Testing Hydrogen Peroxide + Colloidal Silver & Gold

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Testing Hydrogen Peroxide + Colloidal Silver & Gold

Postby Daniel » 17 Jan 2015, 04:40

A few weeks ago, I was researching Kevin Trudeau and digging through some his popular youtube videos. From there I continued researching the One-Minute Cure, which is really just hydrogen peroxide therapy, and I've have been introduced to this several times before. I also had a college friend who's mother regularly gave him colloidal silver. So, when I read the website (http://www.JutrianRX.com) that is endorsed by Kevin, I quickly noticed there was an upgraded option to get colloidal silver and colloidal gold, along with a comprehensive list of other "cellular nutrients" to drink with your H2O2.

I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. To my knowledge, I don't have any of the noticeable health ailments that the internet (anecdotally) claims H202 can cure, and with that, I've not really noticed much difference in the past month and a half I've been taking it. Also to note, I've only been drinking it casually, not consistently.

Sometimes now, just the thought of drinking it makes my body kind of shiver. It's not nearly as intense as the shiver I get when thinking about drinking (or smelling) hard alcohol, but it is similar to that. I do believe there is substantial value to this supplementation methodology, but I don't have the specific details or personal experience to back it up.

Perspectives? Experiences?

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Re: Testing Hydrogen Peroxide + Colloidal Silver & Gold

Postby ingridschaefer » 17 Jan 2015, 21:03

I do not play a role in the firm mentioned below or do not get any money from this firm.
This story is based an my personal experiences and does in no way contain a medical advise.

I have experiences with the use of colloidal silver. First thing that is important is the quality of the product and the amount and size of the silver-parts in it. They must be very very small so that it is save to drink, also in large amounts if required. When the parts are too large, they will store in your skin and your skin becomes blue. This is not so much common anymore in the advertised products, however there is a story very populair about the 'blue smurf' as the man who made colloidal silverwater by himself with large pieces in it, he felt very well and his skin became blue.
With a product of the required quality there is no risk for this.

My experiences: After firts 1-3 times of a large dose, I became very 'quiet' in my head, the thoughts stopped for a moment. It was a cool experience, however we all know that is is not lasting as we can only become real quiet in and as ourselves through walking process of completely understanding/forgiving and correcting ourselves in/as the mind.

I used it in a period where it seems like a particulair bacteria or virus - don't know what it was - kept coming back (within a year, maybe 3-4 times spread). The symptoms were the same, it felt like 'flew-kind' symptoms and I recognized the process of them within my body. Within this I noticed that I pushed things 'to the top' so to speak with the use of colloidal silverwater as I tried to stop the bacteria (or else) with the silverwater, however I had to walk the points and so I pushed it 'to a fight' so to speak. So here I stopped the use and eventually I walked through the point by myself and the symptoms did not come back (related to a specific thought-pattern that I needed to stop within myself).

Another use that I applied was with my male rabbit. The bladder infection kept coming back (he was a pretty old male-rabbit). In the first stage I used anti-biotics and herbs. It went away and it stayed away for about a year. Then we had a very hot summer, I changed houses and there were some more changes for the rabbit and it came back. Here I started with the use of colloidal silverwater to keep it more or less stabel for him. I noticed that this worked best of I used 3-4 times a day a small amount. I kept applying this until he died eventually.

I used it for an eye infection (same rabbit) within eyedrops with colloidal silverwater for animals - here it worked very well and the infection went away very fast where the creme that I used before (from a pet-doctor) did not give enough result. It was on an early stage and only one time.

With a customer (an older male) with serious infections with a catheter, he used a large bottle of a good quality of colloidal silverwater after nothing else worked anymore and not getting any anti-biotics from the doctor with the words that 'his immune system was not working anymore'. The infections went away. However it came back later on. So there are of course so many more factors involved that have to be considered.

An american male who is selling a good quality-product, is very enthousiastic about it and still using it every week and sais his son and himself are very well doing with it. However I have my questions about this. I am not clear on what it does with the balance of the microben and our immune system if one does not work with the source of the imbalanced microben, with the immune-system that also needs other nutrients to be able to function optimal and with for example the related memories, as if one is not looking at the source, this 'fight' is coming up.

I am also not clear how it worked for, for example the other animals, who lived together with the animals that did get the silverwater and if they became more susceptible for the microben, as if the microben had to find a way to go somewhere else. So, may dimensions to investigate.

In the beginning, the colloidal silverwater kills the bacterias, virusses and mycelium and here it can give some 'space' to the immune-system if there is an overload of the bacterias etc through which the immune-system does not get the time and space to do some other 'repair' tasks within the body which is cool as a 'clean-up' or 'reset'. However the use in long term, I am not enthousiastic about if this is not necessary. This can be different for each situation and so it needs a new approach every time where all the aspects are taken into consideration and I did not fully investigate the use on long term on for example a weekly dose.

So far my experiences and perspectives that I have walked till now.
To me it seems that there can be done so much more research to this product to see what it is really capable of and what not.

With regards to the 'shivering' of the body Daniel, that you name as similar to 'thinking about drinking or smelling hard alcohol' - I would investigate if it is a detoxification-reaction. Every medicine can become a 'poison' if the product and/or the dose, is not alligned with your physical body and circumstances.
I have no experiences with the use of H2O2 and am not familiar with the product and the effects of it.

