Sexual rEvolution to Stop our Doom

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Sexual rEvolution to Stop our Doom

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We are all responsible for the creation of doomsday through self-abdication and the ways we've allowed ourselves to co-exist. We have been driving this world as ourselves to doom, to self-destruction.
But it is possible to Stop. Change is possible.
That is what we are busy with Here.

The world is established and formed through who we are and how we co-exist in our relationships within it. Thus, it is relationships / agreements / partnerships that will build the foundation for a new world. A new living-reality of relationships must be established through communication, transparency and agreement, to transcend the patterns of dependency, separation, secrecy and manipulation and thus dishonesty and deception, and to transform relationships into agreements of life that support self in learning to live and co-exist in self-honesty and mutual respect. This will purify existence from the inside out and dignify life into a living process of self-exploration, growth and expression.

We can see that Sex plays a major role in the current system, both from the world-perspective in terms of capitalism, consumerism, abuse, exploitation and the consciousness of buy and sell, the consciousness of polarity, of addiction, of abuse; as well as from the perspective of the individual, wherein sex is/has been a point of secrecy, power-games, competition, manipulation, obsession, generally the diminishment and exploitation of life as ourselves due to the fake ‘values’ we adopt and ‘desires’ based on the ‘education’ we are brainwashed with through media, parents, peers/school, pornography – while we’ve lost all self-respect as a species and have difficulty accepting and embracing/supporting ourselves and thus seek for that approval in separation from ourselves.

Our relationships are based on the impressions we’ve gathered throughout our first relationships in life, beginning with our parents. It is vital to free ourselves from patterns and take self-responsibility in transforming the accepted ‘human nature’ into something that is worthy of life on this planet. Self-acceptance, self-trust, self-honesty, self-respect – these are values that assist in establishing relationships of trust, respect, honesty, transparency and strength.

Sex in this world has become a point that is, in one way or another, an `issue´ for human beings. We can see this in the taboo-nature of Sex, as well as in the secrecy around it.
We seem to have lost our innocence in that regard, and one can ask the question What has become of uncomplicated, direct and transparent physical communication between human beings. Why has Sex become what Sex has become – and what is it exactly that Sex represents and facilitates, apart from the known mating and reproduction functions we are all aware of?

Sex has become a system through which we – consciously or unconsciously – attempt to get validation, approval or `worth´, and equally a system through which we even seek revenge, vengeance or `justice´. We tend to not see these mechanics within ourselves, yet it is clearly seen within society and the depiction of sexual socialization in movies and other arts. We can see this in the evolution of pornography as well as in the human trafficking and sex-slavery that is going in this world, based on and functioning through the very value-system of this existence, of this world consciousness:
a polarity-system manifested as and seen within the current money-system and how it exists within an imposed polarity and a proclaimed scarcity, whereby worth/value is placed in separation from life in accessories of `beauty´, `perfection´, `youth´ and `power´.

Mankind has devalued as life to such an extent, that value is more and more sought-after within external stimuli, external power-sources and accessories of `power´ – because we have completely given up on and abdicated our value as life and each-other´s value as life; otherwise we would not be abusing and exploiting life as ourselves, nor would we be accepting and allowing the current system to continue, which is a system of consumerism, consumption and cons that in the end it consumes us to such an extent that nothing but a weak spark of life remains.

We all are able to see this, as demonstrated, yet we tend to see it in `others´ and `out there´ in the world, and we can spend hours gossiping about these things or moaning and complaining about how the world is turning into an ugly place, without ever looking at how we individually contribute to the existence of the sex-system and all the constructs, industries and markets behind it.

At Desteni we do exactly that, with any and all systems and manifestations or `problems´ of this world. We take the point back to self and have a look at how the `small´ dimension of individual application and participation accumulates into implicit tolerance for the unacceptable – the abuse and exploitation that is happening and is allowed to continue in this world at all levels.

Facing reality, facing self – we realize that it is both within and without, both above as below, that the revolution, an actual evolution must happen, and it can only be real and substantial if it is self-willed, self-directed, established through transparency, communication, agreement.

We require a new awareness of/as life that will bring forth a new system based in equality and oneness as the value of life that will slowly but surely transform the money-system/world-system and give every being born into this world the actual opportunity –for all equally – to explore and discover themselves and the planet, the universe.

That is what we are busy with at Desteni and we see that:
on the smaller scale, it is every individual that is undergoing a process of self-realization, which is unfolding either in denial and suppression and thus through rather traumatic events that will wake a person wake-up to reality; or through self-directive participation/application in life within self-honesty and self-responsibility.

Who are we / who am I individually within Sex? What are the relationship-constructs that manifest and perpetuate the power-games and mind-delusions which in turn feed the world-system of consumerism and maintain the world as we know it? What are the seemingly small acceptances we compromise ourselves to within everyday-participation, which in turn allow the `show´ to go on and everybody including ourselves to keep their make-up on and pretend that everything is okay?

At Desteni we walk in awareness the process of self-honesty and self-purification/self-perfection in the context of creating a new world in self-responsibility – to end all abuse and stop the deception of energy that is manifested as the money-system of this world based on ‘educated’ ideas of ‘power’ and ‘beauty’.

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