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Re: The Dawn of a New Age by Veno

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Breathe In – Breathe Out - The Dawn of a New Age

By Veno
7 July 11

Breathe In – Breathe Out

Hi, this is Veno and this is my first video interview since we as the Interdimensional Existence have returned from a long while of being non-existent as a existential momentary pause within which we for a moment hibernated so to speak – in reading and preparing ourselves for this phase which is in essence starting with this video interview as walking the physical manifested process within/ of and as Existence.

We have walked now the Interdimensional/Dimensional Heaven Process which has been all the video interviews and material that gone out thus far within the entire Desteni Existential Process – and with this video interview it marks the start of the Physical Manifested Reality Process that will now be walked with the Interdimensional and Physical Manifested Existence equal and one – which means in essence that the process that the Interdimensional Existence has walked will now be walked Equal and One here on Earth and the video interviews that will be forthcoming will be practical assistance and support perspectives in realizing, seeing and understanding the reality of what is here as this Physical existence and Self to assist and support Self within this Process of bringing Heaven on Earth internally and externally in living and manifested the principle of and as Equality and Oneness in fact.

So, the video interviews that will be here again various Interdimensional Physical Beings/Manifestations/Parts and Expressions will be sharing more detail, more specifics in relation to what is practically physically ahead for Self, the Physical and Existence within and as this Process of establishing Heaven on Earth as Equality and Oneness.

So we decided for the first video interview to start at the beginning.

The Beginning meaning the beginning of the Process in which the Interdimensional Existence became involved with and as the Physical Reality in fact for real in starting with the Process of Equality and Oneness with Self and then each other and then Existence so to speak which was the moment of the In Breath and the Out Breath of the establishing manifestation of and as the Portal within and as this Human Physical Body I am currently speaking through.

So our first video interview will be discussing, covering and sharing/showing/detailing the specifics and overviews in relation to the Process of Entering and Leaving the Portal and why we Breathe in and out. What is the In Breath and the Out Breath and the In Breath as the being leave and enter the Human Physical Body.
So, this video interview marks the start of the Physical Process that us within the Interdimensional Existence will be walking here with and as Humanity, with and as this Physical Manifested existence in bringing forth, manifesting and establishing Heaven on Earth through and as each individual human being.

So, let us begin.

And we’ll start with one of the most frequently asked questions when seeing Sunette’s human physical body through the videos on YouTube breathing in and out with various different beings expressing, communicating and discussing various existential points. So, with In Breath as the being prepare leaving the physical body, the being centralize in the center of the Human Physical Body and move out from within and as that one point as the chest area.
The chest area is the one stabilization point of the Human Physical body and can be referred to as the Center of the Universe or Existence so to speak because in the physical within and as that one point, one can stand as and see all parts of the Physical Existence simultaneously here as the Human Physical Body in fact stand as the manifestation of and as equality and oneness as existence here ; and so it’s the centralized point of and as the physical existence and of Self – the chest area.

I mean also have a look at for example breath, when breathing, breath centralizes as the pressure within and as the center chest area, it’s the manifested physical positioning of being here with and as the physical and standing within and as that point as and with breath and walking here with it is the process of assisting and supporting self in walking here with and as the physical in becoming real.

So the breath as that physical indication point within the chest area as that one point is your stabilization/grounding point within the physical within what is real, within what is here in assisting and supporting your physical practical walking process.
Then the out breath thus is as the being as presence of within and as the physical release themselves from within and as the physical an as the presence, as the breath itself (exhales) and move from without of the human physical body with the human physical body remaining here as manifested substance.

Then once the being as presence has left the physical body, the physical substance of within and as the human physical body remain here and the physical body thus is simply here as the substance that remain and the physical body stand in its natural state or experience and becomes like a deep silence. Interdimensionally it’s like you’re staring into infinity, a darkness that is eternal yet all encompassing, a solid, vast hereness that is everything.
Then a new being as presence integrate with the physical substance into/as and with the physical and so, substantiate themselves with/through and as the physical - in and as the human physical body - this physical reality being the only reality of substance, of solidity, of realness.

Once the being is integrated/merged with the physical through substance, we communicate, express and share ourselves through the portal as manifested human physical body and thus the process structurally, physically in how we integrate and release as leave this physical manifested reality in a moving through the Interdimensions into here with and as the physical existence.

