1) What does it mean to be a PILLAR for myself and others 23/03/2020

Chats pertaining the Becoming, Being and Walking as Disciples of Life
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1) What does it mean to be a PILLAR for myself and others 23/03/2020

Postby kim amourette » 26 Mar 2020, 01:08

this is the first chat with the Corona virus through the portal, taken from www.destonians.com. Opening up the point of what it means to be a pillar in this world.

Susan Spies

The Coronavirus through The Portal 5 after the hour

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what do you do Hannah?

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I am currently relistening all the Eqafe audios about the viruses and flus and I am now able to comprehand more details of the explanations after I watched several lectures of mirobiologists about what virues actually are and of course in the aspect of the current global virus media scare propaganda.

Susan Spies8:05 pm

Hi all

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I open the link and it says that the group doesn’t exist lol — now I’m just on the website, but it seems to work well without the app

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Sunette here through The Portal for a moment, before CV comes through

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Hello Sunette

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Work in a sweet shop

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hey Sunette, nice to see you, hi everyone

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Hi Sunette

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lewis godfrey here. Hi all – from seattle

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Hi Sunette

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Been busy with this for the past 20 minutes 🤔😂

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Kim Amourette8:06 pm

Hey Lewis

Susan Spies8:06 pm

SA just announced a nationwide lockdown starting from Thursday 12:00PM

Valentin Rozman8:06 pm

Nice to have you here again after a long time Susan <3

Susan Spies8:07 pm

So, we’re going to have to wait and see how this plays out in SA

Susan Spies8:07 pm

In the meantime –

Blaž Cegnar8:07 pm

Here’s how I understand viruses: they are created in the body as a consequence of

poisoning (chemical or electromagnetic) and the body uses them to remove the poisons

from the body. So in a way they are like sope for the body. And a virus cannot directly

transmit from one human to another unless injected. Also, animal viruses cannot be

transfered to humans through eating (again unless injected with the animal cells like in vaccines)

because viruses are specific for each type of animal and type of body tissue. Is this correct @Sunette?

Susan Spies8:08 pm

I am here, with The Portal and will be here – have always been here – every night, Portalling 😉 – will be releasing a statement of my process this past year or so in time to come with regards to my physical journey

Avery Williams8:08 pm

Canada’s border has been closed to the USA for the first time in all my life crazy

Kim S8:08 pm

@ZdravRazum i just posted the same questions so deleted

Anna Brix Thomsen8:08 pm

Hi Lewis and everyone new here today! The chat can move quite fast, so don’t worry if you can’t read every message. And ask if you have any questions.

Viktor Persson8:08 pm

Nice Sunette

Ella8:08 pm

For some reason been having ‘imageries’ of ‘Winged’ and ‘Eagle’ – early Desteni 🙂

Bitia Catana8:08 pm

Looking forward to it Sunette

Sylvie Jacobs8:08 pm

Cool Sunette

Lewis8:09 pm

People seem to be in good moods here in seattle, but there seems to be a lot of resentment and confusion of course – uncertainty i imagine that’s basically the attitude everywhere

Susan Spies8:09 pm

Amidst ALL the changes in our lives, homes, environments and countries – let’s do our best to flow with life

Avery Williams8:09 pm

Cool Sunette

Viktor Persson8:09 pm


Susan Spies8:09 pm

Let’s begin and REMEMBER

Susan Spies8:09 pm

Slow down

Kim S8:09 pm

cool Sunette agreed

Lewis8:09 pm


Susan Spies8:09 pm

we may not be able to get to ALL the questions this night

Susan Spies8:09 pm

we have time 😉

Anna Brix Thomsen8:09 pm

Hugs everyone!

Viktor Persson8:09 pm


Hannah Kewn8:09 pm

Definitly! It is actually interesting to see the effects of something you cant actually see

Susan Spies8:10 pm

So, herewith I leave you to the CV

Susan Spies8:10 pm

Hi all – coronavirus here through the Portal

Kim S8:10 pm

good evening CV 19

Susan Spies8:10 pm

before the questions begin

Bitia Catana8:10 pm

Thanks Anna. Same back

Viktor Persson8:10 pm


Avery Williams8:10 pm


Hannah Kewn8:10 pm

Hi 🧐

Kim Amourette8:10 pm


Susan Spies8:10 pm

Let’s look at my abbreviation we noticed – CV

Bitia Catana8:10 pm


Rebecca8:10 pm


Susan Spies8:10 pm

the abbreviation you use to enlist into a work/job/passion/position in this world system

Sylvie Jacobs8:11 pm

Curriculum Vitae

Ella8:11 pm

Hello CV

Matias8:11 pm

Hi all

Susan Spies8:11 pm


Rebecca8:11 pm

like sieve?

Avery Williams8:11 pm

CV how long have you been around?

Ella8:11 pm

@Sylvie Jacobs that’s exactly what I thought too – lol

Susan Spies8:11 pm

So, a question I will leave you with for tonight until the next chat: what would your CV look like for LIFE? for YOU? for the BEST YOU/LIFE – you sitting infront of you, interviewing yourself…

Susan Spies8:12 pm

Okay, now that that question is through for next time to PONDER on

Kim S8:12 pm

I heard a nutritionist explain that viruses are not passed from animals to humans that they are not passed easily from human to human and that it is a kind of solvent that breaks down the cell structure like a soap which is why we are being told to be super clean and wash hands – how much of this is accurate? He goes on to say that those infected have had a flu injection of some sort at some time.

