"Let Go, Let God" – The New Age of Stupid

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"Let Go, Let God" – The New Age of Stupid

Post by Bella »

We are creating our own Doomsday through abdication of self-responsibility and the denial of the 'holy trinity': 'the Creator - the Creating/the Created - the Creation'.

'Unfortunately', we do not only create through action/direct, but (and mostly still) we create through denial, inaction - through our acceptances and allowances.

In this context is the following:

I was walking down the street in Berlin when a poster on the gates of a church caught my attention: “Let Go – Let God” I read. I went on to ‘translate’ this ‘christian’ calling into common sense language and realized we are asked to let go and give ourselves to god, as if god is gonna ‘do it for us’. What does that actually imply?

It implies abdicating the responsibility for who we are within ourselves and our world to the invisible hand of god who will wash away our sins and ‘forgive’ us. It implies we should not consider self-forgiveness, self-change, self-direction, but instead we are asked to give it all away and remain hoping, praying, waiting; We should not become the masters of our own life/self, we should not correct our own mistakes and make sure our living-application harms no other part of life, we should not question our contribution to the world/society, but instead we are asked to give up on life/ creation/ ourselves and give it all away to an all-mighty entity (which after all we’ve created/create ourselves) as if we could escape the consequences of our thoughts, words and deeds and avoid being held accountable for who we are/have become and how we co-exist in the face of life.

Notice that also the new age movements and belief-systems, just like any religion, focus on the ‘unseen’, the ‘hereafter’, the ‘mysterious’, the ‘glory’ that is to be attained – while one is so distracted, so self-absorbed within the path of enlightened self-interest that one cannot truly care for one’s actual environment, the world, this creation and the legacy we leave behind. After all, “something 'bigger' than us must be responsible, why should we take any responsibility...”

New age / religion disregard and ignore most of the actual reality of ourselves/this world – as the function of belief-systems is to ‘relieve’ us from full responsibility, while we deny our equality with the actuality of existence: we deny responsibility for who we have become and how we exist with all that is here.

But superimposing a ‘higher self’ or ‘light & love’ is not gonna make the suppression within and the atrocity without go away, nor will it feed a child; it will only get a person into a "beautiful" bubble of self-delusion for a while, until something must happen from the outside as reality knocks on one's door.

One cannot be HERE, one can have no power, no self-directive while one is busy getting ‘There’, getting ‘somewhere’ – when in fact one is only getting lost in projections and the alternate realities of ego that separate us from the world as all that is here.

Best to wake up, the matrix is real, and the way out cannot be walked through projection or faith or the creation of alternate ‘states of mind’.
It must be walked in real-time, breath by breath, facing reality here in every moment; it must be walked through a self-willed process of understanding how this manifested reality/existence including ourselves in all our 'shades' came to be - because to be able to re-create and manifest a new world, a new existence, we must first understand creation from the actual, physical perspective in all its dimensions, starting with ‘what is here’ as ourselves and the world we face in every moment.

The key to self-perfection / self-fulfilment / self-mastery:

Self-responsibility implies that we once and for all stop projecting blame, fear, hopes unto others/something separate from self; Stop giving our power away to belief-systems and ‘saviours’, ‘martyrs’ and ‘scapegoats’; Stop all the things that divide and conquer us; and start seeing/investigating/realizing how we have participated in the creation of ourselves, our relationships and the world as we know it; Start realizing that we are the building-blocks of this world, and this world is following patterns that are unacceptable, patterns that allow the separation, abuse and exploitation of life.

It has never been more obvious that: if we want to change what ‘life’ is, if we want to change this world, we have to change ourselves and how we co-exist.

“The point of self-forgiveness is to realize that all will have to give up on revenge if we want to change the future of the planet.” - Bernard Poolman

I had gone through a ‘spiritual’ journey of searching for ‘enlightenment’ myself: seeking for something to ‘relieve’ me from the burdens I was carrying – that was myself and the beliefs and definitions I had accepted/adopted/created about myself and this world, while I existed in fear, blame and spitefulness. I was looking for something or someone to ‘save me’, to give me what I thought I wasn’t able to give to myself. I wasn’t realizing that I was only searching for myself, waiting for myself, longing for myself to wake up, stand up, live.

Until I came across a group of people that have had enough of this world as we know it and the lies and deception we are being fed through the systems of this world, including religion/new age/spirituality; people that started realizing that self-empowerment comes through equality and oneness, not suppression, denial, projection; that we have to open up and de-construct the layers of self-deception, self-dishonesty, manipulation we’ve existed within as moving-pictures in this world, and lift the veils of deception that are cast upon us through the systems of profit, power and greed.