So, with beings existing as manifested presence having the ability to move in and out of the human physical body as portal with ease, shows/reveals the manifestation of all beings existing but as presence only as a manifested dimensional substance – whether here on earth or in the Interdimensional existence – all beings whether dead or alive so to speak – is in fact exactly the same, is made up of the same material as dimensional substance and not in fact real physical substance of here that is only existent in/as and with the physical, which is the process all in existence is walking at the moment, to become substance, physical, real, here – which can only be done within the process of being, becoming and standing equal to and one with the physical, the physical reality and emerging as living substance.

Understand that the only difference between Dimensional Beings and Human Beings at this stage is that humans have the mind through the physical with which they root themselves into this physical reality – though when human beings cross over or die, we remain but a presence and leave as a presence and so in fact in essence become non existence – or non existent – non existence yes not of existence anymore – and thus not in fact real/solid and or substantial as the physical as all that will always remain as what is and always has been real Here and that is the physical, this physical reality.

Just to make a note, we’ll be discussing in depth the process of death and birth within existence within another interview as much extensive detail will be covered in relation to the processes of life and death, birth and death -to see, realize and understand that we in fact only have this one life. So, in terms of the essence of what beings are currently consisting of and existing as is but presence, is but dimensionality and thus as we’ve said in terms of leaving and entering the physical through substance is done through us as presence as what we are in fact consisting of and existing as, no different to what each and every single individual human being consist of and exist as – we’re all dimensional presences that is in the process of becoming real, substantial, physical life here in the process of standing equal to and one with physical reality.

So the substance that remain within the portal as the physical substance of here that stand eternal. The moment the being as presence leave the human physical body and the human physical body move into that moment of like dropping and going into an absolute relaxation of release, is existent within and as each human physical body, it is the real physical so to speak.
Though understand the Mind Consciousness System has been inverted into and as each being so, the Mind Consciousness System isn’t a separate manifested system anymore, each being as beingness has in fact become the manifestation of what we’ve always been as the Mind Consciousness System, so each being is in fact the Mind Consciousness System itself manifested, merged, integrated and infused into and as the physical but not yet standing equal to and one with the physical as all of the physical as existence as a whole.

So, the total presence that a human being is is the Mind Consciousness System a Interdimensional system manifested as the beingness presence which is what each being in essence now. So just another note here we’ll be discussing the process of inversion within a separate interview where the structure, manifestation and consequence as to the why and how of this inversion process was placed, which will explain the point of absolute responsibility as all and within that the practical process of facing self in the physical and what this in fact in practically mean as a reality experience for and as self in and as the physical in how each one individually will be in fact facing our own creation as self as the Mind Consciousness System in and as the physical and what this practically physically mean.

So, within each being in essence existing as a mind beingness presence within the physical but not yet solid real or substantial equal to and one with the human physical body, what happens in dead in terms of leaving the human physical body is exactly what happens within and during portalling with the in breath and the out breath. The Mind Beingness Presence that you are leave the Physical Substance and you die or your time in essence end within and as this physical manifested reality as you completely extract yourself as a Mind Beingness Presence from and of reality as substance as the physical that is real and in that moment, cease to exist – and you die, it’s like an end, an end to the opportunity that you for a moment had to make yourself real through substance in and as the Physical.

So understand: it’s not like the Physical itself die, the physical do not die, it cannot die – it simply reconstitutes itself in and through this physical reality returning to the Earth, to substance, returning to itself in and as a different form/part and/or manifestation and so in essence continue existing Here whereas ‘you’ literally cease to exist and become no more because you were not unified as one as equal with what is real here as the physical reality with and as substance.

We only have so much time as it’s said, ‘Time is always against us’ I mean each breath is a moment, and each breath not lived is a moment past so – live with each breath and effectively utilize the moments that become accumulation of sequences as time to self realize, to make self real in/as and with the Physical.

So obviously the question then, if death is the same as portalling why does or did Sunette not die the moment she left her body? Sunette has the ability to leave her body due to the portal placement manifested within and as her physical body that was placed in by Bernard. Obviously before this could be done, Sunette had to face death in many ways, not only physical death, but Self death and all it encompass within the point of having to in a way give-up everything of and as self as what has defined self and let it go for this one life, to stand in a position of Responsibility for all as one as Equal.

So understand, facing death does not only encompass physical death or the point of non existence, but the death of self and all that define this self which is quite an internal existence in itself. So Sunette made the decision to die and stand, obviously the decision being the easy part though immediately acted and lived that decision through walking the process of portalling and still continuing to do so – this obviously only forming one part of her process. And, this forming part of the point where we state ‘Giving up this one life, this preprogrammed life, let go of the self, the personality as ego and walk for self as all as one as equal to get this process done in bringing Heaven to Earth’

So this process is the exact same process each human being face: Death, the death of self, the mind and so all that it encompass as what has become of human beings, humanity and the world system we exist through and as.

