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Sponsorship Guidelines

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Sponsorship Program

We have a sponsorship Program for those who are unable to make the monthly course payments.

Sponsorship Program Principles

1. Self-Support Principle:
The Self-Support Principle refers to the principle that we assist and support those who assist and support themselves. The Sponsorship Program Requirements as outlined below translate this principle to practical terms.

2. Ability-to-Pay Principle:
The monthly fee for entry-level courses in DIP Pro is €100. Under the Sponsorship Program, you assess for yourself in Self-Honesty how much you are able to contribute on a monthly basis towards your DIP Pro course. This amount can therefore range from €0 to €100. So, when applying for Sponsorship, please already consider what amount you would be able to contribute so you can start budgeting for it. Upon approval of your sponsorship, we will ask you what amount you are able to contribute and set up your payment plan accordingly, where Desteni will sponsor the remainder of the monthly fee. If you are unable to contribute, Desteni will sponsor the full amount.

Sponsorship Program Requirements

Requirements to join the Sponsorship Program:
1. You have Finished the DIP Lite Course
2. You have walked the Journey To Life process for at least 40 days, consistently (minimum 4 blogs/vlogs/podcasts per month).
3. The blogs/vlogs/podcasts are clearly taking specific points and opening the topics up to self realisations through the process of self movement.

Please note that qualifying for sponsorship is handled by a committee and their decision is final. If you find that you comply to the requirements above and your sponsorship has not been granted, you should study more of the Desteni material to understand what is meant by self realisations and self movement.

Requirements for continued Sponsorship:

1. You are consistent within your course movement. This means: reading the lesson material, working on the assignment and being in communication with your buddy and mother buddy via email and chats.
2. You continue walking the Journey to Life consistently (minimum 4 blogs/vlogs/podcasts per month).

Please note that you will be supervised throughout your course and if you no longer meet any of the requirements, your sponsorship status will be re-assessed and potentially revoked.

How to Apply for Sponsorship?
To request to be part of the Sponsorship Program you are asked to place your name in the sponsorship thread (http://forum.desteni.org/viewforum.php?f=23) together with the link to your Journey to Life blog and/or account where you publish your vlogs/podcasts.

What happens when my Sponsorship is revoked?
In case your sponsorship is revoked, your account will be halted.

If you would like to continue your course with the support of the Sponsorship Program, you are required to re-apply by showing 40 days of recent consistent blogging/vlogging/podcasts.

If your course was halted for more than three months, you will be asked to start at Lesson 1 of that course.

Can I pause my course while on the Sponsorship Program?
If for personal reasons you require to halt your course, you can request to do so for a maximum period of three months. If you do not resume your course within three months time, your sponsorship will be revoked.

Thank you
The DIP-Team


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