And so I started to question the ‘ways of the world’, to write, to explore self-honesty and to investigate how I came to be who I have become; how I was creating my world and my relationships; what I was giving permission for and allowing in existence through my own acceptances on a personal level - and I realized how brainwashed we all are through a system of debt, sin and a fake morality based on fear of life, fear of each-other, fear of self-empowerment, fear of god/devil/punishment, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of commitment, fear of self-responsibility.

I saw that it is ludicrous to focus on any ‘afterlife’ when we haven’t even mastered the simple 1+1 equations of this physical reality.

We are Earthlings. And as such, our responsibility is Here, with this Earth, this One reality we share. Why can we not have Equal opportunities in life, why not live as equals of life! Why do we keep history repeating, why do we follow the fate of the ill will of man? And why not do everything in our power to bring-forth actual change and create a new Desteni, for life, for ourselves – for all!

I saw that what we want to have, we must give, bring-forth, live it into beingness.

“Work is love made visible”, wrote Khalil Gibran, and that is one of the practical values/meaning I discovered for myself through this ‘movement’ that started with a bunch of people having had enough of the fuck-ups we allow in ourselves and the world; this movement that has expanded to an extent that it embrace the whole world and considers/introduces actual, physical, practical solutions for ALL that is Here.

Looking at ‘what is here’, we see a world system where ‘goodness’ is bought through money while half the world is left to starve; A system that tells you how to be, what to do to fit-in, what to want, what to fear - and we literally and inevitably BUY into it, as everyone else is existing in this survival-mode where ‘making a living’ is seemingly only possible through competition against others, where survival is only possible through deception, manipulation and abuse; A system that does not feed life, but feeds off of life; A system based on the value of profit, full of prophets that profess all kinds of ‘jackpots’, and corporations that hide behind charity just to make it all seem ‘better’ - while it’s all about self-interest, greed and the race for power. And fascinatingly enough, behind the ‘Human Race’ it is Fear that rules the hearts of men.
Fear is the foundation of self-interest; Fear is the mind-control that works from the inside-out and produces the ill will of ego and the bipolar condition we have accepted and call ‘life’.

And while everything around us is making promises of ‘salvation’, ‘personal growth’ and ‘more power’ for the individual - politics, religion, science, medicine, you name it – it is in fact Money that defines power, it is Money that makes the decisions, it is Money that dictates who lives and who dies. Money is the real god in this existence, and that is not without our participation, the participation of each and every single one of us in every moment of breath.

So – next time you think to yourself “Let Go – Let God”, think again:

Do you really wanna abdicate life/yourself/the world to the hands of this monster we have created?
Do you really wanna let Money define Life and determine Living?
Or would you Stand-Up for Life, for a new, self-willed existence where Life is the power, the truth and the way – an existence where all beings are empowered to explore life in equality and freedom and dis-cover what actual Living can be, without fear!

No gods, no masters, no slaves.

The value of life is LIFE.

Why accept anything less?
Why not give Life to ourselves – and everybody else equALLy!

This is the Equal Money System – a new paradigm through which we can give the value of life back to life and also to the systems we want to manage ourselves with;
a new system that feeds life instead of feeding off of life; a system based on oneness and equality of life.
Be part of the solution, then you don’t have to wait for ‘god’ or a ‘savior’ or an ‘afterlife’ (all of which is in fact waiting for yourself) – but rather Will yourself to be the change you wanna see in the world, through self-directive action, Here & Now! Make your voice count.

P.S. And should you meet ‘god’ when you cross-over, you can be certain ‘god’ will be satisfied that you have acted in his image and likeness and have stood-up to do what is best for all without fear and in spite of adverse circumstances.

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Re: "Let Go, Let God" – The New Age of Stupid

Post by nelson »

Very nicely written blog Bella... Religion and belief systems have done a true injustice to man and the earth because it has allowed for man to do nothing but play into hope, faith, love... when our reality has no proof that any of this works. Our reality proves that no god can possibly exist because if any human allowed his company that he owns, to become as this world is, he/she would lose the company and no one would trust him to run anything after that... The question is, why have we allowed god to run the earth down and STILL trust that he will make things better AFTER we die? How long does it take to get to know someone? A week, a year, ten years, a hundred years?... maybe a million years... God has done the same shit for billions of years, as the condition of the planet worsens year after year... We know god now, that he does not care but for the rich! God also said in his holy channeled book that he is the same today, tomorrow, and always and doesn't change! So why are people expecting things to be different when they have not changed for eons?...

Nice writing! ;)
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