Scars on the skin blocking energy flow and causing pain

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Scars on the skin blocking energy flow and causing pain

Postby Valentin Rozman » 09 Oct 2015, 10:38

Two days ago I got a massive lower back pain.
I'd like to share a new discovery regarding the causes of the body pain.

Recently I met a therapist that was very successful in removing all sorts of physical body problems. She started to research alternative medicine when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is certified physiotherapies however such method was not effective in supporting people. Then she discovered a method of balancing energetic meridians using a pointy metal pen.

So yesterday when I had a pain I called her to do the therapy on my body in order to release my back pain. When I got undressed, she noticed the scars on my body. I got one big vertical scar from the stomach surgery on the middle of my chest. And I also have half a foot scar on my leg from the surgery where a got hit by a metal shrapnel. After the surgery on my leg, the skin area in the size of a palm bellow the scar became different sensation when touched. And I have also a small scar on my right arm from the cut and a small scar on my forehead due to a fall and head concussion.

She explained that scars, especially old ones, create an energetic blockades and prevent energy to flow naturally throughout the body. Even the scars from vaccinations can cause big pains, headaches and dizziness. And the most important meridian flows vertically in the middle of the chest since it powers main areas of the body. This is probably also the cause why I have a cold feelings in my legs and my feet sweat a lot.

So she did a therapy with this metal pointy pen, drawing the energy from specific meridians at the front of my body from bottom of my feet up to my head. She discovered that a lot of energy got blocked in the main center meridian. This can be physically observed by the reaction on the skin after drawing the line with the metal pen. Where energy is flowing strong, the red line appears on the skin. Where the energy does not flow however the channel exists, the white line appears. And where there is even no channel existing shortly after the pen in drawn, the line disappears.

15 minutes after she gave me this therapy, most of the back pain was gone. She also sticked some special adhesive tapes/bands on the lower back pain to do a micromassage. And additional reaction are to be expected in up to 48 hours after the therapy. Then she suggested about 5 additional therapies once per week that should be sufficient to balance my body energies completely.

So this is what I wanted to share with you - a discovery how not only mind patterns are responsible for the body pain, and that the scars on the skin are the major contributors that lock the flow of the energy and eventually produce pain in the areas that are not sufficiently provided with the energy.

She is also doing a Scalar Prana therapy that proved to be very effective in removing energetic blockages and feeling totally rejuvenated and lite after the therapy. She described it as deep cleansing of the aura. However since at Desteni we understand the aura to be the emanation of the mind consciousness system that we want to remove, maybe she was referring to something else or is such therapy actually suppressing self.

Additionally to the scars being one of the attributing factor for the energy blockages I must admit that in recent weeks I had increased worry about the money and business related projects. I also did not do my regular writings for past couple of weeks so subconscious mind movements definitely also played a major role in triggering the pain.

I will have a chat with Sunette about this point in couple of days and will update this thread from additional perspectives.

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