How to let go to bring through what is best in another. October 6th 2017

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How to let go to bring through what is best in another. October 6th 2017

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set the channel topic: Friday is LIFE HACK DAY! Who's got a Topic?
anna 8:58 PM
Hi everyone. I will be taking the floor for this chat. We'll start in 8 minutes. Can consider if you have a topic to share so long.
garbrielle 8:59 PM
Hi all
tormod 9:00 PM
Hi everyone !
carlton 9:00 PM
garbrielle 9:01 PM
How about letting go, Yogan did a recent blog on this point of letting go of someone for instance who shows that they are not wanting support, and keep at it in terms of trying to support the being creates more friction, conflict, and consequence....i will find the link and place it here
9:01 ... being.html
Day 40 The secret to live without being influenced is to stop influencing others
The Journey to Life is a path we walk alone. Together we walk our process publicly so we may learn from one another.
anna 9:02 PM
That is a great suggestion @garbrielle - in fact, I was talking to someone about such an exact point today.
So if no one has anything else pressing to discuss, let's go with that one.
garbrielle 9:02 PM
this point of letting go of someone for instance that is not showing that they want support and/or realizing that keeping on with it is not best for all has been a difficult point for me in my process
cool anna
anna 9:04 PM
I see the blog is not very long - so let's take a minute or two to read it and then we also give more a chance to get here.
randy 9:06 PM
yeah anna, it's a pretty quick read, if one hasn't already.
anna 9:07 PM
Alright - let's start. @garbrielle - will you care to change the title appropriately to the topic?
garbrielle 9:07 PM
alyson 9:07 PM
anna 9:07 PM
Hey @alyson
garbrielle 9:08 PM
set the channel topic: Friday is LIFE HACK DAY! How to let go to bring through what is best
anna 9:08 PM
So - What have we experienced in relation to letting go of someone that doesn't want to be supported?
garbrielle 9:09 PM
for me doubt, did i do enough, can i do more, also feeling sadden that i can support the person to make their life easier, so they don't have to face the consequence out there
joekou 9:09 PM
sometimes we make it personal - where we feel like we are failing if we cannot 'support' someone. in this moments i have to step back and get clear about my own starting point and how i am defining 'support' - and also whether or not i am more focused on me, or actually supporting the other person
also any points where i get frustrated at the other person for not 'listening' or 'accepting'
anna 9:11 PM
Would you say then @garbrielle, that there's an aspect of feeling guilty, like you are responsible for them and have 'given up' on them?
kims 9:12 PM
I used to experience a kind of panic that we will never make it as an overall mankind experience, now I see where there is perhaps a seed of hope in each I meet and I find that there 'usually' is and work with that
anna 9:12 PM
The only times I've experienced this, the difficult aspect for me has more been in relation to not taking it personal as you said @joekou - because I felt that if I couldn't help them/pull them through their timeloop they were in, then it was because I was lacking.
garbrielle 9:13 PM
yes, i do feel responsible because i am in the 'know' so to speak, i have walked the tools, and so from this i feel like i should be like this constant point of supporting others, i project into my life review and go into shit am i doing enough, is there more that i can do, so this balance of giving and recieving with me has been a challenge to live
ingrids 9:13 PM
I have found that it is not always clear if someone doesnot want to be supported or only bring up resistance or reaction that needs to be seen before one can take responsibility for it. So there are many dimensions in this. What I have experienced in this is that if I bring my support within a starting point of fear, the fear is picked up and not the content. Which then fuels the fear in another.
kims 9:13 PM
Also I would look at redefining my delivery of information
anna 9:13 PM
That's a cool perspective @kims
Is it something you can relate to from other areas of your life @garbrielle - where you feel responsible for people?
