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Efficieny, Progress and Equality

Posted: 07 Mar 2020, 23:30
by Gabriel
It seems that the world is on the one hand focussed on 'becoming more efficient', yet on the other hand there are many problems: nature is degrading, for an ever larger group of human beings life is degrading and animal species are going extinct seemingly every day. The efficiency I am looking at here is the process whereby things are made to work more efficiently such as through technology, new forms and ways of organising labor etc.

It is tempting to look at this process as a 'black or white' process, where either we can say that the world is 'improving' (white) or 'degrading' (black) - but what I have come to realise is that there is actual 'merit' within much of the 'efficiency' and 'rationalisation' that we are witnessing. Yet, despite that, the world is not becoming a better place.

So what does that mean?

If we take the example of 'automation' within the economy and how that affects jobs and people's ability to generate income to survive - then automation indeed becomes a 'monstruous force' that 'destroys lives'. Because as automation progresses, more people lose their jobs and end up in poverty. But in and of itself, efficiency and automation are not the cause of this degradation in the quality of life. Efficiency and automation did actualy make many processess easier and faster. That is why some of these fast growing corporations that focus on automation and efficiency have put so many small companies out of business. That's because they could in many cases actually do the same 'faster' and 'cheaper' compared to the smaller companies.

When you are a child and you learn about history and science and how certain inventions changed the world, you think that this must be the purpose of our existence: to invent things that allows us to live a more comfortable life and elevate our society through efficiency. But then automation comes along and we actually hate it? Seems like we did not quite get the full picture... And indeed, what is missing within this all?

The realisation that all Life is Equal.

Practically translated: If we but value all life equally, and we utilise efficiency and rationalisation in a way that is best for all - then even the phenomenon of automation can be a great source of upliftment for humankind and for life on earth. If we for instance create a system where income as 'money' is not made dependent on whether one have a job only, but instead 'money' is used as a resource that is distributed equally to all human beings - then we all start to benefit from the fruits of automation.

(To be continued...)

Re: Efficieny, Progress and Equality

Posted: 19 Mar 2020, 21:25
by Gabriel
Therefore automation can be regarded as a process that is of value to life on earth. However, because our society is not based on the equality of life - but instead promotes superiority, inferiority and survival, we now experience the consequences of our acceptances and allowances. In fact the process of automation is actually helping us to face our accepted and allowed nature for us to stand up and change. Because the more automation progresses, the more we as humanity will be pushed to a point of having to make a descision about whether or not we are going to start respecting ourselves and all life equally.

Systems such as a basic income or an Equal Money System form expressions of such equal respect for all living things. Because when 'money' is used as an 'equal distribution for all' mechanism, then automation of labor becomes something we can finally 'embrace' as a 'gift' in our lives instead of as a threat to our very livelyhood. It is therefore not a coincidence that the basic income movement very much articulates itself as an answer to the problem of automation of jobs. Yet, it is to not lose sight of the bigger picture. It is not only about 'jobs' or 'money' but about who and what humanity will define itself to be in the future.

(To be continued...)