Stomach Area

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Stomach Area

Postby Kirill » 23 Sep 2016, 23:28


I have been noticing - and have also been able to hone in so to speak on this sensation that I experience within myself within and as the area of the stomach. This particular sensation that I am noticing is a bodily experience of a feeling of density, restriction - as if I have a clogged pipe that wants to release so to speak.

A little reference that I can share, and has come up as a memory is that of when I was on drugs, first up, first experience was ecstasy, and the memories that are a little clearer are that of when I was experiencing myself on MDMA. What I recall is that I would anticipate the kicking in of the drug - I would focus on the stomach area and wait for this release. Eventually it would feel like my stomach area opens up and there is this flow that becomes constant and overall very stable. The feeling of "ecstasy" I gather.

When I hone in, I use breath, and focus on that particular dense area that is the stomach - to pierce, to penetrate - gently. I have from time to time been able to open up that area, however have not had much success. Overall, the experience as density as this restriction within the stomach area is not detrimental to the functioning of self within day to day activities, however as we are all walking this process together to understand our own minds and body - to become equal and one - does anyone have any thoughts/perspectives/insights that they can share?


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Re: Stomach Area

Postby Matthew Stone » 26 Sep 2016, 08:10

That's a cool point to be able to interact with.

You could try writing self forgiveness for it.

I don't feel much physically that lasts over a long period of time, I might have an interesting feeling here or there but nothing so persistent that I ever usually pursue how I feel physically over a long period of time.

My question is how long have you been feeling this feeling in your stomache, and also is it from wake to bed? Or does it have certain times it comes up?

I'd like to be more physically in touch so it's interesting to find out more from your end of physical feeling.

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Re: Stomach Area

Postby Gian » 26 Sep 2016, 10:39

Hi Kirill

I have had and still have the same sometimes. what I have found with my stomach point is that it is that of movement, a tenseness, stress that is kept within the body.

This I have found due to how I take on LIFE within breathing, am I breathing or dense up inside myself in anticipation of something bad, the worst happening. a Survival way of moving.

This survival way of movement can either be n relation to money/finances or if that is covered it can be in relation to ones personality and characters surviving (or both going hand in hand)

The point within the stomach is that of emotional clogging, a build up of being in a state of emotional movement - This is why we focus on the 4 count breathing, where we take the breath as all of existence in all the way down to our toes through the entire body and at the same time into the ground and then all the way back out, and so within that grounding any and all "stuck" energy within the earth and to then with the out breath release all the old and purifies.

I have supported myself through slowing down a lot with this stomach point and to see anc check where am I moving within emotion - the signs are - shallow breathing, tense stomach and tense body, the most harmful of times are that of when you have to be busy/working and do not notice this at all, I have found during my sales as a salesmen, I would be in this state almost all the time, being tense and in a certain character/personality for the customers/business = survival mode - So I had to realize that I must breathe regardless, no matter where or what I am doing, even when I am moving fast and even when I must play a certain character for work.

So for at home practice, what I did was - I would take 5 min in the morning and sit outside and within that set the breathing and the feel within my body for the day, where I would focus on my breathing and Open up all the clogged energy and releasing the stuck emotions in the stomach and I would support and assist myself by massaging my solar plexus as that's where the Fear is stuck/manifested/crystallized, the main emotion that drives all the other emotions, and the stomach becomes like a storage place.

I might also not identify exactly what the emotions or fears are as they have been there for so long, but as I breathe I can see through my body and how the emotion has effected it what I must change as a current correction.

Let me know if this helped.

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