randy 9:14 PM
excellent points joekou... I alos have found that I need to look at How I was supporting... was I Telling or Showing? that sort of thing
garbrielle 9:14 PM
yes i have this as my preprogramming, i have done it all my life
anna 9:15 PM
Yes - this is also what I looked at @ingrids when reading @yoganb's blog, and it made me remember how Bernard supported people, sometimes even when they were screaming in his face lol - where he didn't let go or push them away, but kept supporting. Because exactly as you say, wanting to be supported may look or sound different from someone saying "please support me." lol
joekou 9:15 PM
yes - why am i getting frustrated at them if i am the person 'supporting' ?
anna 9:16 PM
Yes I can relate @garbrielle - my best example is when Sylvia and Pieter was visiting and I felt soooo guilty that the sun wasn't shining. I seriously felt like it was my responsibility to ensure "good weather" and that I failed (as a god apparently lol) for not bringing good weather.
joekou 9:16 PM
it is a something that requires self honesty - because sometimes we do reach a point where we are not able to support someone the way we would like - or they simply need to walk a different direction. but if i am reacting then there is something off in my starting point and i am taking it personally
how dare you anna. what a terrible human being lol
ingrids 9:16 PM
yes @anna as Sunette also mentioned a while ago, we tend to give up on each other (and so ourselves) way too easy.
garbrielle 9:17 PM
some hacks that i have walked for this point is realizing through trial and error is that when i am stable, clear, and have moved through and changed any reaction i have toward someone i see could use support, they respond only when i am not reacting, when i show genuine care, consideration, and in a way becoming vulernable, this will open the other up and from here the communication can flow, so this has been cool to get to connect with another.....
anna 9:17 PM
Yes @joekou this is something that Viktor and I have often talked about - how we tend to expect gratitude and like the person going "Oh thank you so much, now I am totally resolved. You helped me so much" lol - like we make OUR supporting THEM about US.
alyson 9:18 PM
Yes @kims , I can relate to that fear of mankind not making it, but thankfully I have moved through that now. For me there is really only one person in my life who wanted to not be supported by me, and that was another shiatsu practitioner who lives very near me. It has taken many years but, I have let go and finally not taken it personally or tried to make an effort, and I am ok with honouring her decision that she either does not like me, or is not ready for what I can share.
joekou 9:18 PM
adam 9:18 PM
sometimes I look at things that I've said to people, and looking back at them I see that my words were actually supportive on one level or other, even though I did not deliberately set out with a conscious plan about this
garbrielle 9:18 PM
another word i have been working with and living is the word flow, where i have walk a point of flowing with life like a river, if the point comes where i have made a mistake or another is in reaction, i do my best to support if i see it is able to be done, but i also move and flow into the next moment allowing an ability to kind of let things play out and see if there is another moment to support, so not get stuck on my mistake or that of another, but move through it and then see what comes as time goes on, so also living patiences as well
lol interesting one @anna
anna 9:19 PM
Yes @garbrielle - and I'd also say to set one's support free, in terms of not expecting anything in return or expecting any result, but that you're more focusing on you/sharing you, because in the end you can't direct/control how another is supported or not supported by your words. You may have supported more people with a blog-post where you simply shared yourself deeply and in vulnerability, that you'll never know or ever hear about.
kims 9:20 PM
I have seen that most are just not ready to hear Alyson, there is a stubbornness that is not personal, and I have seen how I can be stubborn too, esp when I was a conspiracy theorist lol
anna 9:20 PM
Yes @ingrids I see this too
randy 9:20 PM
there comes a point where you sometimes have to step back and stop whatever it is you're doing when you find yourself going into a reaction when trying to support another... timing can sometimes be everything.... maybe the person was emotional about something and isn't ready to hear - today... but they might be tomorrow
yoganb 9:20 PM
A practical example I have walked in stepping aside, is when someone is shouting, yelling and angry. Where you want to react to them, fight them, get them to change/stop. This has been personally challenging for me to do. When I wrote this blog it was part of me supporting myself to do so. Now, some may misinterpret what I say, where they will cut someone out of their life, where that is the only interpretation, when that is not so. The words "letting go" is something I experience and live internally within myself. So its letting go of the ideas, beliefs, reactions you have about the person.
