Ressonance interviews and SRA sessions

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Ressonance interviews and SRA sessions

Postby Bitia » 19 Nov 2011, 04:11

I was looking at the testimonials of the Desteni farm and found this paragraph

Maya Rot
i just returned from a visit at the desteni farm
i wrote some stuff while i was there, i had some SRA sessions with adrea and esteni and a few resonance interviews as well and some discussions with bernard, so you can imagine many points opened up... it was actually very interesting cause the same point would open up from different angles in the different session.

What is a resonance interview & an SRA session???

Is it only possible to do it at the farm? Can I do it at home from my computer?


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Re: Ressonance interviews and SRA sessions

Postby Maya » 19 Nov 2011, 06:54

At the time Maya Rote was in the farm, she had an interview with her resonances through the Portal.
SRA sessions with Andrea meaning - Andrea was assisting Maya with some points with the tools that are being taught in Desteni I Process - SRA 1 - Muscle communication.

So yes, you are able to do the SRA sessions with yourself at home when you start your Desteni I Process course. However, there are no more resonances interviews because we are in a phase of our process where the focus is on the physical. The resonances are part of the unconscious mind which will be dealt with in SRA 4.

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