Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

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Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by Bitia »

I have had psoriasis for about 3 years and this last year I have been doing a lot of research on the causes/solutions/cures and alimentation factors that influence it.
I enjoy reading the articles/videos/documentaries that are shared in the Facebook pages, and today I am working on stoping sugar, eating as less diary products as possible, etc. though, in the web we can find as many interesting and truth facts as false and crazy ones.

About a month ago I listened to an interview of Bernard about iridology ( and I found it very interesting, so I decided to try it (why not?) and search an iridologist in Montreal (where I live), and today I had my second meeting with her (the woman iridologist), this woman is not only an iridologist, but she is also a naturopath and has participated in many research.
It was the most amazing "medical" consultation that I ever had, me and the woman talked for almost 5 hours!!
We talked about my life in general, my psychological state and my physical "story": diseases, weight, alimentation, sexual life, organs, pains....almost everything.
We took about an hour and a half talking ONLY about food, diet, digestion and she even explained some molecular reactions or chemical unbalances that can be produced in the body by very small things such as mixing fruits and meat (for example).
In relation to my psoriasis: She told me that psoriasis or eczema is a way that the body expresses an "EMERGENCY ALERT" or "SYSTEM ERROR/SYSTEM FUCK UP" and a high level of toxins/acidity in the blood and organs, so, my immune system tries to sort those toxins and send "signals" through the pores of the skin (I cannot explain in detail, because I don't remember how it works exactly, but I give you an idea).

Also, the #1 fact influencing my psoriasis and "fucking up" my body is my stress and anxiety, she told me that I have something called :Hyperventilation Syndrome, it is an unbalance between my Central nervous system and my Autonomic nervous system, which is is un-balanced/in disequilibrium, and that my lack of certain nutrients such as MAGNESIUM makes my body weaker in the face of stress. We talked about my childhood and she told me that the fear, distress and anxiety that I experienced as a child is now showing it's consequence, she suggested me to let go of the past, work on myself and she told me that writing was a great tool (I told her about the DIP Process and she found it cool).

Anyways, lol, 5 hours of conversation is too long to write, I would like to share it all here but it is hard to remember details.
We took photos of my Iris and we studied it generally together, she will then send me a sort of iridology report with all the details. Through my iris she was able to see many things and most of them "made sense", because they coincided with the pains that I usually have, for example: she saw a "a dysfunction or weakness" in my leg through my left eye iris, and it makes sense, because it is the leg that usually hurts me and is weak and in which I have a little bit of psoriasis.

THE SOLUTION: So, her goal as a naturopath/iridologist is to prevent and to heal THE SOURCE of the problem, not the symptoms trough chemical medications as doctors do today, we started by a very interesting and simple diet (not extreme or very demanding diet) and she gave me supplements to clean my liver,because my body is full of toxins, acidity and cholesterol.
Interesting points that apply to everyone and that I learnt:
-SOJA/TOFU and derivate foods are also very bad for our body
-Smoked meats can have harmful chemicals
-We shouldn't eat fruits in the morning because of the acidity and because the digestive and chemical process that it demands to the stomach in the morning is heavy, we should instead eat fruits at 4/5pm or 2 hours before the dinner time
-The stomach has a hard time digesting raw cereals such as Kellogg's or the "normal" supermarket cereals that children eat with milk and bananas, CEREALS MUST BE COOKED/BOILED in order to be digestive, boiled oats with cinnamon are OK.

I share this to everyone so that you can learn something and, if you have the chance, maybe search and visit an iridologist or a naturopath (or both) near your place, it is very interesting, and believe me, our body is much more delicate, complicated and demanding that we can imagine, our body must maintain an equilibrium and very small things such as a "bad mix" of foods or "eating certain foods in the wrong hour" can be very harmful and create consequences that we wouldn't imagine.
I know that maybe you have many questions about my consultation, you can ask me here if you are interested to know more.

SOOOOO, MY QUESTION!!! LOL, in addition to "my new diet" and food restrictions, the "doctor" gave me the name of 4 different products/supplements that will help me to cleanse my organs from toxins (we saw many toxins/acidity/cholesterol through my iris) and to support my body to handle with the stress and anxiety, and to stabilize my nervous system.

One of these supplements is FISH OIL, and I am a bit suspicious about it, because, I have read many articles that don't give a very ...positive view about fish oil, many studies have found that it is not true that fish oils reduces the risk of heart attack for example.
What do you think about fish oil?What have you learnt about it so far? Would you suggest me to take it?