Susan Spies8:12 pm

Let’s officially start with the questions

Anna Brix Thomsen8:12 pm

My question to CV @sunettedimensions is: is there a specific connection between covid-19 and the parent and child relationship/family structure in the system?

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:12 pm

hi. Full house!

Hannah Kewn8:12 pm

Have to go actually but will read later when I have more time

Bitia Catana8:12 pm


Ella8:12 pm

CV are you a b’by-product ‘ of man-made /lab made experiments?

Kim S8:13 pm

Sunette was previous there lol – I heard a nutritionist explain that viruses are not passed from animals to humans that they are not passed easily from human to human and that it is a kind of solvent that breaks down the cell structure like a soap which is why we are being told to be super clean and wash hands – how much of this is accurate? He goes on to say that those infected have had a flu injection of some sort at some time.

Reginald8:13 pm

Hi everyone, glad to join in today

Kim S8:13 pm

CV you are very popular lol

Anna Brix Thomsen8:13 pm


Lewis8:13 pm

CV tends to get around

Avery Williams8:14 pm

CV are you in everyone now?

Susan Spies8:14 pm

KimS at this time, I would be careful with regards to conspiracy theories and science – SO MUCH in social media is emotional and distorted because of people’s mental state and no ABSOLUTE ACCURACY with regards to the CV existence – so, BREATHE AND SLOW DOWN for now. Do your best to consider HYGIENE yes, this is needed and necessary for now – if anything: the world is most prepared to handle this sort of WAR on humanity than you realise

Kim S8:14 pm

thank you CV

Susan Spies8:14 pm

There’s been many a war in humanity to bring it closer

Susan Spies8:14 pm

to wake up humanity

Kim S8:15 pm

YEs this is how i am seeing it actually

Susan Spies8:15 pm

but then, humanity became war…warring continued instead of WAKING UP

Kim S8:15 pm

They tonight on the news said the words “WAR on CV”

Avery Williams8:15 pm

yes time to wake up

Susan Spies8:15 pm

Remember, Bernard always used to say, along with Alice Bailey’s Awareness – WW2 was supposed to WAKE UP HUMANITY to the atrocities we can do unto ourselves and one another and STOP – but it continued…

Susan Spies8:15 pm

Now, a VIRUS is here

Gabriel Aceves8:15 pm

Hi all!

Viktor Persson8:15 pm

What is your purpose on earth and why were you created?

Anna Brix Thomsen8:16 pm

My other question for CV @sunettedimensions is: What is the best thing we as individuals can do, to honor your purpose for being here in this time?

hilda8:16 pm

Hi Anna🤗

Lauri8:16 pm

Viktor’s question +1

Rebecca8:16 pm

I would say, were I interviewing myself, is how many people I reached in such a way, that they began to question everything around them and as such began the process of self discovery.

Kim S8:16 pm

nice Anna

Susan Spies8:16 pm

Good question Viktor because it’s in line with what I am sharing above:

Lewis8:16 pm

there is a response-ability to being HERE now, that humanity has been negelecting

Susan Spies8:16 pm

It’s to an extent LIFE AND MIND created

Susan Spies8:16 pm

Remember –

hilda8:16 pm

Ww2 was preprogrammed tho, no?

Susan Spies8:16 pm


Susan Spies8:17 pm


Susan Spies8:17 pm

in and during this merging process these past years, all 3 parts merged and aligned with themselves, each other, existence and life

Susan Spies8:17 pm

With this, all 5 parts

Sylvie Jacobs8:17 pm

CV – would you say that the wide manifestation of the virus shows or should show to humans their fear of death?

Susan Spies8:18 pm

Looked upon existence to see what SOUND, SHAKE, CONSEQUENCE, RIPPLE would support in WAKING UP the beings in the physical – out of the consciousness realm, into the life realm

Kim S8:18 pm

a friend of mine said yesterday it will do one of two things after we come out of quarantine – we will either continue on as we have been or we will be changed and realise we don’t need all the ‘shit’ we accumulate

Mike8:18 pm

So much shit starts making sense now

Susan Spies8:19 pm

So, a shake, a ripple, a SOUND started

Susan Spies8:19 pm

we did not know it would create me

Susan Spies8:19 pm

the CV

Susan Spies8:19 pm

but so I was born

Gabriel Aceves8:19 pm


Rebecca8:19 pm

So, people who get sick and recover will become more aware to a certain extent?

MatsBP8:19 pm

Makes sense

Lewis8:20 pm

nothing like a does of mortality to bring you to the present.

Lewis8:20 pm


Susan Spies8:20 pm

So, some’s paths will be walked in this world, others in the next – but this is not MY decision – we’re quantifying time

Kim S8:20 pm

can it also be seen as a cleansing for the body Sunette – in those that recover\/

Avery Williams8:20 pm


Susan Spies8:20 pm

Kim – the cleansing of the body, no – it’s more showing the body’s EXTRAORDINARY ability to adapt and heal 😉

Kim S8:20 pm

why older people suffer the most Sunette

Viktor Persson8:21 pm

Yes – they have decided to remove themselves because they will not make it in this life anyway

Susan Spies8:21 pm

This is not personal – the CV

Kim S8:21 pm

thank you

Rebecca8:21 pm

very cool!

