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Day 693 - Passion

I’ve seen how passion can be misdirected. And for me I’ve lived passion within this misdirection and within an energy where I get ‘fired up’ and when I am in that trance so to speak, I’ll speak out about my opinion all day and every day. That is why I call this a misdirected or misplaced passion. It’s not about defending my opinion until death and speaking it and pushing it onto others because I am so fixated on it being right and here not stopping to consider any other opinion or perspective. I’m right, so I’m right type of thing.

For me also I still feel this passion come up within me when it’s a much talked about issue, a world issue, a killing issue etc, and for me yes, I see a lot differently to others, where I consider many aspects and dimensions of an event and so I’m more willing now to look into things, see why one may do something, what the motivation is, the reasoning and then there is how something began etc - so even though yes, my output is much more reasonable in that I’m actually considering multiple dimensions etc, there is this passion pattern within me when one says different and is speaking in a limited way and for example purely just pointing fingers and blaming in a one dimensional way of seeing an event.

I also see that ‘I mean well’ - but that is not enough. Meaning well is not being well. So where else does this passion stem from? When one is speaking one dimensionally and I am disagreeing and I am frustrated because that person is not seeing something from multiple dimensions and so is limited in reasoning and I want and wish they would be open to other reasoning and more dimensions of an event, so that is the pattern I’m looking at here when it comes to passion and being angry/frustrated/annoyed at one for looking too one dimensionally and same emotions come up when I want and wish them to look multi-dimensionally for reasoning purposes. Like I want them to see how I see something. But that cannot be - we’re each at a different stage in process, so my passion as anger/frustration won’t change their mind, so what I see is that I must understand this myself, and then once I’m stable I speak my perspectives as stability starting point and thus the chances of resonation in another magnify greatly.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to misplace and misdirect my passion into defending something and within this, defending for the reasoning/justification I have within myself of frustration/anger/annoyance that another is not seeing something from a multiple dimension stand point and only seeing something from a one dimensional stand point and so being frustrated that they are not considering other options/reasons to look more deeply.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want another to agree in totality with my own multiple dimension perspective as of reasoning to look deeper as to the reasoning of something happening and being frustrated/annoyed/angry when this does not happen and one has their own opinion that is limited and one dimensional in relation to something.

When and as I see myself in a conversation with another and a subject comes up where my perspective differs greatly from one’s opinion and I desire to defend and convince and make another see my way/be open to other dimensions and reasonings and then desiring to become frustrated, angry, annoyed when I cannot convince another, and here even frustrated/annoyed that they have this one dimensional opinion in the first place - I stop and breathe. I see, realise and understand that we are EACH walking a different process and at different STAGES in process, and so of course we will all have a different way of looking at something and I must accept this.

So I commit myself to accept everyone’s opinion and/or perspective and not react to it as taking it personally or judging them for apparently ‘not understanding or being open enough’ - as ‘meaning well’ is abusive, BEING WELL is to yes, have my perspective about this and that, share it, sure, but that sharing must be from a starting point of just that, to share, not to convince, not to defend, not to change - these are all forms of the mind as a source of my ego, my frustration, my anger, my annoyance and thus they must be stopped in the moment.

I commit myself to allow resonation as speaking my perspectives by remaining calm, patient, willing, open, accepting with another.

I commit myself to listen to another’s opinion/perspective and so hear/learn where they are at currently and accept that within myself as that being their current path/stop.

I commit myself to then speak my own perspective as per how I see something and speak it as necessary such as in parts or all at once dependent on the moment/who/where another is at and so as to make an understanding happen or a type of resonance in another through whatever means possible/necessary.

*Passion current definitions*

strong and barely controllable emotion.

a state or outburst of strong emotion.

intense sexual love.

an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

a thing arousing great enthusiasm.

the suffering and death of Jesus.

an account of the Passion from any of the Gospels.

a musical setting of any of the biblical accounts of the Passion.

Passion redefinition

My ability to resonate something in another within and as stability as what is best for all as sharing unconditionally/openly to resonate as best as possible and to share as best as possible without delay or limitation.

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