garbrielle 9:20 PM
something Bernard told me at the farm was 'always forgive others' meaning always allow another to walk that point of forgiveness for themselves and you equally do the same within self and start new, give another change, allow the seed to be developed even if it has been 'destroyed' so to speak....this is how i took it anyway
randy 9:20 PM
that's cool adam. just You being You - being supportive
garbrielle 9:21 PM
chance not change*
anna 9:21 PM
Yes @randy - for me for example, something I've noticed is that if we stay with the point and Viktor tries to "talk me through it" I'll often stay in it longer, whereas for me personally (also having been quite emotionally ladden) simply stepping outside or out of the room, move myself and take a breath, helps so much more
Yes @adam lol!
adam 9:22 PM
yes randy it was cool for me to see that too
yoganb 9:22 PM
Self-forgiveness is an act of letting go. So you can look at my blog that way too. Living 'self-forgiveness'.
alyson 9:22 PM
Yes @kims, the word of the week coming through here , "stubbornness" lol
garbrielle 9:22 PM
yes @anna that is another difficult point i have had to walk, letting go of expecting the best, where i realized i can only do my best here in the moment in my self honesty and this is enough, moving into the practical, how can i change, how can i support what is in my reality, ect.
anna 9:22 PM
Yes cool @yoganb - thanks for clarifying,
ingrids 9:22 PM
so where is the line? What to accept and what not. I have noticed that I am much more willing/able to stand as support and stand through the 'abuse' then what I on forehand - from a point of knowledge and information' - was thinking about myself as things like 'I really cannot accept this' lol, where this is then more a 'way out' of facing the reality within and without. I remember then B mentioning that we need to get 'dirty hands' . But, also tending to compromise myself in this. so everytime looking for this fine line.
alyson 9:22 PM
Cool @yoganb
ingrids 9:23 PM
Cool @garbrielle (garbrielle [9:20 PM]
something Bernard told me at the farm was 'always forgive others' meaning always allow another to walk that point of forgiveness for themselves and you equally do the same within self and start new, give another change, allow the seed to be developed even if it has been 'destroyed' so to speak....this is how i took it anyway)
anna 9:24 PM
Yes, so here I'd also look at the point of thinking that one can control one's reality - and within that a fear of not being in control, and then the question is: What is within/behind that feaR?
sylvie 9:24 PM
Interesting @anna, i prefer to be talked through.
anna 9:25 PM
Yes it works very well the other way around as well @sylvie when it is me talking viktor through something lol - so that's probably why he tries to do the same
yoganb 9:25 PM
I also use the words, stepping aside. Which is distinct and specific. Where you see something is happening, and you are reacting, and you want to intervene. Yet that is a point of distraction for yourself, where you want to control the person, force them to change. Wherein you can only bring forth meaningful change if THEY are the one standing up within themselves. So if they are not ready, you can't make them ready. So stepping aside, stepping down, letting them go live what they need to live.
garbrielle 9:25 PM
yes that is a cool way of describing it Yogan
"Self-forgiveness is an act of letting go. So you can look at my blog that way too. Living 'self-forgiveness'."
kims 9:26 PM
anna yes I find I can get overwhelmed with s point sometimes and discuss it to death, and get energy this why, instead of looking at s correction
*a not s
joekou 9:27 PM
it is almost like holding on to a grudge when we take it personally that someone didn't 'accept' our support. we hold on to it thinking one day they will come around but really we are the ones with our heads up our posteriors
randy 9:27 PM
indeed joekou
anna 9:28 PM
Yes though @yoganb - here I would also suggest to look at the point of seeing you as someone "bringing forth meaningful change" IN another, because you can't - exactly as you've pointed out, they can only do that for themselves.
