Death Angel Fears Money

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Death Angel Fears Money

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Three hundred Chinese factory workers who manufacture Microsoft Xbox 360s threatened mass suicide last week, according to unconfirmed reports.

The Foxconn employees threatened to throw themselves off of a factory roof due to a payment dispute, according to Record China and Want China Times. According to these reports, the incident began when employees asked for raises on Jan. 2 and were asked to either quit with compensation or keep their jobs without a raise.
For those who can afford the luxury of an xbox360, would probably be unaware of what really goes into making these consoles. Its funny how MS uses terms like ...
very seriously
..., ...
stringent Vendor Code of Conduct
committed to the fair treatment and safety of workers
..., and such, but the evidence of MS actions is standing on the roof at the China factories! There must be something in the afterlife that money can buy because we can't seem to get enough even unto death. The workers, mostly young females are not greedy, they have had it with the abusive work conditions making things that they can't even afford! Doomsday is here and it is going to touch everyone at some point! In an Equal Money System, these factories will not exist and young Chinese females will not have to look forward to military style employment, and forced to sign anti-suicide packs!

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