Susan Spies8:21 pm

Kim because they are already suffering the most

Kim S8:21 pm

yes @VIktor i see this too

Lewis8:21 pm


Leila Zamora Moreno8:21 pm

How I see it as well is that CV is in a way our desire manifested that we have not had the ‘guts’ to act on – meaning that we want things to change, and we want a better world but haven’t come together and ‘done it’ – and so CV comes from that to create the conditions that force the point

Susan Spies8:21 pm

Harshly said Viktor but yes

Susan Spies8:22 pm

Yes Leila exactly

Rebecca8:22 pm

cool Leila

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:22 pm

Yes Leila

Bitia Catana8:22 pm

Last time, if I remember well, you said that when a person gets a virus it’s SPECIFIC. Can you expand on this point of ‘specificity’?

Avery Williams8:22 pm

Cool Leila

Kim S8:22 pm

Leila – nice blog btw

Kim Amourette8:22 pm

Wow interesting

Susan Spies8:23 pm

Bitia a virus cannot enter you but by for your beingness allowance and the future of your BEING PURPOSE in this life or the next

Susan Spies8:23 pm

viruses are a part of NATURE

Susan Spies8:23 pm


Susan Spies8:23 pm

MORE in line and in touch with life than the human consciousness at this time

Adrian Blackburn8:23 pm

Hasn’t everyone at some point or another in their lives secretly wished that everything in the world would just come to a halt? Without dying – would just stop for a moment – so we could take a break and re-assess

Leila Zamora Moreno8:23 pm

Yes Adrian, we’ve been wanting things to ‘collapse’

Susan Spies8:23 pm

lol there you go Anna – careful what you wish for 🙂

Mike8:24 pm

The last scene from fight club was in my dreams this morning

Anna Brix Thomsen8:24 pm

What do you mean Sunette?

Leila Zamora Moreno8:25 pm

But also because we have not directed the collapse, it’s also happening in ways that are ‘not so nice’ – because we’ve let it be ‘out of our hands’

Bitia Catana8:25 pm

It’s like most people are just so tired and overwhelmed today. We all ‘wished’ for a break to some extent or another. Things going so fast and we don’t give ourselves ‘a break’/ a breath. Like you said last time

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:25 pm

Anna I think she was responding to Adrian

Kim S8:25 pm

I see that even the governments are even starting to look at economic and financial solutions and saying that things will never be the same again

Susan Spies8:25 pm

Well, you said everyone wished for a halt of the world – but never specific about HOW it comes about and the consequences of it

Reginald8:25 pm

What is showing now more as an obvious point is the extent of us as society just to not consider one and another. Now CV is here and ask, please take responsibility for yourself and another, yet we carelessly just continue waving it away.

Kim S8:25 pm

was for Adrian Anna

Mike8:25 pm

Look at the momentum needed. The critical mass needed is no joke!

Viktor Persson8:26 pm

Yes – for Adrian

Lewis8:26 pm

My attitude has change from wanting the system to collapse- – to wanting a new symbiotic system to grow along side to support the human experience.

The system as is it what facilitates the billions that live here now, and if it collapse so would the population.

Susan Spies8:26 pm

So, just a existential life lesson when it comes to wishes…we tend to forget the consequences that comes with fulfillment of desires

Avery Williams8:26 pm


Kim S8:26 pm

yes agreed Lewis

Susan Spies8:26 pm

not directly necessary related to this Anna – just expanded on the word WISH for a moment there

Susan Spies8:27 pm

Reading all your words and questions –

Susan Spies8:27 pm

most here seem quite level headed and stable

Kim S8:27 pm

work with what is here and adjust it in line with what is best for all to collaspe completely would not be best for all neccessarilly

Susan Spies8:27 pm

I’d say trust yourselves

Susan Spies8:27 pm

keep to the basics

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:27 pm

Susan you were responding to Adrians comment I think

James T McDaniels8:27 pm

Hi CV and Everyone. CV, I saw that no one under the age of 10 had died from CV and assumed this is because they are not so much of the adult activated mind yet. Is that the connection?

Susan Spies8:27 pm

as Sunette shared in her recent post – to be LEADing examples

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:27 pm

about the wish and halt Susan

Susan Spies8:28 pm

Oh whoops

Viktor Persson8:28 pm

The actions taken by governments around the world, they seem to me to be somewhat benevolent, protecting the old/weak at the cost of our economy, is that correct or is it only about survival? Have you impacted our leaders/decisions-makers in some way?

Laura Nuñez8:28 pm

CV – you get into the lungs specifically, if we get the virus, what can we take in our food to support our bodies the most to not get lung damage?

Gabriel Aceves8:28 pm

Sunette CV- you said in the first chat that everything was going to get worse, and yes the markets have fallen, but interestingly enough, those who are more afraid are the ones running this world because all of them are the old generation (which is the one who has been more affected by you); so what I have become aware of, is that this entire emotional reaction closing everything comes more from those groups of elders that are afraid of getting ill. So I see this consequences more from the perspective of, how with the collapse of the global markets; it’s not so much that you came as a “Death Angel”, but it’s just that, with your appearance in existence, you have just give evidence of the corruption inside ourselves, in how we have others move and control this money system and so our entire life’s.

Susan Spies8:28 pm

forgive me, reading up and catching up and looking into the words and the beings – yes, was meant for Adrian not Anna

Lauri8:28 pm

CV, were your societal consequences intentional or accidental. “We can’t just stop driving even though the environment is dying”… well now we did and the consequences were great! Intentional or not, what’s your take on this?

Kim Amourette8:29 pm

Susan CV have been doing color readings, and did one for you and was planning on doing another one today. I was just wanting to cross reference with you whether they’re accurate/supportive. Thank you.

