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: redefined

Cognition have long been a sort of mystic word for me. With that I mean the mystic of my own thoughts, within the old definition of cognition. Like what are thoughts really (?) how does thoughts really occur ? What creates this "talking" in my head ?

From such questions and wonders with me growing up and into adulthood, still very much silently and to myself questioning the existence of thoughts and the kind of mind activity that I was going through.

Let's face it : very few of us can say we have been taught properly anything much or "real" about our mind consciousness system - in its depth and totality.

So.... me looking at the word "Cognition" would soon drag me into my mind/box. And given some time and investigation, I learn what this word means to me.

Let's start with looking at the online (old) definition of this word :

• the act or process of knowing; perception.
• the product of such a process; something thus known, perceived, etc.
• knowledge.

(Now..... what is obvious is that today (!) there is lots of knowing - but little living and practicing and action of the knowing - of what is best for all)

So for me this implies that it has to do with my mind and awareness of my mind, or... knowledge of mind and how to properly use my mind, direct it, instead of it using/directing me. So "cognitive" would be for me to understand my mind and its many programs and designs/depth. To learn it to know and then direct it and use it - from self.

To learn and establish a safe and sound balance of my mind, my being and my body. From this equilibrium I can direct and be creative with myself and my living. Instead of being and mind/zombie slave to consciousness and beyond.

So the "cog" of the wheel(s) of the programs of my mind is a component I need to understand through and through - how it operates in metaphysics - and of my mind. How can I direct it ? After all it is still me !

So my new definition of cognition is:

"the complete understanding and knowing of oneness mind, and from that the directing and usage of oneness mind from the self"

"The mind is a beautiful servant - but a dangerous master" - Osho

"My mind is the good shepherd dog,
my being is the grass where it lies
and my body is earth underneath"

- Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem

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