Thanks everyone

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by danpetersen »

greetings from Vancouver.

I would recommend you investigate Dr Mercola Krill Oil. While we are in the physical it makes sense to take care of our bodies, and to educate ourselves. Enjoy your journey. You will have to ask yourself just how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to go. The answers are out there. I hope you feel better.

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by Fidelisspies »

I cant speak for fish oil. Maybe somebody else had experience with that.
she suggested me to let go of the past, work on myself and she told me that writing was a great tool (I told her about the DIP Process and she found it cool).
That is good advise. Our bodies tells us things about ourselves and listening to it will assist.

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by Rebecca Dalmas »

Cool post, thanks.

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by sandymac »

Hi Bitia

With relation to the stress/anxiety point, a simple tool, which I have found extremely assisting, is breath! Practice slow deep (not too deep) breathing remaining 'here' which mean with no thought/feeling/emotion. So as thoughts arise, simply say 'no' and breathe through them, keeping the mind a blank slate. Lying flat in a quiet place is suggested, with no distractions. You should spend no less than 10-15 minutes a day practicing breath awareness, but if you can find the time, I would suggest 30 minutes a day (you could break it up -15 minutes twice a day). It will greatly reduce your anxiety over time and relax your physical body. You can also do this in any walking /waking moment, so as you feel the stress in you body-muscles, usually from various emotions coming up throughout your day (ie. worry, anger, fear) be aware and stop yourself, even say 'stop-no' and go to your breath and focus on your breath until you are able to 'settle down'/regain stability within your physical body.
I agree, writing is an amazing tool as well and suggest dip lite!

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by Juan Pablo »

Thanks Sandy and all !

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by Georg »

Hi Bitia,
my experience with fish oil:

I used to have frequent heart palpitations particulary during the winter months. A blood test showed I was deficient in vitamin D (due to low exposure to sunlight). I started taking fish oil as a source for vitamin D and the heart parlpitations went away, so it can be quite supportive.
I read good things about Krill oil as Dan suggested but haven't tried it myself.
I also suggest to research about the quality and source of fish oil if you want to give it a try. Nowadays lots of fish are contaminated with heavy metals which accumulates in fatty tissue, i.e. oils.

Just a few points to consider.
Enjoy the journey.

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by sylvia »

Hi Bitia - my daughter used fish oil capsules when she was around 7-9 years old to reduce her eczema. At first it worked great and really reduced the eczema, than around 9-10 years old she had a lot more stress through our emigration to Italy as a family, and the fish oil wasn't doing the trick anymore. Which shows that whatever medication you use, even from a point of treating the source point, if it's without a writing process and corrective process within your physical reality you will still loop in the same patterns that cause the disease in the first place. So as Fidelis says, listen to your body, or more learn to listen to your body and that can only be established by learning to be self-honest with yourself through Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Statements.

Like Georg said the quality of the fish oil is also important, that's what they also told me back then, so I bought fish oil that had this label of being heavy metal free. I have no idea how they used fish that hadn't any heavy metals in their fat, unless they used farmed fish and a balanced diet. It's hard to tell wether you buy an honest product free of abuse, when you can't check it for yourself. There are many in society who like to make some money at the cost of another fellow human. So use common sense and the ability to understand the system from the starting point of greed, when you decide to purchase some fish oil.

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Re: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil

Post by Bitia »

Thanks everyone for the support
Regarding the fish oil supplements I decided to buy them and test them out. My naturopath asked me to buy the WHOLEMEGA fish oil capsules and the brand name is NEW CHAPTER, she didn't want me to take any other brand of fish oil, for her this is one of the best.
Today I also got my iridology report and...damn, I am very surprised and at the same time I am a little bit afraid of developing the illnesses that my iridology report shows me that I could possibly develop if I continue "living" like this.
Though, my main problem is mental, my anxiety, stress, fear and internal conflict are slowly but surely consuming my physical body, it all comes from the past (my childhood) and I have a very strong hereditary predisposition of suffering from anxiety/stress and depressions.

But I am here and have the opportunity of creating a better life for me with the tools of writting/s-f/self commitment/corrective application.

I will post another comment or maybe another topic in a couple of months to let everyone know how the treatment advances and if it was successful or not, so stay tuned :)

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