Valentin Rozman8:29 pm

So considering that the alliance between the leaders of many world countries has been made and that currently the allied army of 18 countries is destroying deep underground bases of deep state global network and arresting their representatives who controled public media, public educational system, social networks and international corporations, surely we can expect the implementation of the new supportive quantum world bank, universal basic income and reformation of other social system which would indicate that we finally got the lesson and are actually waking up.

Kim S8:29 pm

Gabriel Aceves i see that because we value money in many ways more than life

Gabriel Aceves8:30 pm

I mean with everyone being liked at home, families are going to have to sit down at the table every single day again and face each other and walk through the points that have been pendant and procrastinated by our very way of living=always running, always busy.

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:30 pm


Susan Spies8:30 pm

No Viktor, how the governments and presidents are acting is WITHIN THE LAWS OF HOW THE SYSTEM EXISTS NOW – so, don’t look at the presidents – look at the ENTIRE COUNTRY AND SYSTEM they are addressing…and don’t blame them nor the governments. Truly, they are doing best they can – even they are up against a wall – I wouldn’t want to be president right now, christ – hats off to ’em

Gabriel Aceves8:30 pm

I see a lot of divorces ahead with this pandemic, but also a big opportunity for the entire humanity to look inside themselves again, in a moment of being alone with themselves.

Gabriel Aceves8:31 pm

Faced with the only one thing they have postpone for so long

Anna Brix Thomsen8:31 pm

My question to CV @sunettedimensions is: is there a specific connection between covid-19 and the parent and child relationship/family structure in the system?

Adrian Blackburn8:31 pm

We may have wished for it but we are not directing anything so something else stepped in to make it happen. The lesson from what I can see is that nothing will be given/done for us and that wishing is how we got into this mess in the first place. If we don’t become proactive and self-direct then it gets messy.

Susan Spies8:31 pm

Cool perspective Gabriel

Rebecca8:31 pm

Is the virus a result if a deep tiredness in people in general, as though we know on some level that our present system is ” asking” too much ( the best way I could think to day it)?

Gabriel Aceves8:31 pm

Yup, and the Coronavirus it’s exposing just that lol

Reginald8:31 pm

The main thing I see Viktor is but economics at first. When one is sick normally the companies will urge you to just come and work. Now the rich can also become sick and the healthcare system is getting more exhausted.

Adrian Blackburn8:31 pm

I agree, no leader should bear such a massive burden of responsibility for so many lives. Who would want to be in that oisition

Leila Zamora Moreno8:32 pm

Anna I’d say it is specific to human nature and in that the parent child family dynamic is naturally included

Sylvie Jacobs8:32 pm

CV – can you expand a little more on ‘keep to the basics’? What you specifically mean by that.

Bitia Catana8:32 pm

Totally. Being president right now …. Very tough

Mike8:32 pm

It’s transition time. Transitional leaders are the coming anchor points from my perspective

Anna Brix Thomsen8:32 pm

Gotcha Leila

Susan Spies8:32 pm

No @rebdalmas – more a NEEDED CHANGE on a BEING/LIFE level in all of existence – agreed to on a deep existential life level between all of our minds, beings and bodies

Viktor Persson8:32 pm

Yes – I can how much pressure they experience

Anna Brix Thomsen8:32 pm

Wow cool Kim

Susan Spies8:32 pm

We had enough time to change by ourselves

Susan Spies8:32 pm

we didn’t

Anna Brix Thomsen8:32 pm

My other question for CV @sunettedimensions is: What is the best thing we as individuals can do, to honor your purpose for being here in this time?

Susan Spies8:32 pm

we needed initiative and consequence

Susan Spies8:33 pm

like a PARENT stepping in

Leila Zamora Moreno8:33 pm

And because you are walking this point, that’s what is highlighted for you – everyone will have different highlights

James T McDaniels8:33 pm

Thank you for being here sharing. I am seeing many positive potential changes being sparked by the CV. i.e. a caring coming together of people and Governments, improved employee sick benefits, more employees enjoying working online from home enabled, petty prisoners released, improved voter access, a push for more free access to health care, basic living income push, executive extreme pay redistribution, etc

Susan Spies8:33 pm


Viktor Persson8:33 pm

Yes that is how I have felt

Viktor Persson8:33 pm


Gabriel Aceves8:33 pm

It’s ironic, I was just answering the question from Garbrielle in the mail she sent and I can perfectly see this fitting into the discussion she proposed

Susan Spies8:34 pm

Yourself. Your Story.

Kim S8:34 pm

yes same 100%

Kim Amourette8:34 pm

Yes I’ve definitely felt that question within me

Susan Spies8:34 pm

Everyone must STOP trying to save humanity

Rebecca8:34 pm

Okay, I sensed a tiredness just before the present events, within that was a sense if being tired of what we are doing, that it needs to change – I wondered if the ” tiredness” part was from me. But within this, a sense of a need for change.

Susan Spies8:34 pm

be an idol

Susan Spies8:34 pm

STOP trying to be an idol

Viktor Persson8:34 pm

I had so many dreams/ideas of the future that became irrelevant when this started

Lewis8:34 pm

this is an opportunity for us all.

We can call this a rallying cry for a free humanity – or a better experience at least.

Gabriel Aceves8:34 pm


Susan Spies8:34 pm

STOP trying to steal attention and be the center of attention

Susan Spies8:34 pm


Lewis8:34 pm

but to me — and it is about me — its a kick in the ass for action.