The use of Colloidal Gold I only heard about it (and I have seen the product but not have seen anyone using it yet and I did not want to test it for myself) and it is interesting with regards to the role of gold and how the mind is set up, where I also see a lot of dimensions that needs to be investigated and taken into consideration.

Here is the side with a good quality of colloidal silverwater and information about it (with additional some information about colloidal minerals - the magnesium I use and I am satisfied with it).

(The blog I wrote is in Dutch where I placed the possibility that it can be used as a ehbo where now every one is using anti-biotics with a lot of side-effects and within this the question why this is not much more spread and known around the world and I mention it in several blogs that I wrote about the animals that I took care of).


I do not play a role in the firm mentioned above or do not get any money from this firm.
This story is based an my personal experiences and does in no way contain a medical advise.

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Re: Testing Hydrogen Peroxide + Colloidal Silver & Gold

Postby Randy » 19 Jan 2015, 04:47

Almost 8 years ago, my first exposure to hydrogen peroxide therapy was while reading Kevin Trudeau's book: "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About", and the first couple of times we ordered food grade hydrogen peroxide was through Kevin Trudeau recommended Garden of Eden.... hmm

I am familiar with and used to use colloidal silver but, i only used it from time to time to treat specific issues. Once I began using peroxide - taking maintenance doses regularly, I just didn't see the need to buy colloidal silver anymore. I've thought about getting a generator and the electrodes to make my own - to have on hand in case I needed to supplement the H2O2 therapy but, it's not very high on my priority list. Like anything else, you'd probably have to use it consistently to realize the full benefits of colloidal silver, and I never was a consistent user.

But, silver has proven to be antibacterial and antiviral and, history has shown that having silver in one's blood does enhance a body's ability to fight infection. Throughout the middle ages when there wasn't such a thing as sanitary practices, plagues and diseases would decimate local populations but, the elite/rich/royalty were spared much of the time. Presumably this was due to the fact that silver had leeched from their eating utensils, plates, pitchers & cups and had been absorbed by their body and was in their blood stream. It was documented by royal's doctors, that there was a slight blue tint to their blood when they were cut - which would have been due to high levels of silver present in their blood - and, obviously there wasn't any such thing as a pacifier so, when their babies were fussy, they'd give them a silver spoon to suck or gnaw on. Hence the term "Blue Bloods" and the phrase "born with a silver spoon in their mouth" when referring to the rich...

I did go to the link and reviewed the list of "cellular nutrients" in the JulianRx product that is being sold as a complimentary product to H2O2, and I recognized some of the minerals but a lot of them I'm simply not familiar with.. But, that doesn't mean a whole lot. If I were going to take it, I'd probably look up each of the ingredients so I'd know their purpose and how much our body "needs"... It's like anything else, do your own research and then you decide... If you do decide to continue it's use, be consistent. Since you've already purchased a 6 month supply, give it a go for 6 months and document how it affects you - see if you can tell any difference between using it and not using it - and let us know what you find out.

On the taste issue, I don't know what to tell you... If your'e ingesting peroxide, guess what? it tastes like peroxide... The only times I've ever had any reaction - getting slightly nauseous - was due to not allowing enough time after eating... To deal with the aftertaste issue when I take large doses of HP now, I'll put the H2O2 in a med cup then fill that up the rest of the way with water, take a sip of water and hold it in my mouth, then take the H2O2 like one would a "shot", then swallow and immediately guzzle a large amount of water.

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Re: Testing Hydrogen Peroxide + Colloidal Silver & Gold

Postby Vinyasi » 17 May 2016, 18:08

I have been experimenting with the chemical combination of silver and hydrogen peroxide, AgOOH - argentous hydroperoxide, and am impressed with:
  1. its ability to sterilize as good as hydrogen peroxide,
  2. it can slightly burn the skin if used as a dressing and changed regularly which may qualify it as a chemical debridement and supply silver ions along the lines of Dr. Robert Otto Becker's research into stimulating the body to produce more stem cells than is usually the case post ten years of age for the purpose of regenerating missing cellular material in our physiology due to injury or congenital defect or the ravages of disease such as cancer or mutation,
  3. it seems to make silver bioavailable by rendering it ionic as a salt of H2O2.
All that is required is to first make silver colloidal water in the normal way with distilled water and a machine, remove the electrodes from the beakers, keep the liquid stirring, slowly pour food grade H2O2 and watch as the mixture first turns to muddy brown, and then clarifies with lots of bubbles, and continue allowing the mixture to stir until most of the bubbles leave solution. You have now replaced one hydrogen atom with one silver atom.

Possible uses:
  1. water wheat sprouts to prevent mold/yeast and the ergot related LSD phenomenon which few people (none that I know of) wish to admit to,
  2. take an enema,
  3. wash out the mouth and rinse the teeth,
  4. add a drop to juice,
  5. etc.
My next line of inquiry is to see if I can do the same thing with gold. My guess is that gold may require the use of H2O2 diluted with distilled water instead of using distilled water alone as is the case whenever making colloidal silver. I surmise this because the making of colloidal gold (which I have never attempted to do) appears to need a salt to get the sticky gold off of itself and into the liquid according to this video...

Making Colloidal Gold from Gold Wire and Electrolysis - YouTube

This makes sense since gold is said to adhere to flesh so I guess it is incapable of floating as nano-particles in a beaker of distilled water without assistance from an ion of an acid, such as chloride in the above example?

The two end products of colloidal silver and colloidal gold may then be blended?

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