sylvie 9:28 PM
Indeed so @yoganb - all of us learning to step back at the right time, step forth and so on. That's a profess within itself.
joekou 9:28 PM
easy to miss the moments when we did not see the other person really - what they were really going through - what support they really needed in a moment - or what path they need to walk for the moment so that it becomes real for them, appropriate for them, with who and where they are in life
anna 9:28 PM
Meaning also that with where we are in process (none of us being Bernard yet lol) we can't see the full scope of what another needs to walk their process, which may be something entirely different than we'd imagine - something that can even seem counter-productive to us @yoganb
That's definitely something @viktor and I have found in how different we are, for example with the example I shared above.
Because Viktor is not a particularly emotional person, the fact that I need to FIRST physically move myself to calm myself down BEFORE I can talk was foreign, so he kept trying to TALK ABOUT IT lol - which only resulted in me being MORE in the point.
randy 9:30 PM
yep joekou, we have to be able to put ourselves Into the Shoes of the Other person... so, I have found that sometimes, I need to wait until I know more about the person and their circumstances before I can offer assistance,
joekou 9:31 PM
yes @randy and i think that willingness in itself comes through
sylvie 9:31 PM
Yes @randy
joekou 9:32 PM
sometimes what i need isn't someone to give me the answers. sometimes what i need is just someone who can available and let me work things through even if they don't know what to say or do.
alyson 9:32 PM
Exactly @randy
anna 9:32 PM
Exactly @joekou
kims 9:32 PM
I can relate to how I used to get emotional when trying to explain myself with my partner, and the more emotionally frustrated I got the more I lost the point completely and made the whole thing about me, completely forgot who he is on the moment, which is actually stable and practical - as a natural point within him, without me trying to support him as such lol
anna 9:33 PM
That is also why I find that one can't have an "instruction manual" called "how to support someone" lol even though that would be nice sometimes, because even with the same person, what is required can be different from moment to moment
alyson 9:33 PM
Sure @joekou
anna 9:33 PM
Which Bernard so very cleared showed for anyone who's experienced it "live" or through his words online.
garbrielle 9:33 PM
yes cool point @randy, so often the desire is to just blurt out whatever comes to one's tongue, but taking that moment to be patience, understand more, and then support when more grounding can make a world of difference
joekou 9:33 PM
but i admit sometimes i also need a kick in the nads
the art is in knowing the difference
randy 9:34 PM
"even with the same person, what is required can be different from moment to moment" indeed anna
joekou 9:34 PM
something i am still learning for myself
kims 9:34 PM
Ouch Joe - up the butt maybe but not the nads!
randy 9:34 PM
no, no one ever Needs That joekou... (the Kick)
joekou 9:34 PM
no no i much prefer a nad kick rather than a butt extraction
viktorpersson 9:35 PM
hehe – its a difficult point to assess – I am definitely one that wants to give solutions to the problems when I hear them
ingrids 9:35 PM
yes @anna and also can differ depending on the 'kind of relationship' that one has - colleque, partner, children, neighbour, friend, trainee
kims 9:35 PM
That's very much a male point Viktor I see
randy 9:35 PM
yeah @viktorpersson, but what if the other person isn't ready to hear your solutions?
kims 9:35 PM
Fixing problems
anna 9:35 PM
lol @viktorpersson
viktorpersson 9:35 PM
Yes – then they must be destroyed
ingrids 9:35 PM
anna 9:36 PM
I also see that it's because you've not lived a long life of chatting about your problems with your girlfriends @viktorpersson lol
carlton 9:36 PM
Klavdija Hiti 9:36 PM
@why solution, only yours example told them, it's better
randy 9:37 PM
so, Let Go.. from an airplane viktor?
sylvie 9:37 PM
Same here @joe, that is what i need most of the times as well
Joe Kou
sometimes what i need isn't someone to give me the answers. sometimes what i need is just someone who can available and let me work things through even if they don't know what to say or do.