Susan Spies8:34 pm


Avery Williams8:35 pm

Great point

Susan Spies8:35 pm


Susan Spies8:35 pm


Sylvie Jacobs8:35 pm

Cool nice message

Susan Spies8:35 pm

We shared this message WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in the beginning when Bernard died

Leila Zamora Moreno8:35 pm


Susan Spies8:35 pm

one of the first few chats

Viktor Persson8:35 pm

Yes I remember

James T McDaniels8:35 pm

Yes stop being the crucified Jesus and become the walking Jesus in a way.

Kim S8:35 pm


Avery Williams8:35 pm


Rebecca8:35 pm


Ida Bra Ingadottir8:35 pm

yes and before

Susan Spies8:35 pm

we shared, we must all now come together and stand as PILLARS

Miranda de Haas8:35 pm


Lewis8:36 pm


Susan Spies8:36 pm

So, I think we should focus on this rather then me hey 😉

Leila Zamora Moreno8:36 pm

Live your point, don’t try and live another’s point – all points are needed

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:36 pm

ah yes specifically the word pillars I remember

Susan Spies8:36 pm

I will help you with my purpose

Susan Spies8:36 pm

Yes Leila

Reginald8:36 pm

Yes I remember it too

Anna Brix Thomsen8:36 pm


Susan Spies8:36 pm


Ida Bra Ingadottir8:36 pm


Susan Spies8:36 pm

the STORY OF LIFE and what is needed to change the world hasn’t changed…

Gabriel Aceves8:36 pm

It’s just that it took so much time, at least for me, to understand what this truly meant.

Adrian Blackburn8:36 pm

Our words are all we really have

Mike8:36 pm

We thank you for that!

Susan Spies8:36 pm


Gabriel Aceves8:37 pm

I feel like I am just beginning to understand what standing as a pillar actually means

Viktor Persson8:37 pm


Lewis8:37 pm


Susan Spies8:37 pm

but as Jesus said

Gabriel Aceves8:37 pm

You are already helping a lot lol

Anna Brix Thomsen8:37 pm

Cool Gabriel Aceves

Avery Williams8:37 pm


Bitia Catana8:37 pm

Oh man. I was just writing about this yesterday night. Honoring oneself requires fucking lots of focus, but it’s the only way. I see it like walking with ‘blinkers’ like a horse

Susan Spies8:38 pm

“you will do my works and MORE” – or something in the lines of that, the essence of the message being that we must start realising our potential, purpose, life, fiery passion

Marlen Vargas8:38 pm

I couldn’t agree more. I shared this as a personal reflection on my spanish podcast how it was time to get back to self what we live everyday and asking myself at the end of the day if this.is what I’m satisfied with being, instead of fearing dying, rather looking at what is preventing me to live fully here with where I am right now and stopping trying to save the world lol but being best for me and for those I am in direct responsibility of like a child

Kim Amourette8:38 pm


Susan Spies8:38 pm

So, let’s use my energy

Susan Spies8:38 pm


Kim S8:38 pm


Leila Zamora Moreno8:39 pm

In a way you do need blinkers, but we have to reverse how we use them – cause how we have been using them is to focus on distractions and block out what is real – and what we need to do is focus on what’s real and not heed to the distractions

Laura Nuñez8:39 pm

thanks CV

Avery Williams8:39 pm


Ida Bra Ingadottir8:39 pm


Susan Spies8:39 pm

Let’s, every moment your mind/emotions goes to panic, hysteria, worst case scenario – take a breath, breathe in the energy and instead use it to write

Kim S8:39 pm

I know this CV – just need to trust myself

Susan Spies8:39 pm

to do a video vlog and share something supportive

Rebecca8:39 pm

Yes Leila!

Laura Nuñez8:39 pm

for shaking up humanity

Viktor Persson8:39 pm

Yes excellent idea

Susan Spies8:39 pm

a process you walked

Susan Spies8:39 pm

a forgiveness journey you transcended

Carlton8:39 pm


Susan Spies8:39 pm

we have the ABSOLUTE BEST TOOL NOW during lockdown

Kim S8:39 pm

yes I have found that it is propelling me to be ‘deep’ and share

Susan Spies8:39 pm


Ida Bra Ingadottir8:39 pm


Avery Williams8:39 pm

Great tools

Leila Zamora Moreno8:39 pm


Ida Bra Ingadottir8:40 pm


Carlton8:40 pm


Susan Spies8:40 pm

So, let’s use this beautiful MOMENT

Susan Spies8:40 pm

strengthen us as pillars

Kim S8:40 pm


Gabriel Aceves8:40 pm

There is a little something from the series of Jesus that has helped me a lot to understand the meaning of this: Just when he is being crucified and he says: Forgive them father that they don’t know what they are doing – which means “I am not the judge of anyone, not even the judge of me”

Anna Brix Thomsen8:40 pm

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. The word SHARE has come up again and again for me.

Rebecca8:40 pm

Yes, everyone is at home!

Hannah Kewn8:40 pm


Susan Spies8:40 pm

I think the miss-take we also made though in the beginning after Bernard’s death is

Mike8:40 pm


Avery Williams8:40 pm


Susan Spies8:40 pm

we PUSHED the pillar point too fast

Susan Spies8:41 pm

like, the simple basic question to ask first is:

Susan Spies8:41 pm

What in the world does it mean to be a PILLAR for myself and others???

Marlen Vargas8:41 pm

This while halt is providing that very much needed time to self reflect and its quite relevant to not take it for granted like we have in the past as humanity, like.hoing last ww2 and not change at all. I guess this is the most blatant message to focus on this is life’s warning.

