The Devolving Universe

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The Devolving Universe

Post by SunetteSpies »

TOWARDS Doomsday:
The Devolving Universe

Some points to consider within the article:
“The natural tendency of matter and of all energy is toward greater disorder -- not toward greater order or complexity as evolution would teach. The only way this tendency can be overcome is if there is a directing code and mechanism.”
This equal-to and one with the current manifested-reflection of human beings with and as energy – as what we consist of and exist as, is energy; manifested as the mind in and as the physical; with our very nature becoming the essence of energy: the tendency of the matter we’ve become as energy – creating, exerting disorder as what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be, become and live through the mind.
The directing ‘code and mechanism’ – that is required, is self – the code: equality and oneness and the mechanism: living in, as and through the physical.
We’re the solution; we need only live it – stop the mind, energy and birth self as life from the physical.
"Because mutations are accidents in the genetic code they're almost always harmful. Most biological variations are from new combinations of already existing genes and not mutations."
Fascinating – the ‘accident’ that has become the human being, as children have become but the mutations from and of parents, continuing the sins of the father as passed on through GENErations; continuing to harm ourselves, each other and the world – with no change, but constant-continuous accumulation and worsening of the human condition, and so the condition of the world as a whole.
"Although energy cannot be created from nothing or destroyed into nothing by any natural process, the energy in the universe is becoming increasingly more useless. This process is called entropy which is the opposite of evolution. The universe is devolving not evolving!"
"The law of entropy teaches that the net direction of the universe is always downward towards greater disorder and chaos -- not towards greater order and complexity."
Finally – through the universe starting to open the eyes of seeing, realising and understanding – that we as a physical-existence have not been evolving, but have been destroying ourselves as the natural, physical here; through accepting and allowing ourselves to exert and separate ourselves and our living into and as system within ourselves as mind, and a system without as the money-system: The Mind destroying and decaying the physical – the Money-System destroying and decaying the Earth.
Now – the next step to be taken by human beings, is realising, seeing and understanding – how the functioning, the existence of this universe, is in fact – equal to and one with how we’re functioning and existing. That, the universe is in fact – ourselves.
"All of this simply supports the belief that an intelligent power outside of nature and the universe must have been responsible for the origin of the universe and its initial order."
And that power is still here, it’s ourselves within ourselves – HERE. I wouldn’t go as far as to say “intelligent” within the context of having a look at the nature of what is here.
I mean, when one go deeper into self, one see realise and understand that actual simplicity of what is here, and that complexity only exist due to not understanding what is here as self.
And so – it seems like one’s looking into a complex system, but when facing it as its substance as self, equal and one – it’s simplicity.
So – complexity, most certainly does not equal intelligence. Complexity exist as a mind-constructed network of knowledge and information to deliberately attempt/try to make something of reality, the natural physical here – “more than it actually is” through superimposing our ideas, perceptions and beliefs of mind into and on it.
And so – exalt ourselves to a superior status over and of nature, the physical that is here and validate our dominion through all of that, within the design of ego of mind as intelligence.
We’ve created our own complexities and complexes as mind. When the simplicity of living is here in and as breath, through and as the process of and as equality and oneness, to in fact be here with and as what is here and so understand the reality that is here as self.

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Re: The Devolving Universe

Post by Marlen »

Fascinating stuff here - It is definitely so! We've complicated our existence by the infatuation of placing the mind over life, thus creating all this network of knowledge and information and dare to be proud of it as our creation.
Sunette wrote:I mean, when one go deeper into self, one see realise and understand that actual simplicity of what is here, and that complexity only exist due to not understanding what is here as self.
Yes, we simply reflect to ourselves the desire to understand and name and tag without actually realizing ourselves AS it - one and equal.

When Equality is understood we stop pointing fingers outside of ourselves and instead, the actual way of looking at this information is seeing how we as HERE as ourselves can become part of the equation that Life stands as - redundancy yes: Equality Equation.

It's very simple indeed, stopping separation, establishing a way to live as equals and within that stopping all mind-greed as knowledge as apparent power over another that has lead us to the current process we're living in.

Thanks for sharing this and yes, let's live by the code of one and equal here in all ways - best for all in all ways.

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