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Something about Communism

Communism was starting spreading with Russian Red Army Revolution with Lenin as a Communist Party Leader.Roughly about the same Time it started spreading in China too,with Mao Tze Thong as a Party Leader.Both Countries have had hard Times after devastating and exhausting Wars in their Regions;Russia-The First World War(1914-1918) and China almost never ending War against Japan-to kick them out of theirs Country.From there Communism in this Countries took a different ways.Especially after The Second World War (1941-1945)when Stalin in Russia took over Communist Party,after Lenin's Death,and made his absolute" One Man Dicta-tour ".In China there was absolute ruling of a "Wise Old Heads"of Chinese Communist Party with Mao on Top.This new System was exported to other Countries as their future Leaders were schooled there:
from Russia to Europe,Cuba,South America,Africa
from China to rest of Asia,Africa.
Communism in the World was provoked and risen in the Centers of Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions,where People were badly exhausted and worn and torn down.These masses of People didn't mind at all to take part in a bloody Wars if there was even only a small possibility to change their state or status!And Communism at least in Theory and at very Beginning was very promising for them:
-Equality before Law
-Land and Factories were confiscated from Rich and divided:factories and businesses to Government and Land to People
-Health care was free
-Schools free for Everybody
-Food and other Resources were plenty and affordable
-Work and Place to Live were quarantied to Everybody
-Social Services were free too

In Europe it was called"Dicta-tour of Proletariat(Workers)" where basically Ownership was shifted from Private to Masses!
In a small Kingdom of Yugoslavia everything started before 2.W.W.when Communist Yugoslav Party was formed in Russia with later better known as Marshal TITO as its Leader.As soon as Hitler's Germany occupied our Country ,Communist Party stepped in for old, useless and later abdicated King's Government and called All Workers and Peasants to Arms!And they answered in pretty big Number All over the Country in about the same Time!War,of course,was exhausting and after 4 Years of partisan fighting,and 1.2 Millions of Us killed our small Country was free!Free of occupying Germans,free of previous rich Owners and free of King that was forbidden, by People's voting ,to come back Home!On the other side Marshal
TITO was highly praised and bellowed by everyone because he was in the War through Thick and Thin together with his Warriors,with his People! He was chased by German's Elite Soldiers through all of the War,but each time the Folk hid him or
Partisans fought back ,for him to escape into the Legend!After the War he was liked ,respected and feared at the same Time by everyone and everywhere on this Planet,so that nothing or nobody stood in his way during his uninterrupted President shaft until his Death in 1978!
I had a pretty easy and innocent Childhood.We had Apartment in a worker's Suburb of Capitol Belgrade,that was very affordable and maintained from Company where my Father worked.His only Salary was needed to keep pretty good Standard in our Home sweet Home!There were 4 of Us(Mom, Dad ,Sister and Me).We could take almost every Year a nice Vacation,15 days at Countryside and 15 days at Adriatic Seaside!Again Transportation was provided from my father's Company an was very cheap!
Health Insurance,Schools,Colleges,Kindergartens were all for free.Maybe We have not had the best and newest Machinery and Apparatuses but I am pretty shore that our Doctors and Professors were among the best Authorities in the whole World!
Sports Centers and Public Parks were popping almost everywhere,in the whole Country,and free and easy to access for Everyone!
My Mom was all time at home(maybe to much)and she took care of everything around-washing,cooking,shopping.And we Kids had to be just that-the Kids!Cousins and Neighbors were always there when needed,and by Special Occasions;Birthdays, Weddings,Funerals or Holidays.On such Days either we were visiting them or we were visited by them!
When Telephone came out by us,somewhere Beginning 1962. or so,you didn't have to go to the Post to make a Call but you just go to your Neighbor that already had one!There were 2 such Neighbors in the Street with over 40 Houses in it.
Same happened when TVs came out,Made in USSR,with Tubes in them.We were first in our Street to buy one,and almost every Evening our Neighbors were gathering with kinda chairs under their arms to our Backyard,where we've put the TV on a Window so that almost 40-50 People could have seen it.My Mom was cooking Tee in a gigantic Laundry Pot and everybody was silently thankful for that.
Once there should have been very important Sports Event on TV that everybody
simply had to see,but our TV lost the Picture,....there was Signal there and Sound but no Picture.My Father called his friend from Job that was repairing TVs(from
Neighbor's House).He could not come that Day,but he teached us a trick over the Phone......we should just turn the TV on and look behind which Bulb did not light,
plug it out and change it with one that lighted(he suggested to take out one for Sound).And it worked,we could watch that Event but with no Sound!......Try to repair this new LED or Plasma TVs today!?When we replaced this TV with new one,after 10 Years it was still working like on its first day,aldough all Bulbs were exchanged ,some several times!

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