We’re bringing Heaven to Earth first within self as one bring oneself as the dimensional being of mind as one’s own internal heaven separate from reality as the physical and merge self with the physical that is real and so assist and support each human being to do the same and so, we manifest Heaven on Earth, we all are equal and one as self here and so, Equal and One with and as All Here.

So back to the portal. This portal placement is a manifestation that unify the Interdimensional Existence and this Physical Manifested Reality as one as equal within the one point as her human physical body. So, within her human physical body, the portal placement manifestation is in essence the one point where existence stand equal and one here and so every single manifested part of and as existence can come through and speak and communicate directly as it exist here in and as this existence.

Therefore, the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ what we in fact speak through and as the portal as the beings coming through is the only one point that is real with actual direct immediate access with literally all of existence in a matter of a breath in this entire existence; because Sunette can leave her body entirely completely with the support and assistance manifestation of and as the portal, she has first hand direct accounts and experiences of, with and as any and all parts of existence in the physical and the Interdimensional and so human beings can hear and experience first hand, direct, immediate, Here accounts from and of manifestations, parts and beings from all over within and through and as existence as we speak directly to you through the physical as portal of existence here equal and one.

Understand this point of Here in and as the Physical is possible for each one, each human being – meaning, to stand and be here equal and one in and as the physical with and as all of existence, this is the process being walked through and as each human being, to merge through substance in being, becoming and standing equal to and one with self as this physical reality, to be or become real, to Self Realize to make self Real - and this can and will be done by, through and as each human being as you have the opportunity here in and as this physical reality with each breath that you breathe.

Obviously Sunette is still in her individual process as well along with everything and everyone else of standing equal and one here with and as the physical. The Portal is a placement for a moment making it possible at the moment for us to be here to communicate and share as we do to show and be a living example here that each human being can be/ become equal and one here with and as all of existence and that all that one is is not only the conscious mind of thoughts and energy, there’s more to self, this existence and it is literally only one breath away. Yet, we have to walk a process through layers or dimensions of time as the cycles of the past we’ve suppressed as the manifested consequences we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to create and manifest as the Mind Consciousness System we’ve become and accordingly, face our creation as ourselves internally and externally – stop and change and take responsibility before who we really can be or become an actual living reality.

So, this physical reality function/exist within space and time. Space and time as the structural manifested design exist as the manifestation of everything we’ve created/ designed and manifested lived out into creation as ourselves as beings throughout our lives and existence together. All of which is and has become compressed and layered into and as actual manifested dimensional layers.

So, Earth this physical manifested reality is the manifestation of all our pasts, equal and one here – as all that we ever lived, remained manifested here in and as manifested dimensional layers. With each of these layers representing a Time cycle in and through which we lived, expressed, created and manifested a particular specific existential experience or reality and continued to do so throughout aeons of times or cycles – and so, throughout the continues Time Cycles manifested as layers within ourselves and without as our existence or reality, we’ve come to manifest and create an existence that has become the physical and dimensions that is in essence the manifestation of what we created through aeons of cycles altogether equal and one.

So all that is here as it exist and all that we are as who we are within and without, is here because of what we were and how we lived in the past. Everything remained and so we’re in fact within this process finally taking responsibility for our pasts. Our past which we’ve layered and suppressed into existence as manifested reality we find ourselves in and as in this very moment.

We’ve all gotten quite a wake up call here in this physical reality as ourselves, from always thinking or believing that the past is the past with no consequence for our actions in both thought word and deed, when all the while we’ve been creating, designing and manifesting ourselves as the absolute consequence, as consequence itself where we ourselves become our own consequence manifest which is what is here right now.

We have become our own mind, our own creation within this physical and we now have only this one life to make ourselves real with and as all as one as equal or eternally cease to exist and there my throat kind of close up there for a moment within this point of facing the reality of what is here with myself that, I am absolutely my own creation I am the dimensional being that I am and have become due to what I have accepted and allowed – that what I am is my own consequence and the point of making myself real of Self Realizing in/ as and with the Physical as Substance in becoming Equality and Oneness as living life is absolutely up to me and this is the one point that each one will face in every moment of breath.

