MLM and Pyramid Scheme research discussion

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MLM and Pyramid Scheme research discussion

Postby Maya » 26 Jul 2011, 22:45

Below are some links as part of the research with regards the point of MLM and Pyramid scheme. Obviously, when one make the 'proper' research, one see that Desteni isn't a pyramid and it's most certainly not a scheme:

Pyramid Schemes - Esteni

Pyramid Schemes - Bernard

Lesotho kingdom pyramid scheme collapse

Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and Desteni I Proces


The Desteni Income Plan vs The Pyramid Games

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Re: MLM and Pyramid Scheme research discussion

Postby danpetersen » 02 Aug 2013, 05:00

No one following up with comments and posting? Maybe it should be spiced up with confessions of being screwed by an mlm? ha

Unfortunately sometimes you just get burned even when it all looks right. The good ones are hard to come by and factor in the timing, compensation plan, leadership, product, company debt etc, if you believe and you are passionate that's a great start, just take your chance.

Here is my favorite mlm scheme video. enjoy

Also, Maya, most of those nice links you posted are no longer opening. Now everyone.....go recruit!

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Re: MLM and Pyramid Scheme research discussion

Postby Marlen » 02 Aug 2013, 17:10

The videos placed here were removed due to the abrupt deletion of the DesteniProductions channel in August 2011 along with other ones.

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