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Doomsday is just another way to scare ignorant people into doing what the ruling class wants them to do. Religious entities reference doomsday every time there is a result of a natural or man-made catastrophe. The more a person or group of people can instill fear in the masses the easier it is to undermine the will of the people and steer them to commit atrocities like the Holocaust or the Holy Crusade. Fear is a powerful tool when exerting control over a society, especially when the society in question adheres to a religion.

Doomsday has played a large role in our history as humans, especially in present day when it is evident that almost everything that has been on Earth will or has become extinct. Intellectual minds converge and ponder the “when” or “how,” and sometimes the “why;” while religious leaders play the same tone they have been playing for centuries. It is this fear of death and in essences the unstated fear of extinction that plagues humanity, and drives people to feel helpless. Until they stumble upon something that gives them hope and gives their lives meaning or reason.

The end result is that there is always a fear in the back of everyone’s mind, looking for signs that would indicate the end of “world.” Which is not true by the way because the world will still be around if or when we are gone, so the right term would be “the end of humanity.”

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