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viktorpersson 9:37 PM
Don't understand @randy – clarify?
randy 9:37 PM
alyson 9:38 PM
Virtual hug @joekou
anna 9:38 PM
lol yes that's how @viktorpersson approaches problems, like a drone missil
kims 9:38 PM
Yes I can realate Silvie and joe
This is why a buddy is useful lol
joekou 9:38 PM
i am a male that doesn't fit the archetype. when i am in a point what i need usually is not someone to tell me the practical solutions - because i can see those points and understand those points. what i need usually is a safe space to 'rant' or voice what i am feeling/going through and process that. so in intimate relationships i tend to be more aligned with the 'female' where i don't need the partner to necessarily solve my problem or tell me the answer - i need more of an emotional support point. the hard thing for me had been to learn and understand this about myself, and also to be able to communicate and share this with people close to me who do want to support but maybe dont understand or cannot relate
sylvie 9:39 PM
Can I quote you on that @joekou ?
joekou 9:39 PM
anna 9:39 PM
This is actually what I've experienced with @viktorpersson as well @joekou - so I actually see that it is a myth that males only wants practical solutions.
sylvie 9:39 PM
joekou 9:39 PM
cool anna
randy 9:40 PM
that's probably true for more males than would ever admit joekou
joekou 9:40 PM
it is more of a stereotyping than an archetype i'd say. it is a popular belief but not 'true'
kims 9:40 PM
Yes Randy lol
viktorpersson 9:40 PM
No – for me it is actually that I need to talk it through to find the solutions – so I do not usually need that emotional support point
ingrids 9:41 PM
lol @anna the 'myth' or stereotype is more that males want to give practical solution to female isn't it?
anna 9:41 PM
Yes right - so talk, but not emotional wanky-wonky
viktorpersson 9:42 PM
Even though some times it can be supportive for me to also rant the emotions
sylvie 9:42 PM
I also more like to be supported through my emotions, just being allowed to express them.
joekou 9:42 PM
it is contextual
alyson 9:42 PM
Yes @viktorpersson, I can relate to wanting to talk things through , more like a typical ' male' , rather than getting emotional, that's not me, lol
joekou 9:42 PM
each moment will be specific.
anna 9:42 PM
Yes - bringing it out @sylvie
randy 9:42 PM
makes sense @viktorpersson...
anna 9:42 PM
Having a sounding board
So - for anyone reading this who is looking at this point of facing someone in their life, and not being sure about when to step back/step aside and when to step in, even if the person is not outright asking for support, what would you tell them?
sylvie 9:44 PM
Yes @viktorpersson , to rant and rave constructively is very cool. There's an awesome Eqafe about that that supported me immensely.
randy 9:44 PM
I rarely need Emotional Support... may need assistance Seeing a point.... you know, the can't see the forest for the trees kind of thing....
ingrids 9:44 PM
So their can be something else behind this 'wanting to bring practical solutions' (which I also see as a tendency in myself) as a point of self-interest of not wanting to feel our own uncomfortability when another close has some points to walk through - as what I see here coming up is that most of us actually need that safe space to walk through points within self
joekou 9:44 PM
depending on the person - sometimes they are not clear about what they need or what most practically supports them
adam 9:44 PM
anna - you could share something about where you are
randy 9:44 PM
but, do find myself fitting the sterotype of wanting to "fix" things... got a problem? this is how you Fix it...
ingrids 9:45 PM
and then within this safe space a small step of the solution may arise
garbrielle 9:45 PM
which one @sylvie?
joekou 9:45 PM
i usually will first try to really drop my side of things and try to understand where this person is coming from - and find a way to relate to what they are facing. and this way i get a better idea/sense of whether they need a structural support point to help them organize information, or if they need more a relating/understanding point to support with an emotion/reaction or just an energy that has accumulated
viktorpersson 9:46 PM
lol –its interesting that fixing mentality – for me – I do not know what else to say than trying to find a solution – hehe – I'll have to try the different approach when opportunity arise
sylvie 9:46 PM
Gonna have a look @garbrielle -- moment
alyson 9:46 PM
Perhaps Anna to ask them directly" what would support you most right now, do you want space to process stuff, or do you want a sounding board, or just a simple hug"?