So just a note this process of self responsibility in the physical as each one’s individual process in the physical with humanity will be discussed within the inversion interview that I mentioned earlier, where I’ll be explaining how each one is facing their own past as themselves of and as this life only, to transcend this one life, to birth self as life from the physical and how that has been made possible where the only responsibility that one have is towards self as all as one as equal in assisting and supporting self in transcending one’s own manifested consequence as oneself as one’s manifested Mind Consciousness System as all that self has accepted and allowed self to be and become.

So, obviously with the help of Anu we’ve solidified a physical manifested existence and a separate dimensional manifested existence when he established a Heaven and Earth but in fact, but in fact both domains are essentially exactly the same.

The Physical domain of the same existence that we’re in fact actually experiencing ourselves within whether in the physical or in the Interdimensional, the physical domain or part is manifested in space and time. Due to the compression of all the cycles of lives or times we have experienced, expressed and lived throughout aeons of times and/or cycles, the dimensional existence on the other hand is or was manifested in and as Timelessness because there is/was no compression of layers of the cycles – all the layers of times or cycles is spread into/through and as Timelessness, whereas in the physical it’s layered into and as manifested compression.

So, Heaven on Earth is in structure and essence within the context of past cycles or layers of time one and the same. However what does separate the physical and the Interdimensional existence is the manifestation of and as Substance: that which is real, that which is here, that which is equal and one.

Substance that is only real in, as and with the Physical Reality – this Substance is what emerged through the unifying of all that is physical as this physical manifested existence – the Earth, nature and the animal kingdom into and as the substance that is equal and one that solidified into and as a manifest expression that can only be found, experienced and lived in and as and with the Physical as what the Physical in fact is and has become – as Substance is the unifying expression that emerged when all that is and has been physical united within and as Equality and Oneness and in that moment, manifested the Physical Substance of and as Equality and Oneness that is here in/as and of the Physical that is eternal, that is real.

In the Interdimensional Reality one always remain dimensional, separate as a singularity as there is no such unifying equal and one substance in and as and of the dimensions, it only exist in the Physical, you can only become Real, Eternal, Here in/as with and through the Physical, the Physical is the Key, the Physical is the answer.

So each human being face in this moment their own Self Realization to make self real in substantiating self in, as and with the Physical to emerge as substance, to live and manifest Life. This done through transforming self from a Dimensional Mind Manifested Being into and as a Living Being of Equality and Oneness as and with the Physical.
This process start with breath equal to and one with how existence’s process started with one In Breath and one Out Breath - and so we walk with every breath as each breath as the moment and take that moment to live Self within a principle that is Best for All and stop the mind of separation and abuse.

This is the Process of Desteni, assisting and supporting each individual human being to bring Heaven to Earth, practically in stopping the mind of dimensionality as one’s own personal Heaven and coming back to Earth Here to Equality and Oneness that is but a breath away and taking responsibility within, for and as what is in fact real here.

The Desteni I Process of Desteni practically guide one through the mind dimensions, systems and constructs self has separated self into and as, to bring self back her as a whole, as one as equal in an as the Physical to Earth self in/as and with Earth reality what is real here.

The Equal Money System Desteni proposes is the practical solution for humanity as a whole in establishing a world where all are taken care of and cared for equal and one in changing this world into a Heaven on Earth in fact, Desteni, Desteni I Process and Equal Money: the practical living solution to bring Heaven on Earth for Self and Humanity within and without.

Join us, Walk it - let’s get this done, Equal and One.

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Re: The Dawn of a New Age by Veno

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:D Thanks Marlen for transcribing this!!

Thanks Veno for making this interview was very supporting.
Marlen wrote:So understand: it’s not like the Physical itself die, the physical do not die, it cannot die – it simply reconstitutes itself in and through this physical reality returning to the Earth, to substance, returning to itself in and as a different form/part and/or manifestation and so in essence continue existing Here whereas ‘you’ literally cease to exist and become no more because you were not unified as one as equal with what is real here as the physical reality with and as substance.
Here a question arised...The physical bodies that are buried in the cemeteries are not giving life - they are not returning to earth, so...I have the ashes of my Grandmother there, I would like to return it to earth, what do you suggest...?

Well, maybe this will be clear in the interviews to come, but I wanted to comment this!


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Re: The Dawn of a New Age by Veno

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Thanks a lot Veno, & Marlen for transcription!

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Re: The Dawn of a New Age by Veno

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Veno is Back and Marlen already transcribing! good old days! Thanks M and V.

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Re: The Dawn of a New Age by Veno

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Thanks for the transcription Marlen. It was a great support specially now that the system is trying to cut the Desteni's voice.

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