child abuse vs child protection?

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child abuse vs child protection?

Postby kevina P » 07 Aug 2011, 21:08

Yesterday I was listening to my favorite radio broadcast and basically what was being told was this:

A kid was running around on a moving bus and the mum tried to talk to the kid so that they stop but the kid did not listen.
Therefore the mum had to spank the kid lightly (not using any force like they do for child abuse) so that the kid understands
that it is risky for them to be on a moving bus and running around. This was videotaped on the bus and you could see that
there was NO BRUTAL force associated with the light spank. The mum acted to ensure that her kid was safe and that they were
not going to injure themselves.

A Passenger on the bus saw that and said : "I am going to report you to child abuse services bla bla bla.." HE assumed that
lightly spanking your kid is considered a form of abuse.

If I were to apply common sense in this, considering the fact that there needed to be a child's safety involved it was necessary to
do something to correct the behavior of the kid. What disturbed me was that people are ready to jump to conclusions so easily
and wreck a person's live just in a single moment as such. Did you know that in some countries like the USA, child services is allowed to come
to your house and take your child away from you for the rest of your life without having to charge you with any criminal activity?
They have the power and the control to do so and this could well happen to anyone who is trying to protect a child using a disciplinary action that
of course is not the best, but at least worked for that incident. So guess what, if someone accuses you of child abuse when you are being
honest and coming from a stanpoint of child protection and safety, you may in this current system be a victim of the law. Is that what we want?
Since they will not charge you with any criminal activity, you can't even go to court and defend yourself! So guess who is a slave now? You can't
even exert your rights and freedom of being a parent in this system.

I am currently starting my desteni Iprocess and what I have been able to learn so far is this :Ideally you would not want to engage any
violent act because that means that inducing fear in a person is not something that is best for all, especially since the kid will grow up
fearing their parents which is not what we want in this world. No one should be living in fear because fear is dangerous and whatever you fear
will happen will happen. I understand that spanking may not be the best solution, but letting the kid jump and run around on a moving bus
is really dangerous and could be even life threatening to that kid so from that standpoint, I understand that any form of correction provided it
is not harsh/violent to the kid should have been given. That is what the mum did, and I have to agree with her on that although I wish her child
could just listen to her while she is talking to them. Ideally, passengers (especially the one who is supposedly against child spanking) should
have given up their seat to accomodate that child- realizing that we must do what is best for all. In this case, what is best for all would have
been to have the child seated so that they would not run around and end up getting spanked.

However, we were meant to in the beginning to support one another. Life was all about oneness and equality, wasn't it!? RAther than paying attention
to what other people are doing with their life, why not pay attention to your life and get into the habit of understanding that we are all one and equal?
What do you gain by ruining someone else's life out of sheer lack of understanding and getting the wrong facts? Is that really helping this world become
one and equal or is that promoting more chaos and negativity? When listeners hear about this situation, they will constantly be charging their mind
with thoughts and emotions and reacting to this and that is also not beneficial to this planet.

We human beings should be really aware of our behavior. We will find any situation that we can and jump on it instantaneously so that we can exert power and control.
That is what that passenger tried to do. They obviously wanted to be in power and control of the situation as cops would and therefore threatened to call child services.
They then transfer that power and control to child services and the government because at that point, they are no longer in control of the game but they
did enjoy being in control at some point.

It is fascinating how the world revolves around the need for power and control. I did not realize that yesterday but now as I am writing about this, it all makes sense.
Everything is related to power and control and the root cause of power and control has always been money. It is something that has been engrained in our mind
consciousness system designs. With an equal money system and the desteni iprocess, I know strongly that human beings would end up understanding that
we are all one and equal and that we need to do what is best for all. I would strongly encourage everyone to take this course if you are still considering it.

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Re: child abuse vs child protection?

Postby viktor » 07 Aug 2011, 23:08


What is to be realized is that we can't blame others, and we can't blame the system, as all of it is simply outflows of how we've accepted and allowed ourselves to exist. And it's fascinating, that in this situation, the behavior which the mother acted out, of disciplining her child for not living 'correctly', is then what she immediately faced within her environment, but instead done towards her; because the government stepped in, as the 'authority' and told the mother what the 'correct' type of living is, just as she had done towards her child.

So the mother isn't innocent in all of this, she in-fact lived from the same starting from which the goverment did, which is that of the 'authority' and 'the parent'; wherein one do not consider and treat others as equals, but instead superimpose once rules, regulations and opinions upon others through coercion and force. This is how the family system functions, and this is how the governmental system functions, as the reflection of the family system on a bigger scale.

And what is it that both the family and the government system fail to see?

EQUALITY, and give to another as you'd like to receive.

Because, obviously the child didn't want to be spanked; yet it became spanked 'for the greater good'. Instead of time being taken to share the common sense point of not running in the bus, wherein the mother would then stand one and equal to her child, and share herself without considering the point of enforcing her will, without regard or consideration – but in-fact supporting the child to become self-responsible, and grow, become a more whole human being.

And when the child was taken from the mother, obviously the mother didn't want to loose her child, but she did, and from the governments perspective it was 'for the greater good'; but was the mother in-fact treated as an equal by the government? Was she supported to see that such physical punishment isn't acceptable, told why, and then supported to correct herself? Or was time taken to understand the context in which the women acted? Maybe she was stressed, maybe she was fearful of what the other passengers would think of her child running around in the bus?; no, none of these points were considered, because the government act from the starting point of superiority, as 'I am GOD' and I will excert my power unto you. Not acting from a starting point of looking at a situation from anothers view, placing yourself in the shoes of another, and in-fact considering what is best for all; instead of only acting by force, to apperently make things become "right" through punishing another, as if that will have them understand you more effectively; it'll only make them spiteful and afraid.

So, we can't blame the system, or the man that involved child services –- because this type of behavior as us believing ourselves to be superior, and god's, apperently holding the right to superimpose our ideas upon reality exist within everyone, and everywhere. As such, in order to change this we must begin with ourselves, and see how we are living out this pattern of 'I am god', 'I am authority and I have the RIGHT and the FREEDOM' to do what is 'required' to be done, not considering the harm we're in-fact doing towards others, and ourselves.

So that's basically the lesson that can be learned from the situation that was described, that if each participant had acted with consideration and care towards each-other, as what would in-fact be the best for another; everyone would have walked away from the moment as stronger human beings.

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