Decade with Desteni - Featuring Aldin

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joe kou
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Decade with Desteni - Featuring Aldin

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Decade with Desteni - Featuring Aldin

In this installment of Decade with Desteni we meet Aldin from Vienna, a fellow Destonian of many years. Discover how he discovered Desteni from a young age and how Desteni differs from New Age spirituality and philosophy. #decadewithdesteni

Listen to the podcast at ... aldin.html

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Re: Decade with Desteni - Featuring Aldin

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Thanks for the talk! I specially appreciate the point that Aldin shared when it comes to what it means to kind of 'distance' yourself from process for a couple of years and what was shared with him by Bernard on 'what are 2 years of diving into this shame of not participating compared to the rest of your life?' which is very true, and sometimes this may happen not even if you've been walking process but with doing certain things - or not doing them - for some time, whether it's days, months, years of not 'applying' ourselves in something or how I've lived it as well where I might have gone too extreme for several years in my life in how I took on this process and now looking back at it with a bit of 'hmm if I could have done things differently' but, that's where I can simply learn from it and move on in that consideration of 'the rest of my life' from here on, instead of dwelling so much in the past - what we did or didn't do - which is definitely a supportive reminder for us to 'snap out of it' and instead consider that 'rest of the life' that we want to live and create.

Great to have you around again! :mrgreen:

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