have to be walked to become more effective and trustworthy within myself, which is my commitment to me as life.

Dictionary Definition:


1. agreeably tolerant; permissive; indulgent:

He tended to be lenient toward the children. More lenient laws encouraged greater freedom of expression.

2. Archaic. softening, soothing, or alleviative.


lenient (adj.) Look up lenient at Dictionary.com

1650s, "relaxing, soothing" (a sense now archaic), from Middle French lenient, from Latin lenientem (nominative leniens), present participle of lenire "to soften, alleviate, allay; calm, soothe, pacify," from lenis "mild, gentle, calm," which probably is from PIE root *le- (2) "to let go, slacken" (source also of Lithuanian lenas "quiet, tranquil, tame, slow," Old Church Slavonic lena "lazy," Latin lassus "faint, weary," Old English læt "sluggish, slow," lætan "to leave behind").

The usual modern sense of "mild, merciful" (of persons or actions) is first recorded 1787. In earlier use was lenitive, attested from early 15c. of medicines, 1610s of persons. Related: Leniently.

Lenient Word Play:

Lean i shunt, I lend a bend, learn i can’t, learn i ain’t, lean i went,

Negative Polarity:

I see this word as a point of self diminishment and lack of will, i in a way fear I will exist in this state for too long, yet i will indulge it once and a while which makes me anxious over time cause i know i am not doing my best.

Postitive Polarity:

I see this word as a way of relaxing, getting support from another, when i good effort is put in - getting a hand from another and allowing them to support for a moment, so giving myself a moment to rest and kick back to relax and have a breather for self when I see if have given a best amount of effort in a agreeable timeframe.

Creative Writing:

Lenient is a place where you have to be self directed within, for a moment, to support with becoming balanced in one’s living if you put too much effort in and need to have a moment of relaxation, to create an equilibrium back to self stability. I have found mostly that it is allowed to be used as a crux to not become discipline in a moment and where I keep allowing a lean on my mind programming to bend around the self honesty of doing what has to be done in the physical and supporting myself to stand straight as self’s will and support and direct in a grounded matter.

Self Forgiveness:
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to become lenient within myself to not have to face myself within the mirror of who i am existing as in my living world and so face self here, but allow a point of giving myself a lean to bend around that which has to be faced as i avoid the actual stand necessary to see who i am fully and walk the path of discipline to change what it is i am not willing as of yet to fully face head on and change.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to become lenient in my own mind where i seek out the self satisfaction of mind addiction such as self abuse and thus allowing abuse with others via quantum movements of emotion through my presence or out right displaying anger or dislike within my words or behavior.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to become to lenient within myself where i have allowed my mind to go unchecked because i am hiding and avoiding from myself the actual process of change necessary to walk which is a more direct and breath by breath process which i have judged as difficult.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to find walking this process to life and being here as breath to difficult to face and change and thus here accept and allow the word lenient to step in where i give up on myself allowing and accepting the thoughts that it’s too difficult and i can’t get it done.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate and live into the belief that this process to life is too hard and i can’t do it through accepting and allowing the experience of giving up in these moments of energy veils that come over me of a heaviness and a depression, where i believe that it’s too much and it won’t be done.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not in these moments question who i am and how i am accepting and allowing myself to be as depressed and in a state of giving up through allowing thoughts that it’s too hard and i can’t do it, and thus accept and allow the outflow of giving in to the experience of giving myself tolerance to indulge more into the addiction and the self interest when i see, realize, and understand that it’s time to stop and change.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to use this experience of leniency in a way as self manipulation where i use it as a guise as to why i don’t have to stand in that moment, but can give up and give in to my addictions which is giving into the energy temptation and experience that i have become addicted to of living out the experience of the sensations of giving in and indulging to self interest.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not stand and walk breath and physical living in the simplicity of what is here as life living in the obvious and common sense equations that will support myself and others in the best way possible regardless what it takes as effort and movement, i walk cause it’s best not based on a feeling or experience.

I commit myself to when i see i am going into the experience of being lenient with myself, flag it and identify what pattern or addiction i am not facing and moving into a solution with.

I commit myself to walk a process within a day to identify this pattern and then start the process of solution point by point as this comes through.

I commit myself to support myself in the process by living the words discipline, care, life, steadfast, physical effort to do what has to be done to move through the addiction and create a new way of living that is self directed.

Lenient - Redefined:

Lenient is when i allow for a moment rest/support to rebalance myself into my physical living process and in the next moments move back into a stable walk. I also use this word as a flag to render the fact that i am indulging in this rest i give to myself to rebalance and thus manipulating myself to not have to stand and walk the walk that is necessary for correction in self creation. This to use as a support to realize that i am not standing in my best potential and change is required using the living words above and expand as i go.

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