Tuna the Wonderfish is Mercury Laden

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Tuna the Wonderfish is Mercury Laden

Post by Graciela »

TOWARDS Doomsday

http://seaturtles.org/article.php?id=19 ... 7Aod5jlHmg

It seems that the tuna companies are so desperate to sell fish that they will put at risk people to make profits.

In fact Ocean is full of pollutants harmful to marine environments or toxic to marine organisms.

We are responsible for being deaf and blind to the reality of abuse suffered by the Ocean - as within so without. We've got all sorts of beliefs that generate fear, anger, sadness, resistance, obsessions and possession, poisoning our internal and external environment. So we get back the poison in the body of animals and plants in the ocean.

It is time to let go of the personal interest and actively participate of root purifying our inner ocean, so that change can take place outside.

The tools are ready, write yourself, self-forgivness, breathe, self corrective statements and common sense.

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Re: Tuna the Wonderfish is Mercury Laden

Post by Kim S »

Thank you, interesting point. Especially after the recent nuclear chaos in Japan, its even more important now as other countries and talking about building more nuclear power plants

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Re: Tuna the Wonderfish is Mercury Laden

Post by Robert »

i find it extremely unsettling that i hear its going to take another 20,000 years for placed like Chernobyl to be inhabitle safely. .. 20,000 years!!!! and this was known when they decided to build these plants? and the shear amount of them around the world. its down right insane. thats 20,000 years of future inhabitants "we dont care about" even tho we have no idea of who and what will become of the future. we damn it anyway.

complete stupidity

no more nuclear power please.
or i would like see humans invent a way to use/clean/convert nuclear waste to clean up what we have made.
this is unacceptable on so many levels.

speaking of Nuclear / Japan incident.
i seen that video projection of the 300 million gallons of radioactive sea water . flowing thru the pacific now. =/ bad

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Re: Tuna the Wonderfish is Mercury Laden

Post by Marlen »

Check this one out

I've watched this one several times as the quantities are simply exorbitant and the explanation is like no other I've seen.

This point of radiation is something that I also ponder about in relation to being able to continue existing with such conditions, just like with any other environmental contingency.

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