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:41 pm

yes exactly Susan

Susan Spies8:41 pm

What does that responsibility entail???

hilda8:41 pm

I agree CV

Susan Spies8:41 pm

Am I ready???

Susan Spies8:41 pm

Can I do that???

Leila Zamora Moreno8:41 pm

We had to crumble the rod of the mind first – is what comes up

Avery Williams8:41 pm


Susan Spies8:41 pm

Is that what I want to do????

Kim Amourette8:42 pm

Really it’s only in the last month that I’ve started to become aware of what my ‘story’ has been or is in existence.

Susan Spies8:42 pm

SO – I give myself, hereby, the purpose

James T McDaniels8:42 pm

Very wise, I see it. I have been struggling to understand more and deeper and being able to see and talk so well as seasoned Destonians. I will start blogging and just go for it.

Susan Spies8:42 pm

of supporting everyone to define and LIVE the word PILLAR

Bitia Catana8:42 pm

Yes Leila. That’s exactly what mean. Blinkers in relation to distractions. To the energy of the e-go which always takes you here or there, side to side

Mike8:42 pm

The purpose question might have to get some practical attention…

Susan Spies8:42 pm

I mean christ, poor Jesus – the man’s been waiting more than 2000 years for his disciples huh?

Kim S8:42 pm


Ida Bra Ingadottir8:42 pm


Kim Amourette8:42 pm


Gabriel Aceves8:42 pm


Kim S8:42 pm


Reginald8:42 pm


Mike8:42 pm


Gabriel Aceves8:42 pm

Poor Jesus

Kim S8:42 pm

poor chap soz J

Kurt Schnidrig8:43 pm

indeed, i myself have been looking for a pillar out there, while all along its been me. its the main point am facing of late after all those i expect to be my pillars simply showed me that, its not possible. carol here

Avery Williams8:43 pm


Sylvie Jacobs8:43 pm

How I see it is that the lessons I learned in the beginning started as knowledge and information and now through the years seeing how I manifested consequence through not focussing enough on me / my life – living my best – it has sunk in more.

hilda8:43 pm

He must have picked up quite some weight then

Susan Spies8:43 pm

So, I mean, as a parent – I’d say 2000 years been long enough now

Susan Spies8:43 pm

time to step in 😉

Leila Zamora Moreno8:43 pm

Every time we say ‘Jesus christ that’s fucked up’ and don’t do anything to change we’ve been using his name in vain

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:43 pm

sorry about that jesus Susan

Susan Spies8:43 pm


Reginald8:43 pm

And here I get frustrated when people suggest the same thing as I said 3weeks ago, totally ignoring me 🤣🤣

Lauri8:43 pm


Mike8:43 pm


Avery Williams8:43 pm


Valentin Rozman8:43 pm


Anna Brix Thomsen8:43 pm

Same here Kim S it’s like all the puzzle pieces are coming together

Susan Spies8:43 pm

lol Reginald

hilda8:44 pm

Reginald it’s frequently frustrates me to notice how much of the sheep mentality I still have Within Me

Kim S8:44 pm

God is everywhere

Susan Spies8:44 pm

Alright, so let’s make this deal

Mike8:44 pm

Action reaction mom

Kurt Schnidrig8:44 pm

infact, looking for a pillar has been a point of self sabotage

Anna Brix Thomsen8:44 pm

I meant for Kim

Susan Spies8:44 pm

I start with you first, PILLARS and all…when the conspiracies and mind reactions are over – we go into more of the science of me

Anna Brix Thomsen8:45 pm


Susan Spies8:45 pm

You’ll see, your questions will change after all this

hilda8:45 pm


hilda8:45 pm


Andreas Wittmann8:45 pm


Susan Spies8:45 pm

right now, most of your questions is BASED ON SOCIAL/FEAR energy

Susan Spies8:45 pm

not really you connecting with ME

Rebecca8:45 pm


Mike8:45 pm

He’s got a sense of humor. That’s a good start!

Kim S8:45 pm

yes being implused thought the media….watching all the time

Susan Spies8:46 pm

So, for a moment – continue being vigilant with hygiene, science is on the spot with the details of me, so this you can trust

Kim S8:46 pm

lol MIke

Susan Spies8:46 pm

now, we need the people

Bitia Catana8:46 pm

Thank you 🔥

Matti Freeman8:46 pm

We don’t need to be pillars of knowledge and information

Carlton8:46 pm


Susan Spies8:46 pm

Agreed @mattifreeman

Matti Freeman8:46 pm

The internet served that function

Lewis8:46 pm

my question is- when will you pass and when will you return?

Will humanity be subjected to this ALARM clock every ten years or so?

Matti Freeman8:46 pm


Anna Brix Thomsen8:46 pm

Lol @mattifreeman no there are plenty of those

Susan Spies8:47 pm

We’ll get to the detail of living pillars – taking it slowly, remember, others not yet at the level you at

Reginald8:47 pm

Yes we are much influenced by the inconvenience it deals to our lives instead of spooking at the intrinsic expression

Avery Williams8:47 pm

cool Matti

Mike8:47 pm

It’s part of all processes

Susan Spies8:47 pm

Lewis, this is what we are NOW, RIGTH NOW in the process of correcting

James T McDaniels8:47 pm

Hi Sir Matti, yes very true. Being an example for others and sharing our story to connect with those who are waking up.

