All as One as Equal | Truth and Truths in this World

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All as One as Equal | Truth and Truths in this World

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we are all responsible
yet -fascinatingly enough- we can only practically realize our responsibility by getting together
as ONE
realizing that there is only ONE truth to this existence
one truth that permeates everything
within as without
one truth of which we are all equally part of
and which we all contribute into manifesting

this truth does not look good
and despite the bright shiny lights we try and cover it up with
it screams from all corners
it shouts out to each and every one of us in every moment of breath
it is here
as are we
why do we not SEE

one word - so many stories, so many seeking for glory

how can there be different truths
personal truths, 'my truth' or 'your truth'
when we all share one planet
on common ground
and what is best for me is best for you
'cause we need the same things, we want the same things
and we're bound to each other for survival and quality of life

how can we not see that there is only one truth
and that truth is here
it is this world right in front of our eyes
within as without
we all contribute our share to this one truth manifested as 'life on earth'

why do we bind life to a system that is hostile to life
the secret of the tower of babel
is the one common long-u-age that binds us:

how can there be so many claiming to own the truth
so many professing a way to the truth
while ignoring what is going right in front of our eyes day in day out
if there are so many leaders to the truth,
so many masters on earth that have apparently found it
how come we are not yet mastering this one reality we all share?

could it be because the truth that is professed is only one's 'own truth'
tailored to fit one's own mind-reality
and instrumentalized to give one power
in whatever form or value
while we disempower our fellow man and our home planet

what god would buy that we were seeking for the truth
while closing our eyes to the very presence of our creation
what god would forgive the human that is not his brother's keeper
the human that exists in fear and therefore seeks to protect its own
as if we own the breath we breathe
as if we own the sun and the water and the earth

how can any man stand before god, before death, before oneself
and look the darkness in the eye that is I
without shame
when we shame ourselves as life through our very existence
what light can there be at the end of the tunnel
when the light of this earth is not shared equally for all
when man does not give what man wants to receive
blinded by the light of might
obsessed with some mightiness that might come
while one wait, while one procrastinate
always ready to throw the first stone
pointing fingers will never get us home

home is here
this is the space and time
that we own
or are we owned

the time is here
but the end is near
unless we stop the fear
and stand-up
to act in actual fact
and bring-forth a solution
a resolution for the condition of man
until man is kind
and the planet is ONE
where we live as EQUALS of LIFE
like brothers under the sun

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Re: All as One as Equal | Truth and Truths in this World

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cool ...

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