Hearing high pitched noises

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Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Johnathan »

Has anyone ever experienced this? Hearing high pitch frequencies or sounds out of nowhere? I have heard these sounds ever since I was young. They come and go quite quickly.

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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Leila »

Here's the transcription of one of the old Desteni Forum Support videos (that got taken down with the Desteni Channel on YT) on this point:
Forum Desteni Support - There is a ringing sound in my Ears, is it my Mind?

Ringing sounds, that one hear like high pitch in your ears and then the question of whether it is actually generated by your own mind:

No, it’s not generated by your own Mind, what you hear as a high pitch is Energetic State of Consciousness, as you are Plugged in to the Unconscious Mind of this reality, within what is called the ‘Atmosphere’, or the ‘Ut-most-fear’.

Remember that all energetic Alignments and Interconnectivity are based in Fear, because at all times something is dying to feed something else, so at all times Consciousness exist as an act of Murder, and it makes you then possible to like a Vampire, drink the energy that is generated by this – remember that even Blood is form of Energy, it is a form of Food, this is a Real Sick System that everyone participate in. That ringing noise you hear? That’s your state of zombiehood. Be glad when you hear it, because at least you’re getting somewhere, in realising how Fucked up everything is.

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Rebecca Dalmas
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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Rebecca Dalmas »

I have had a couple of these "ringing sounds" happen recently that seemed really loud. I just ignore them, what I see of them has no directive principle.

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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Carrie »

I have high-pitched frequencies/ringing in my ears also. Recently I discussed the ringing in the ears point with Sunette and this is what she said:

"... it's when in the mind-physical relationship, one accumulate energy that has a frequency to it, and in the accumulation, there are moments where, one shift inside oneself into the 'system dimension' of energy in the body and then hear the high-pitched sound of the frequencies."

"... left ear, would indicate an accumulation in emotional/feeling energy, meaning energy more in relation to 'how you experience you', and then the right ear would indicate an accumulation of reactions that pertain your external world/reality 'how you experience your world without'."

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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Garbrielle »

cool, thanks for sharing

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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Michelle »

Thank you Leila and Carrie for sharing. I have recently begun experiencing/having high pitched sounds in my ears and can most definitely relate to what Sunette said about accumulating reactions about the external world (right ear) as I can see a connection to me having moved to a foreign country. Something for me to now look at -- thank you!

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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Gian »

cool Posts here.

I experience the high pitch noise when I am in town mostly, I have reckoned that it was because of all the noise around me all the time and that it is simply an accumulation of all the sound entering my ear drums, and then it just through a pitch out.

like when people are working with a mic, and when they test it and they go, test one two three and in that you hear a high Pitch which means something isn't right, the input doesn't correspond and thus the output is that noise.

but the explanation of consciousness and revealing the zombie state makes a lot more sense, which also explains to me that why I experience this high pitch noise almost daily when I am in town, as in town I am around a lot more consciousness systems in a direct line of way, and thus all of the consciousness systems are now plugging into me being there and me plugging into everyone else, thus the unconscious (world system) which then has the feedback of the zombies as the Pitch noise.. like overloading the mic and then getting feedback, something isn't right.. lol

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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by andresftenjo »

Cool guys, recently I was speaking out load my self-forgiveness statements, for a moment I stopped and I started listening this high-pitched sound on my left ear , then I take a breath and this sound turn into a 'fade out' until it disappeared , I was working on my desires in my feelings as projections in my future, maybe it is related with Sunette's explanation, very cool , thanks !

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Re: Hearing high pitched noises

Post by Terrone28 »

I've had those noise/sounds too, but I never really cared about those, I just ignored them.

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