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Re: Question about content in your newsletter

Postby KellyPosey » 24 Dec 2012, 03:01

As far as I understand, it's all been brought to earth, here in the physical, so we can get this sorted out. So for now here is all there is and everything is here.

Our physical bodies are designed with specific senses with specific ways of interpreting the physical environment, within certain ranges. Like for example, we see only some types of light and not others like ultraviolet light. Yet some animals physical are designed to see in different ranges than the human. Suggest to listen to the animal interviews on Eqafe that give really fascinating insight into how animals differ from humans in terms of awareness of what is here and how they interact with/within the physical reality.
Like, to name a few:
The Consciousness of the Ant - Part 1
The Quantum Existence of the Elephant - Part 1
Channelled Message From the OWL - Part 1

So we don't 'see' with our physical human body's eyes the dimensions. We see 'pictures' of things with our eyes. Everything here in physical reality is translated into a certain picture through our eyes and that is what we see. So thus to put how the dimensional beings 'looked' into physical pictures is to translate the certain expression as for example 'scales' into what scales look within the physical reality as the picture presentation of 'scales', but they would not have actually been physical.

It's fascinating stuff, but I wouldn't focus on it extensively or try to figure it out, as it's not possible to figure it out in the mind, and just a waste of time that one could be applying to one's process. So, don't worry about understanding it, because it won't come from trying to get it, rather let it go and understanding will come when it's time. So, if you come across a point not understood yet while listening to interviews, don't worry about it, understanding doesn't come all at once, so be patient, keep going, and understanding will open up in time.

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