Crisis? What crisis? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

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Crisis? What crisis? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

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Who’s Responsible: EveryONE – what we’re facing as this money-system and its consequences is due to all of us, over time, across generations making, accepting and allowing compromises for Money, submitting to Survival and Falling in the trap of Enslavement as the World-System. Now we’re facing the accumulation of consequence over Time as what’s become of this world today where we’re seeing the truth exposed of/as the actuality of the Money-System we’ve participated in/functioned within and that our hopes / dreams of the future is/has been a lie and the reality of the world is stepping to the fore and it’s in fact nothing / does not come close to what was idealized in the minds of many.
Fighting this – in one’s mind, with others, with the system itself will not bring a practical solution to this reality-problem we’re facing globally that affect all’s lives in this world multidimensionally in various ways.
We’ve got to stand together with a practical solution – get everyone on ‘equal grounds’ within/as this world and the first step to doing that; within the current Money-System - to manifest an equilibrium: is B.I.G, where everyone’s ‘basic practical needs’ will be met such as housing, clothes, food, healthcare, education, ‘transport, water, electricity, internet – covered within/as the Basic Income Grant; which can be implemented globally and is the initial stepping-stone to establishing/changing the world-economy to/as an Equal Money System.
It’s obvious the current way things are going, that – the Money-System is not working and we’re the majority being affected by this across the globe, therefore – we as the majority must stand-together, and stand-together means – considering ourselves AS EVERYONE, and in this practical context would be to promote B.I.G for self as for everyone to establish an equality and oneness with ensuring that everyone on Earth has their basic needs met to ensure that all are equally as one taken care of and cared for in relation to living practically on this Earth from where we as humanity can look at implementing an Equal Money System as Money-System that functions for the equality and oneness of all, as one as equal – not in the name of profit/greed/interest. Where money supports life/living – not profit/greed.

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