No More Raising Price of Food

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Re: No More Raising Price of Food

Postby Marlen » 16 May 2012, 15:19

Hi welcome to the forum - let us know if you want your name to be 'gadrian' or we remove the g and place it at the end of 'adrian', unless gadrian is your name.

So, the point to look at here is how we have already become used to seeing and considering the Earth's resources as a 'commodity,' as something that can be bought and sold within a market where all prices are fixed to only keep the profit for some, while the rest are bound to consume - because, hey, it's food - and some others have virtually no access to food whatsoever.

Hence, what we are proposing within the Equal Money System is to equalize money as life - this means that the resources used as Food must be equally distributed to all beings, without it having to be another product that goes into the trading market where its price is simply the product of fixed algorythyms (fixed economy) in order to deliberate ensue the type of control that allows such 'inflation' by promoting the supposed 'scarcity' of resources, while in fact, millions of tons of food are simply dumped in this world on a daily basis. That's the type of understanding that we share here and at the equalmoney forum that I suggest you participate in for these discussions as well.

One thing is certain, we cannot possibly trust the 'official organizations' with data such as the Worldbank's Price Volatility in Food and Agricultural Markets: Policy Responses Report.
The debate on whether speculation stabilizes or destabilizes prices resumes with renewed interest and urgency during high price episodes. Some analysts purport that the influx of financial investors in commodity futures markets has scant impact on market prices.

Other analysts stress that the large amount of money invested in commodity futures by financial investors has amplified price
movements to an extent which cannot be explained by market fundamentals.

More research is needed to clarify these questions and in so doing to assist regulators in their reflections about whether regulatory responses are needed and the nature and scale of those responses.
Source: FAO, , IFAD, World Bank, UN, IMF, OECD, WFP, and IFPRI. Price Volatility in Food and Agricultural Markets: Policy Responses. G 20 Summit, 2011. < ... .pdf>.Page 22

As you can see there is no conclusive information that could point out to an actual solution -

Therefore, once that we see the financial markets as the scam that they represent, we can no longer allow such 'authorities' to continue deciding who lives and who dies, which ultimately is ruled by the financial system which has become quite an automated leech to ensure that any crisis is deliberately placed in order to maintain only some at the top of the hill.

As long as we continue existing in this current economic system, we'll continue having to face these prices going up and down at-will, because there are no holy market-forces that move the strings here, it is our collective acceptance of having made of Life a Commodity that is now being traded to make some rich and some starve to death while the reality is that: it is a make believe system that we created and equally responsible for.

Thus, at the moment we are facing the consequences of having disregarded all the aspects that ensure our ability to live by neglecting everything political to a single 'aspect' of reality that only concerns 'some,' without realizing that the moment that we did this, we took the position of the 'lower rank' when abdicating responsibility to create the necessary policies that support all equally - and instead, delegating the 'job' to a few beings that we 'trusted' would act in 'the best interest of all,' which is blatantly obvious doesn't take place in reality.

Therefore, we have to first educate ourselves about the reality of how the system works - there are loads of blogs, lists of books, websites and information on this at the Equal Money System Forum that I suggest you visit for that, and also to participate there in ongoing topics such as this one.


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