Susan Spies8:47 pm


Andreas Wittmann8:47 pm

Lol, maybe we co-decide this

Susan Spies8:47 pm


Susan Spies8:47 pm


Susan Spies8:48 pm


Susan Spies8:48 pm

we can only live do and be SO MUCH for SO MANY

Kim S8:48 pm


Susan Spies8:48 pm

stop trying to carry the world

Susan Spies8:48 pm

the world is already WITHIN YOU

Susan Spies8:48 pm


Andreas Wittmann8:48 pm

Good point

Valentin Rozman8:48 pm

I have been introspecting about how I am still working within my limitations and not pushing enough to expand myself more to become more of a pillar. So I made some new commitments which will be reflected in my next blog post.

Susan Spies8:48 pm

and your special disciples will connect with you 😉

Avery Williams8:48 pm


Anna Brix Thomsen8:48 pm

I’ve been feeling this impulse lately. That its important to turn inwards.

Rebecca8:48 pm

Intesting, I had a client ask me to begin a group…

Susan Spies8:48 pm

Like the 12 did with Jesus

Susan Spies8:48 pm

the man started with just 12

Miranda de Haas8:48 pm


Kurt Schnidrig8:48 pm

makes sense.

Anna Brix Thomsen8:49 pm

At the same time, so much of my life is lived outward.

Susan Spies8:49 pm

and even those 12 haven’t emerged yet…

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:49 pm

yes makes much sense Susan

Susan Spies8:49 pm

So, now we start with 1

Bitia Catana8:49 pm

Can you expand on this a little Matti?

Susan Spies8:49 pm

we cannot jump to 12

Susan Spies8:49 pm

Jesus started with HIMSELF

Susan Spies8:49 pm


Reginald8:49 pm

Had to screenshot that to remind myself

Leila Zamora Moreno8:49 pm

We are each an Ark in this flood – not a flood of water but a flood of consequence – and we each need to be an ark of life that threads this storm and holds steadfast with life at the helm / focus point. And each one’s Ark holds one point of Life – that we each need to stand as and share

Kurt Schnidrig8:49 pm

makes absolute sense

Marlen Vargas8:49 pm

Yes, we each are different people having a specific entry point so to speak to reach out to specific.people, we gotta honor that instead of trying to save the world or. Carry it whole. Focusing on our.self.and very personal point

Avery Williams8:49 pm

1 + 1

Susan Spies8:50 pm

Beautifully written Lady Leila

Mike8:50 pm


Anna Brix Thomsen8:50 pm

Beeautifully said Leila

Lewis8:50 pm

there is bound to be a Bad Religion song for that

Leila Zamora Moreno8:50 pm

For yourself to stand and for others to find you who are lost at sea

Kim S8:50 pm


Susan Spies8:50 pm

lol Lewis, Sunette enjoys Bad Religion too

Gabriel Aceves8:50 pm

For me, to get to understand that Desteni, was not the savior, but that it had to be me and each one has to be the saviors of themselves, has already been quite of challenge as it’s more of us deciding how are we going to stand up, and from there it’s just more of a constant and continuous commitment of reminding me: “No one can do this for me” type of thing

Kurt Schnidrig8:50 pm


Avery Williams8:50 pm

Cool Leila

Leila Zamora Moreno8:50 pm

Got it from the book of Mirdad @Sunette 😉

Kim Amourette8:50 pm

Yes specifying more rather than trying to do everything and reach everyone

Matti8:50 pm

Pillar of knowledge: designing your approach to others around the purpose of ‘spreading information / repeating information’, believing that that is the way the world is going to change

Susan Spies8:51 pm

LEILA! Can’t wait to read it……….it’s delivery is on its way

Matti8:51 pm

people don’t respond to parrots – they respond to personal experience

Susan Spies8:51 pm

Alright all

Susan Spies8:51 pm

we go to here for now

Viktor Persson8:51 pm

Thanks CV!

Susan Spies8:51 pm

REDEFINE PILLAR – if you like the word PILLAR, wonderful

Bitia Catana8:51 pm


Mike8:51 pm

Yes it becomes horribly simple in the end…

Susan Spies8:51 pm

if not – look at a word that has meaning for you

Lauri8:51 pm

nice one, good refocus

Rebecca8:52 pm

Like the word ” fortitude”

Marlen Vargas8:52 pm

Beacon, anchor

Susan Spies8:52 pm

which means to STAND AS A LIVING EXAMPLE – whether in living action or sharing YOUR UNIQUE STORY BELONGING TO YOU through social media

Carlton8:52 pm

Pillar it is.

Anna Brix Thomsen8:52 pm

I like those as well Marlen

Sylvie Jacobs8:52 pm

Cool cheers

Susan Spies8:52 pm

to connect with your disciples one day

Susan Spies8:52 pm

but FIRST and foremost

hilda8:52 pm

Pole, beam, header 🙂

Susan Spies8:52 pm


Andreas Wittmann8:52 pm


Susan Spies8:52 pm

See all tomorrow, same time and place

Susan Spies8:52 pm

let’s walk

MatsBP8:53 pm


Kim S8:53 pm

yay!! thanks CV and Sunette and all

Avery Williams8:53 pm

Thanks CV / Sunette bye all

Carlton8:53 pm

Thank Sunette CV

Gabriel Aceves8:53 pm


Kim Amourette8:53 pm

Thanks this was refreshing

Viktor Persson8:53 pm


Laura Nuñez8:53 pm

ok cool!

