Consequence of Leaving Responsibility to Chance/Hope/Fate

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Consequence of Leaving Responsibility to Chance/Hope/Fate

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Little girl freezes to death while her parents enjoy skating

Understand that, with the process that we're walking as individuals and humanity of 'manifested consequence' - facing the consequences of our own creation we've created within the acceptance and allowance of our starting-point of 'who we are' as mind, ego, self-interest, separation - one cannot accept/allow oneself to 'leave things to chance' and 'hope' that everything is going to be okay/work out.
You don't know how it is that you created 'who you are' and 'why/how' you live through your physical-body and in this world and with that, do not know what awaits you to face as yourself. Therefore we say at Desteni - to get to know yourself as your mind, how you created 'who you are' to within that understand the consequence one is facing as the Mind and one’s world, to be able to effectively stop and change it to become the directive-principle of responsibility within self and self’s world. Suggest investigating – where you’re practically guided within facing manifested-consequence and how to take self-responsibility for self and self’s world.
So – whatever you do in this world as you walk your process, walk it practically in the physical – make sure you walk WITH it and that you stay with it and actually do it – and not just leave things and think/believe it’s going to be okay/be taken care of ‘by itself’. Don’t do things/walk your process ‘half way’ – walk it through with everything you’ve got until it’s done. Nothing’s going to change in this world, neither ourselves – if we leave things to chance/hope/fate and only do it ‘half way’, we’ve got to take responsibility for ourselves, each other and the world as ourselves to get this done.

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