Ancient cloned people

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Re: Ancient cloned people

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There's something funny about the desteni material. Pretty much all they said, and in particular the material of Bernard, is what I felt right "naturally", especially when I was young.
I have felt this too when young, though at the time there was no support and no direction as to what to do with this "knowningness". It was knowledge - not lived. Meaning knowing something does not mean you stand as it, or are living it in daily application as breath. Just talking about it as knowledge. I did this. Not until Desteni did I understand what this knowledge really meant! I could speak the words, but I wasnt living what I was speaking. Within the Desteni group of people we are learning how to walk this knowledge together as a group which is what is necessary to bring this knowledge to LIFE.

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Re: Ancient cloned people

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Robert wrote:someone told me thats "what obama is" . dna of pharos or some crap.
lol - best to clarify that you are simply adding up to the entire knowledge/information/conspiracy useless info and not actually 'believing' so in fact.

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