Arvydas Platakis8:53 pm

Thanks All, really great chat

Aldin8:53 pm

thanks all, byee

Pablo8:53 pm

Thanks for sharing yourself cv

Viktor Persson8:53 pm


Gavin8:53 pm

Thank you CV.

Jonathan8:53 pm

thank you 🙂

Miranda de Haas8:53 pm

Thank you CV / Sunette

Susan Spies8:53 pm

Take a refreshing breath all

Gabriel Aceves8:53 pm

Thanks Sunette CV

Andreas Wittmann8:53 pm

Bye All c u tomorrow

Susan Spies8:53 pm


Blaž Cegnar8:53 pm

bye all

Marjo Poorter8:53 pm

Thanks CV and Sunette

Sylvia8:53 pm


Ida Bra Ingadottir8:53 pm


Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem8:53 pm

humble thanks – until next time we sail

Marlen Vargas8:53 pm

Yeah and keep at it, it’s about honoring self first not about catching as many fish without having a way to cook them so to speak. Lol

Rebecca8:53 pm

a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something.”he was a pillar of his local community”

Susan Spies8:53 pm

use the energy of the past for the creation of a better self and future

Leila Zamora Moreno8:53 pm

Hand in hand instead of hands / fists against one another

Kurt Schnidrig8:53 pm

thanks a lot CV Sunette

Matias8:53 pm


hilda8:53 pm

Sunette, how is the shoulder?

adam closs8:53 pm

Bye thanks

James T McDaniels8:54 pm

Thanks bye for now

Matias8:54 pm


MatsBP8:54 pm

bye thanks

Miranda de Haas8:54 pm

bye all

Susan Spies8:54 pm

stop dwelling on the past, let’s nurture the moment and birth a new dawn

Anna Brix Thomsen8:54 pm

I definitely see how I can make some alignments – but it also makes me question if I need to focus even more inwards

Reginald8:54 pm

Thanks all!

Rebecca8:54 pm

Thank you all and CV

Lingxia8:54 pm

thans CV

Valentin Rozman8:54 pm

Thanks all and bye 🙂

Susan Spies8:54 pm

Do both Anna

Susan Spies8:54 pm

trust what comes up in you

Jan Megens8:54 pm

Bye bye

Anna Brix Thomsen8:54 pm


Marlen Vargas8:54 pm

Cool point yes the past is.passing by as.consequence we gotta focus on creating the future

Leila Zamora Moreno8:54 pm

As you focus more inwards you will focus more outwardly at the same time

Laura Nuñez8:54 pm

let’s do this!

Mike8:54 pm


Susan Spies8:55 pm

@carbonfilter healing – in the process of doing physiotherapy and probably an operation in the end of the year, will keep you updated in time to come

Jonathan8:55 pm

‘Stop trying to carry the world, the world is within you, walk you’

Lingxia8:55 pm

thanks all

Kim S8:55 pm

yes agree Leila

Susan Spies8:55 pm


Anna Brix Thomsen8:55 pm

I see what you’re saying Leila. You are very wise. You remind me of a zen master.

Susan Spies8:55 pm

Bye all

Carlton8:55 pm


Marlen Vargas8:55 pm

Bye and thanks for.sharing everyone

Ida Bra Ingadottir8:55 pm

bye bye thanks for tha chat

hilda8:55 pm

See you tomorry!

Ad8:55 pm


Jonathan8:55 pm

Bye 🙂

hilda8:56 pm


Kurt Schnidrig8:56 pm


Leila Zamora Moreno8:57 pm


Randy Krafft8:57 pm

Thank you ALL…

Bitia Catana8:57 pm

Thanks everyone! Talk later!

Elena Prokopchuk8:57 pm


Elena Prokopchuk8:58 pm

thanks for sharing

Bitia Catana8:59 pm

Well said

Reginald9:00 pm

Does anyone has an idea why the link to telegram doesn’t work? It says the chat doesn’t exist.

Anna Brix Thomsen9:00 pm

It works for me

Anna Brix Thomsen9:01 pm

both on phone and computer, so I can’t tell you why. Maybe Google it.

Reginald9:02 pm

Oké Will do, in on android maybe there is a problem with it

Reginald9:02 pm


Anna Brix Thomsen9:02 pm

I’m also on Android

Anna Brix Thomsen9:03 pm

Sorry lol

Anna Brix Thomsen9:03 pm

google it!

Lewis9:12 pm

thank you everyone! i really enjoy this community

Maite Zamora Moreno9:18 pm

Am investigating this at the moment, last it was mentioned the link was still correct, but now it seems the link function has been removed from Telegram altogether – will contact them and see what’s up!

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem9:29 pm

what I find from looking into me – into the garden of me, my ark and my forrest, my deep long field. is first emptiness. then alitle boredom. What happens then is interesting. I wish upon a flame. A fire place is created in the distance. I feel fear of some sort of desire from noticing the fire. I see my reactions to the fire. I forgive the fear & desire and the reactions. The fire remains, the desires, fears and reactions are gone – for given. I create my own garden of eden. I have my strong ark. my river that I see move through me. my forrest of solid trees and my self as both my own child and my own parent. all within myself – in me – Into me – I see my ship can sail me cross any sea and be… and wake again at dawn and see nothingness….. in my garden empty…

Caroline9:30 pm

Hi I only came in half way and was trying to catch up for me reading jumps about and I forget what I read just moments before 🙂 as I see it

Is to look inward on self and look at what path we see for ourselves in the future, look at living word pillar or the like and hygiene would you say that was accurate summary please add if I’ve missed something

Thank you.

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