Bernard's Passing Away

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Bernard Poolman – My Birth Till his “Death”.

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Bernard Poolman – My Birth Till his “Death”.

Bernard Poolman - A man who walked as an example in fact that we each are responsible for all that is here and that we are LIFE in fact, and that we all must re-birth ourselves as life one and equal, and he gave the tools of how he walked the process, he lived as an example, he stood as the Physical as life.- he started what we all Know as (Desteni Universe) and the Desteni that is the only Desteni for Humanity if we ever want to change and create heaven on earth. check out the Blog:

Creations Journey to Life - by Bernard poolman.

When I was told about Bernard’s Death the same morning he was declared dead on August 11 2013 at 2:50 in the morning South African time. I was Shocked, the shock was that it was unexpected and sudden, yet that’s just Bernard – that’s how I have known Bernard all my life.

Usually when something or someone died in my Life I would have so many thoughts (memories) feelings/emotions coming up, running through me and I would cry like a baby, when I heard of Bernard’s Death that morning – Nothing came up such as thoughts/feelings/emotions, yes I did have an experience of anxiety which was related to my self-interest, as what will I do now. That only lasted a few seconds as I breathed and made my decision, I do this till its done.

There was something new that I have never experienced before – it was a moment of HERE, I could see Bernard here as me, meaning as a physical expression, as Bernard has always done – he did not create memories (me more Lies) he was the living flesh and thus each moment he was living as life, and what he showed me and taught me and what he helped me with through my life and the past six years Living with Bernard on the farm, was all Physical real things, nothing Bernard did was done from a thought/feeling/emotion, it was always Physical real time interaction.

I realized in that moment how much of Bernard I have become, not Bernard as his name or as a personality as energy or as a memory, but the Living actions, the living words that he has spoken and moved as for as long as I could remember, the Living example, which is what I have learned and integrated as me from living Bernard’s example.

I have known Bernard all my life, he was friends with my parents and they were in the police together way before I was even born, after I was born we would go visit Bernard every few years, like every two/three years or so, it isn’t a lot, but every time it was unexpected and sudden.

Every time we visited Bernard our lives changed, my parents would become less strict and limited within how they were parenting us, for instance our allowances would increase, we would be able to draw on the walls and put stickers on our cupboards and get some more candy, we learned more discipline and we learned to express ourselves more in our lives, as Bernard always opened up everyone’s deception and lies and manipulations in the open for all to see, and through this exposure we could all forgive each other and realize our one and equal participation and change to that which is best/better for all, as Bernard would show us step by step how we created it and how we participated and how we do it – this is referring to before the portal opened and how Desteni process is now – yet how it all came to what it is today.

He introduced us to a whole new world so to say – aliens/ufo’s/spirituality, card readings. Crystals/chakras/tarot cards/channeling, I mean everything – we would never have expanded or considered anything else besides our own little bubbles we called living, if it wasn’t for Bernard.

Bernard would always investigate ALL the points possible when we visited him, he would really talk and ask many many question and would always go to a common sense point that is practical, he would share with us all his findings and how he found it and how he is practically living change and how he has changed and where he has changed and he would always encourage us to also change, be our potential instead of our limitations, this is how I have learned to know Bernard at a young age already.

Bernard and me and some others having some fun out on the porch

When I came to Desteni Farm in 2008 the ninth of July – I came with the purpose of learning how to live practically, how to use my hands and How to live within common sense, my Goal was to work on the farm for six months and go home.

Within the six months I was working, I had Bernard around me all the time, he was showing us/me what to do, how to do things, and most of all He SHOWED me in real time how to look at all things in common sense, something I never learned at school or home or anywhere else, to investigate things for myself real time, in a way that the common sense can be applied everywhere and not just within that which he is showing me in that moment, because Bernard would show me why I have to Bolt a roof raft to the pole instead of just hammering it in with a nail, he would give me all the dimensions and consequential outflows of not doing it within common sense, when common sense is in consideration of all things and that always include all things and that is the Obvious. Yet we miss the obvious because we live in our minds driven by alternate realities and false images, thus complicating everything that is obvious with opinions/beliefs/ideas as the ego.

Bernard was and has always been the only consistent being I have known throughout my life, when everything and everyone has changed and even me, I always knew that Bernard is a rock, and that I can ask him or go to him with anything and he would give me not the answer I wanted, but a real answer, the straight forward common sense answer and to face myself self-honestly where I am left with making decisions.

I knew about the process long before I came to the farm, yet I did not want to walk it, but through Bernard’s words and living actions as a living example in each breath and never changing and being so damn consistent, I could not deny what was here any longer, the common sense is - that I have to walk this process for myself, That I must re-birth myself as life, and Bernard unconditionally – even when I wasn’t doing process consciously – he did not and never accepted me as less then what he knew my true potential to be, that I could not even see, till he showed me and till I have lived it for myself.

