Left foot pain

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Left foot pain

Post by Ruben »

Hi All,

Does someone know what left foot pain indicates? I fucked up my left foot sole a little bit from walking, I have a bruise below the fingers. I bet is 'not walking the system effectively' but its my guess. The pain arrived to the ankle yesterday but today only the sole hurts.


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Re: Left foot pain

Post by Gabriel »

Hi Ruben,

So what makes you say that you are not walking the system effectively? Are you able to expand on that?

In regards to the body points in general, did you search for Veno's Structural Resonance document? That still provides a very good map for working with the different points in the body.

Additionally, I suggest 'communicate with yourself' (ask yourself questions), as your body, in order to find what else comes up in you in regards to your left foot and why this point manifested.


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