Eye improvement at 26

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Paul Lombardo
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Eye improvement at 26

Postby Paul Lombardo » 17 Jul 2018, 21:13

Hello. I am currently attempting to improve my vision by doing eye exercises and using my eyes more to see and look at my environment more...the people the objects the light....Using my eyes to just explore my environment ...interesting thing that was and is apparent to me is that my eyes have been limited to look only in certain places because of a belief that I am preprogrammed and that I am only allowed to look at so much before I must stop and shut down. It's like a tiredness that wants to just shut down look down and not explore with my eyes. Another thing that all humans experience is the need to look away from a person after a moment as to not share or offend . This is normal I guess because it is uncomfortable to stare at one person anyway.
My goal is to exercise my eyes and to strengthen them this way as this is the only way besides diet as Sunnette Spies said in the Eye Support topic that was started by me on my previous account breathoflife92. Sunnette also said eyes are dna/lineage based so myopia or nearsightedness as they call it is inherited. Also mentioned by Sunnette was that the mind/being/body relationship cements itself at 18 before that is when a being should have stood up to remove the glasses and contacts to improve vision. Well at 18 I was in high school and was wearing contacts 247 to see so I did not stand up probably from fear of being judged for not using them or pure fear of seeing the abrubt difference in reality without glasses. So fear of seeing others without glasses/contacts and trust me it's a big difference . At 26 now I really am trying to improve my eyesight by eating more fruits and vegetables and by doing eye exercises. The exercises were started recently...and by the way I have been trying not to ever wear glasses for about a year now. I did these eye exercises of looking and moving my eyes in all sorts of directions to strengthen the muscles and thats when I realized that I have been in the belief that I am meant to only look at certain things at certain times like not looking around and being aware of my surroundings. You know...looking down all the time like a zombie or being scared to look at who is in your environment you know just believing that I am a system and that my eyes operate like a limited machine. Then I started using my eyes more to just look around see and experience my environment more. This is just within a couple of days. I think and want to improve my vision so bad so I don't have to wear glasses but it seems like it will take alot of eye strengthening and simply awareness of my environment by looking to get improvement. I'm not sure why I was trying to follow a programmed like path and limiting myself to look down or away so much but I was. That is probably dna lineage related too. Now when I notice that I am begginning to look down or away or just zone out I look up and realize that I am in a real reality and begin to look at everything moving and going on around me. I hope I can strengthen my sight this way and that it is not too late to try. I have school coming up and I will need my glasses to see at some point but I will try to do my best to not wear them at all. I am trying to stand up. Check out the topic called Eye Support to see what was written earlier. Time to stand up. Any suggestions or relationship please do share with me! Thanks

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Re: Eye improvement at 26

Postby Leila » 19 Jul 2018, 00:32

Hey Paul and welcome to the forum!

I've been wearing glasses for most of my life. When i was about 20 or 22 and went for a checkup to get new glasses, the doctor noted that my eyesight had improved from my previous prescription. (It's gotten 'worse' again though in the meantime - now 27). She asked if I had by any chance started gardening and spending more time outside - which I did. Apparently she had seen this with more clients, that once they literally broaden their horizon that their eyes improve. So yes improvement is possible. When I sat in on a conversation with Bernard with regards to correcting eyes he said that it was possible but take a long time -- and that in the meantime, if glasses and contacts really bother you, to do something like eye laser surgery. You still walk your correction points that would have sorted out your eyes as you keep walking your process, but your eyes get 'fixed' already. I think it's cool to have this as a point of awareness and play with the eye point and improvement - but I wouldn't make it a focus / obsession. Gently integrate it in your life, see what opens up - don't force it. When I would get into these points of improving something, I'd often get sidetracked in that I make this 'one point' my sole focus - and in the meantime I miss other important points and opportunities that open up for me -- which then actually 'slows you down'. So if I place myself in your shoes, I would double-check my starting point: am I doing this to 'fix my eyes' or am I doing this to 'help myself'. Because fixing my eyes tends to be a tunnel visioned path - whereas helping and supporting yourself will go beyond just focusing on your eyes. You still pay attention to it, but you then don't fixate on it. So have a look if there's any thoughts or imaginations around 'improving my eyes', 'I'll be able to tell people I've healed myself', etc. Even if they only come up rarely, it would indicate that you are focused on the destination rather than the journey. Do it because you want to help yourself and get to know yourself - even if in the end your eyes remain the same. Detaching yourself from such goals will actually help you to walk it more effectively.

Another little exercise I enjoyed doing with myself was simply moving my eyes clockwise and anticlockwise, up and down etc, doing it slowly and with precision. I noticed that some angles would get skipped or be hard to move through, indicating a point of programming present that would get accessed in that position. Then I would breathe, see what the programming is about and move it as myself to be able to do nice circles and other directions.

Since this is your first post on the forum, it would be great to see an introduction post in the intro forum (http://forum.desteni.org/viewforum.php?f=1 ) so we can get to know you better. Do keep us up to date with what opens up for you in walking this point and thanks for sharing!

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