I have learned so much from Bernard it is impossible to place it all on paper or in this blog, Bernard has done so much for me it is impossible to do all that here on paper as well. I am giving living examples and that is all I can do - and now I have realized, it is my time to walk and to do the same, as what Bernard has done for me for the past six years and since I can remember him, he did not ask anything in return but that I make the decision to walk or not and to live by that decision and to honor that decision to the end, and I am walking as Life, I have never said thank you to Bernard or given him a Hug, I always wanted to, yet I held back.

Bernard once stood outside my room, as I walked out he asked what’s up?, I said: nothing much, he then lifted his arms up and he took a deep breath, he placed his fingers into a fist firmly and he held himself Big and tall, and he said: I am the Universe – he called me to stand next to him, he said now do that: I am the Universe, I lifted my arms and I took a deep breath and I said: I am the Universe, I laughed and it was funny for me, he then said, do this till you in fact stand as the Universe.

Thank you Bernard, I walk, I stand, I re-birth myself as life so that I as You, as the living example, can show that it is all possible for all of us to walk as one and equals and stand in fact as the Universe. Time to stand and live by principle and to walk till this is done.
- See more at: ... 62Xe4.dpuf

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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A Gratitude for Bernard Poolman:
What do you say for a man who saved your marriage saved your Home and saved you and changered my direction? I do not have enough words to describe the real Love I learned from Bernard.
On Sunday August 11, 2013 I stepped off the plain to be greeted by my wife with her eyes moving from side to side looking in my Eyes and said Bernard has died .She was quite distort ,I on the other hand felt a calming resolve as if I am fully prepared for this moment and ready to Stand as he has stood for me and many. I have to look back to see why and How I came to this resolve .
You see in 2007 after watching over 1000+ video’s from Desteni I new this is the real deal and I sent an email stating how can I help not realizing it was I who Bernard and others on the farm would be helping me for I had become discourage and had lost my way for even though I had made millions in business I had come to the conclusion I was just a high paid Slave for all who have made this kind of money you know there is never anything left for self it was just a show and I grew tired of the show .
Bernard stood as a rock for me though at first I was a bit afraid of him for I got the feeling he new everything about me so I could not hide but I later came to understand his Deep respect for all LIFE and the principal of Equality on which he stood . Then through The DIP process in which he taught me Self-honesty Self-forgiveness then self correction application.
If one would like an example of one that have given all to LIFE so we all may have LIFE his name is BERNARD POOLMAN he has left us all with all the tools we would need to bring about what he stood for ONENESS and EQUALITY for ALL as LIFE.

Till Here No Further
Thank you Bernard
Equality For All


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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Wow. Thank you for these posts.
I sure wish i had the chance to experience Bernard.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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I never knew about Bernard's death. There is definitely an entire library of outstanding information he was fortunate to leave behind.
I always pictured being around a campfire while listening to him speak.
Cheers Bernard!

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Bernard is with us every day. Bernard's words are guiding us to the path of oneness and equality. Into practically realizing our tasks and to realize our very life chores as destonians. The very pioneers on earth in our time.

I never got to meet Bernard. I came close though.

I had even ordered my ticket to Durban, S.A. - but the big man stopped me. He canceled my trip. I was quite upset. But it was for the best of all, it was for the best of everyone that I was stopped from traveling. As I was detoriating and suffering from psychosis.
I had to heal. So I ended up in hospital instead of the farm.

Bernard's writings and Bernard's vlog are still here. And his many words are also with the people that got to meet with him. While he was here.
I cherish that.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself that I come today to realize that some of what Bernard wanted me to know is layered within self honesty and within self intimacy and I realize that I just discovered some of that today as I was scratching my skin and facing consequences.

- cheers again.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Thank you very much, Bernard Poolman.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Bernard thank you for finding me and helping me realizing all the bullshit we do and allow in this existence, i havent change much but i know that im here for a change!! since 2007 when you found me on facebook, and i started to watch the jim morrison videos and sunnete videos, that was a life changing event cuz i could never go back to that ignorance hiponosis state i was living for years,
so for that i really thank you!!

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Ella »

Anna wrote: 12 Aug 2013, 14:28I have learned to get up in the morning immediately upon my first Breath.
Hi, Anna thank you for sharing this fascinating post about your experience with Bernard. Can you please share the significance/importance of waking up in the morning immediately upon being aware of your first breath? And also how does it support one in one's process?

Thank you.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Anna »

Ella wrote: 08 May 2019, 01:57
Anna wrote: 12 Aug 2013, 14:28I have learned to get up in the morning immediately upon my first Breath.
Hi, Anna thank you for sharing this fascinating post about your experience with Bernard. Can you please share the significance/importance of waking up in the morning immediately upon being aware of your first breath? And also how does it support one in one's process?

Thank you.
What I meant was simply to wake up immediately, be awake and get up, exactly like children do. That this experience of being so tired and groggy and wanting to snooze is of the mind. It can be a supportive practice to develop immediacy in action - to DO rather than to think and contemplate. Though I will also say that it's not something I've done consistently throughout my process. So it was a nice reminder to read it here, thank you!

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