anna 9:47 PM
I will say that I more and more rarely give people support or advice unless they ask for it. There were some old interviews, could it have been Audrey Hepburn, where they talk about being quiet within oneself, and only when something starts moving within self, to speak. So I will in a way only speak when I see a clear opening.
viktorpersson 9:47 PM
Yes that would be cool @alyson
anna 9:47 PM
Man that would be awesome @alyson - I like that one.
randy 9:47 PM
cool approach joekou
anna 9:47 PM
"I can see that something is up with you. How can I support?"
sylvie 9:48 PM
@garbrielle ... n-part-135
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
Sharing Yourself vs Trapping Yourself - Quantum Systemization - Part 135
This recording uses two case studies to show the difference between expressing yourself with the intention to find solutions for your experiences and express yourself in such a way that you are only re-creating and experiencing the thoughts and emotional reactions within yourself. How does ranting and raving about a point you have been struggling with support you? How can you support your... (270kB)
garbrielle 9:48 PM
thanks @sylvia!
anna 9:48 PM
Yes @joekou - that is a very important aspect. also so that one can be fully Here in sharing/supporting and is not bringing personal stuff into it
joekou 9:49 PM
yes it is something that i have been developing over time. working with different trainees in DIP has supported me with understanding/sensing more where people are at
ingrids 9:49 PM
lol @randy me too in some occasions - do you recognize this as well? ": So their can be something else behind this 'wanting to bring practical solutions' (which I also see as a tendency in myself in an intimate relationship) as a point of not wanting to feel our own uncomfortability or 'fear' coming up when another close has some points to walk through - as what I see here coming up is that most of us actually need that safe space to walk through points within self - yes cool @viktorpersson
carlton 9:49 PM
Gtg guys will read rest later
joekou 9:49 PM
and what kind of support i can give - and also when i may not be able to provide a certain kind of support or tone but i will know what material i can point them to or share
anna 9:50 PM
Yes definitely @joekou
Can recommend to become a DIP Lite buddy as well or simply join some Facebook support groups for something you've walked through like an addiction and support random people.
viktorpersson 9:53 PM
Cool @joekou – developing being able to feel what is required in the moment
randy 9:53 PM
sometimes, Cathy would just Tell me - I don't need you to Fix it, just listen... so, sometimes just being a sounding board is all that's needed...
alyson 9:54 PM
What I find really awesome is what Kirill and I have created within meeting up consistently over a long period of time, and we don't have a buddy- trainee relationship but one of equal support, it works like nothing else I have experienced on a deeply personal level :-)
randy 9:54 PM
very cool alyson
sylvie 9:54 PM
Yes @randy just listening
adam 9:54 PM
yes randy
anna 9:54 PM
Yes exactly @randy
That is really awesome @alyson
joekou 9:54 PM
i would say i have a 'sensitivity' to things and i feel/pick up things very quickly. i have had to learn firstly that i have this design/pattern and work with myself. how to work with and utilize my 'sensitivity' practically has been interesting
adam 9:55 PM
there is a being with another being in ways where what is said may not be so important
anna 9:55 PM
Cool @joekou I can very much relate to that
joekou 9:55 PM
where i used to very easily get lost and feel things very deeply - now learning to transmute that
anna 9:55 PM
ingrids 9:55 PM
Coming back to the point of 'letting go' - what I see and learn is that I keep standing and that the other is deciding to stay or go - and so decide for/as themselves when ready - as 'letting go' or 'wanting to go' is often used as a way out in the mind but then can be more a point of giving things time.
