Love is work made visible

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Love is work made visible

Postby Bella » 04 Nov 2011, 02:06

I started with the Desteni I Process while on the Desteni farm (2007-2010), as we started developing the course and working on it/through it ourselves. We were working with/for ourselves and each-other and sharing on the forums, when one day we figured: this could be a course for anyone! It’s been the most fascinating experience in my life: real-time development, real time observation, participation, involvement and interaction/working-together to un-cover the hidden boundaries that keep us entrapped in ego and survival-mode...

‎....Fascinating then to see throughout time how it all unfolds and how we would take into consideration also the feedback of existence and re-design, re-align, re-structure a point.

Love is work made visible, wrote Khalil Gibran, and that is one of the practical values/meaning I discovered for myself through this whole ‘movement’ that started with a bunch of people having had enough of the fuck-ups we allow in ourselves and the world; this movement that has expanded to an extent that it embrace the whole world and considers/introduces actual, physical, practical solutions for ALL that is Here.

It was never more obvious that: if we want to change what ‘life’ is, if we want to change this world, we have to change ourselves and how we co-exist.

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Re: Love is work made visible

Postby Lindsay » 04 Nov 2011, 02:08

Very cool Bella - thanks for sharing - I wholeheartedly agree!

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Re: Love is work made visible

Postby Maya » 04 Nov 2011, 06:51

Cool example of what is work made of love really IS.

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Re: Love is work made visible

Postby James D » 04 Nov 2011, 07:36

Thank you for that--Love as productive action in synergy, walking together and changing the world together too in the process

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