Black Friday as Omen of Doomsday

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Black Friday as Omen of Doomsday

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Black Friday is the day after 'thanksgiving' - where millions of Americans rush out to the shops as early as midnight thursday night, as all the major stores have their doors open early and are running sales offering low low prices on all the fabulous stuff that you want to buy for yourself and your family.

Now, black friday is hyped up to such a degree, that people become completely obsessed with taking advantage of all those great deals, thinking about all the savings they're going to get on all kinds of great shit, that they literally, every year when the doors of the shops open, trample over each other to get the products they want before they run out. Parents literally push and shove and fight each other to get at the video games and other toys to buy their children. People literally fight each other, spray each other with mace, and trample each other to death in their fight to grab hold of the shit they so desperately want. I mean, with such awesome low prices on such great great stuff, who wouldn't become a fucking violently possessed consumer-demon, and destroy all in your path in your attempt to get as much of that shit as you possibly can, right? I mean, it's all part of the magnificence of the holiday season, right?

This kind of extreme fucking bullshit is a creation of the consumer/capitalistic money system within which Human Beings have literally been engineered to be able to be manipulated and programmed by advertisements and sales pitches. Humans currently have accepted themselves to be completely defined within and as a programmable system called the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions. The corporations have understood how to manipulate human beings through their own accepted and allowed thoughts, emotions and feelings, to become the consumers they are today. The Human Being's self interets are all defined within and with emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, fears -- and these interests all revolve around survival and providing for yourself and your family - revolve around the point of 'how can I make the best life for myself and my family' -- and since we are in a system that is not equal, wherein you must slave away to get money to pay for even your basic needs, and to achieve the 'American Dream', the entire Human Psychology has been designed around lack, need, desire, fear of loss, envy, jealousy, comparison -- all of which make the consumer system 'go round'. To live the American Dream and 'have a good life' in this world, means to WIN. To be able to afford to buy a certain product you want, while another cannot, means you WIN. And the more you WIN, the better you FEEL about yourself and your life. Thus, when on Black Friday all those products go on sale, millions rush out to the stores to take advantage of this 'shortcut to winning'. It's all about competition and fear of not winning, because the consumers know that once those products stop being on sale, they might not be able to afford them - so they become desperate to grab them all up before the opportunity has been lost, and do not give a shit about anything else - which is evidenced by the annual violence and deaths that occur during Black Friday shopping sprees. I mean, there are children in this world with no money to buy food, who fight each other viciously over a a handful of cooked rice. And while this is happening, people with money are fighting each other over handfuls of products that they do not need - the day after stuffing their face with more food than they need during the fabulous American Tradition called 'Thanksgiving'.
This year, 2011, it is estimated that around 212 million Americans went shopping on Black Friday weekend. In a matter of a couple of days, these shoppers spent $52.4 BILLION dollars. With this much shopping, and this much food, and this much money being made by corporations, why the FUCK does poverty exist? Is there any excuse at all to allow poverty and starvation to exist with so much resources being used to keep the elite, money-earning humans of this world participating in the apparent 'American Dream'??? What the fuck kind of dream is this? It is a dream for those who are making a profit off of this disgusting, demonic 'way of life' wherein Life is not actually considered in any way whatsoever - only the greed, survival, self interest and self gratification of Human Beings who are apparently enjoying their 'happy lives' as either 'those making all the profits as the corporations', or the 'happy consumers'. Happiness does not exist in this world.
How can happiness exist when one billion humans are starving?
How can you and your family be happy when your neighbors kill each other on Black Friday to make their own family happy by buying them shit?
How can happiness exist when you know you are a slave to money?
How can happiness exist when you are left to starve without money?
How can happiness exist when you are jealous of what another has?
How can happiness exist when you compare your life to the life another has?
How can happiness exist when happiness is a feeling you get when you spend money?
How can happiness exist when poor people work slave labor jobs to make the products for you to buy?
How can happiness exist when you lie to yourself that the world is okay?
How can happiness exist when you have 'thanksgiving feasts' while children are being bombed in wars?
How can happiness exist when you are having fun shopping and spending your money while children are being sold into sex slavery for money?
How can happiness exist when you do not love all life Equal, and call your children special?
How can happiness exist when you hide the truth of this world from your children?
How can happiness exist when you fear your neighbor?

Is Black Friday indicating that we're moving TOWARDS or AWAY FROM Doomsday?
Obviously it indicates we are moving TOWARDS Doomsday, as in SPITE of the massive suffering experienced by those without money in this world, and in SPITE of the obvious fuckedupness of greed, jealousy, envy, competition, inequality, consumerism, profit making - those with money in this world still act as if they are just 'living their lives' in a world that is 'acceptable'. I mean, this black friday shit is showing how human beings have become completely blind to anything but that which fulfills their self interest and desire to win in the system - going to the point of violence and death in the name of a fucking holiday sale. And this is not just Black Friday I am talking about - this is the entire 'annual cycle' that people participate in - wherein you go to work, buy stuff, go on holidays, etc, etc, etc - apparently accumulating a 'life' when you are actually obviously just a slave, never even questioning the fucked up nature of 'living your life' while so many others suffer. Black Friday simply offers a more condensed and compressed view of the reality of that which all consumers are participating in. I mean, currently what the behavior of human beings is indicating is that they must experience Doomsday wherein they lose everything and have their children be taken away and made to starve, and have their homes and possessions bombed and destroyed and be left standing in a pile of rubble having lost everything, before they will question the current accepted way of 'living'.

We don't have to go that path though. There are solutions available. It requires taking responsibility to consider all others as you would consider yourself; it requires facing the reality of what is being accepted and allowed in this world in the name of profit and greed and 'happiness' as self interest, and standing up for Life, considering Life, coming to a solution that is Best for All.

With Equal Money we can bring an end to the current abuse being allowed in the name of money and happiness - we can give Equal to All as stop allowing each other to suffer needlessly.

It is time to stop accepting and allowing ourselves as humanity to neglect life in the name of our own apparent 'happiness, security and entertainment'. It is irresponsible, it is abuse, it is evil - it is not how we would like others to treat us if we were the one starving.

Let's remove the necessity of experiencing Doomsday, by supporting and bringing about an Equal Money System. It's time to recognize what things like 'Black Friday' are showing us. They are showing us the truth of ourselves - and we must stop accepting and allowing ourselves to continue as we have been.

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