randy 9:55 PM
indeed adam
sylvie 9:56 PM
That's a whole other point indeed @joekou, I am now working on timing what I'd sensed. Another whole area
anna 9:56 PM
Yes exactly @ingrids - that's what I see too
randy 9:56 PM
agreed ingrids... can be more a point of giving things time.
anna 9:56 PM
So guys - I have a suggestion: how about we all, before ending this chat have a look at whether we remember any particular Eqafe recordings that are relevant in the context of what we've discussed in this chat and then place the links here, so that when people read the chat, they have that as an extension of the chat to continue to explore the points discussed for themselves.
joekou 9:56 PM
ah interesting sylvie
sylvie 9:58 PM
Okay @anna, will take a look
alyson 9:58 PM
Great idea anna
anna 9:59 PM
I will jump right in and share this super bundle, specifically with Audrey Hepburn's "Family and Friends" recording that is way old and helped me so much in the beginning of my process, to not reject people around me but to let them come to me when they were ready:
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
Super Bundle: Family and Friends
This Super Bundle consists of every product that covers the topic of support within relationships with friends and family. The following 12 products are included: * [Family vs Friends]( * [Interview Request - Family Dynamics]( * [Surrounded by Loved Ones - Yet Still Being Alone - Life Review](htt... (128kB)
alyson 9:59 PM
We need Marlen for this, the great eqafe oracle, lol
adam 9:59 PM
thanks anna
joekou 10:00 PM ... s-part-333
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
The Art of Support - Reptilians - Part 333
How can you use comparison as a constructive tool in your road to becoming a leader? Why do you tend to take things personally when you are in the process of supporting another? What consequences are you creating when you express yourself from the starting point of your personal reaction to the person you are assisting? Why do you have to step up and take responsibility for someone whe... (293kB)
anna 10:00 PM
Well be your own oracle today @alyson - what recordings have you listened to that supported you?
ingrids 10:00 PM ... s-part-289
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
How You Can Help - Reptilians - Part 289
How do you know when to push, when to walk with, when to wait and when to let go when it comes to supporting others in their lives or processes? What is the relationship between timing and determining your relationship & responsibility towards another? Why can you not approach (and so support) another in their process as long as you WANT to help? How can you practically assist and supp... (256kB)
anna 10:00 PM
Take care everyone. Thanks for being here. Thanks for letting me have the floor. I'll wait for everyone to post their links, so take your time and then we'll place the chat on the open forum so that many more can benefit from it.
alyson 10:01 PM
Yep, I remember the Audrey Hepburn recording about friendships too, Anna :-)
sylvie 10:02 PM ... ss-support
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
Self-Honesty in your Relationship with Yourself - Relationship Success Support
One of the most difficult things to do in a relationship is to be true to your self-honesty, yet the consequences of not doing so affect not only you, but others in your life. Can your relationship have a solid foundation if you are not self-honest first and foremost? What does it practically mean to let go of the fear of standing within your self-honesty when looking at the relationships... (309kB)
randy 10:03 PM
Thanks all. Cool Chat. Good topic garbrielle and yoganb.
joekou 10:03 PM
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ingrids 10:05 PM ... s-part-390
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
Be a Living Example in Your Relationship - Reptilians - Part 390
How does this process of the 'second wave' pertain to people who are in relationships / agreements? Why is being a living example in thought, word and deed of the utmost importance when assisting and supporting another? What does it mean to let go of your partner, yet remain in the relationship / agreement and stand as a living example for them? How is this letting go not a letting go ... (347kB)
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thanks all, supportive points shared, enjoy til next time!
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randy 10:09 PM ... -awareness
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
When Feelings Are Involved with Support - Quantum Mind Self Awareness
Are you really supporting another, or just imposing upon them? What does it mean to really nurture someone's strengths and potential instead of tearing them down for their weaknesses? Have a listen and discover what happens when feelings get mixed into a relationship of support and how we can learn to see the bigger picture when it seems like things aren't working the way we intended. (331kB)

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