Bernard's Passing Away

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Bernard Poolman

An honorable, self-sacrificing man that could be trusted, a man with Integrity. A man who lead by living as an example. A man that lived as all as one as equal as life - died yesterday.

It is a sad day when the world no longer has a man that lives like he is alive and not exist like he is dying.

It’s unbelievable and surreal to even be writing this. I am grateful for his dedication and for the offering of simple solutions that he shared daily, constantly, consistently and continually.

I met Bernard Poolman on the Desteni forum in 2008 back then he wrote under the username “common sense.” When I first read his words I was astounded by his specificity, support, assistance, insight, common sense and the by the self-honesty that he shared. His overall expression impressed me and impressed upon me the value of self-responsibility and the value of life. He never judged. He may have pushed the necessary buttons to support beings to step it up and stop limitation, but it was within the starting point of equality - real love.

Sadly, he was different than any being I had ever encountered. I say sadly because how he lived is extremely rare and unfortunately only lived by very few in this world.

He showed me that I could be more than the limited being I allowed myself believe I was. He taught by living as an example what’s possible when one remains here as breath. He taught many, many things to me more than I can name here because it was over a course of 5 years, I don’t think he ever slept. He was able to produce so much written material and video interviews it is seemed unreal. He touched on all topics, subjects and he investigated all things and over the last 5 years I have had the pleasure to speak with him, laugh with him, share with him, read his words, listen to his interviews and learn from his example. He was all these things yet not limited to them he was undefinable in that he embraced all as self here.

He taught me that how I had defined myself was by a definition that I accepted in separation of myself and that I could delete the definition I accepted in inequality and rewrite and redefine what it is I wanted to live as, and for within and as the principle of equality and oneness within and as all life. He taught me how to apply all of this through utilizing the process of practice, self-responsibility, self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self-correction.

He taught me that intelligence is common sense, and the ability to treat another how I would like to be treated. He shared with me a simple mathematical equation 1+1=2 that I’m able to apply in each moment to support myself. He showed me how to consider the consequences of my actions, words and deeds and thus prevent those which are not best for all life and to do this if it is my will to live a dignified life, a life that is actually best for all, a life worthy of living and to give myself purpose and meaning.

He taught me to be considerate and how to treat and care for animals, humans, the earth, water all that is here and to consider myself and care for myself as an equal part of the whole, here. He taught me how to breath and remain here present physical, he taught me to become aware of my human physical body. He lived as an example of what it is to become one’s greatest expression.
He lived as an example of what is possible if one is willing to be self-honest and stand up and stop existing as an organic robot and start directing oneself within a new, clear starting point a starting point of equality and oneness. He showed us how to embrace ourselves as all that exists here and take responsibility for the mess we have created, every part of it - and start forgiving ourselves once and for all so we stop creating separation and abuse and start living and enjoying self-intimacy and self-expression.

He stood as a fine example of how to actually, practically live the words of Jesus to do unto another as I would like to have done unto me and to give as I would like to receive. He lived this absolutely. He didn’t talk about it, he walked the talk and showed in his consistency, stability and steadfastness that it is possible.

He showed me what it is to be courageous and fearless he never let the haters move him. It takes courage to live self-honestly. I never knew that someone could be so effective, gentle, humble, confident, direct, funny, clear, loyal, precise, interesting, disciplined, supportive, self-responsible, dynamic, unconditional, and self-honest.

I can not yet fully express in words all the ways he has supported me and many, many others. The support he shared was unconditional and absolute and he lived this as self-expression. It wasn’t something he boasted about but rather something he invited all to participate within and to become a part of, to realize that there is absolutely no exclusivity in life but it is here for all who are willing to let go of their ego and walk the process of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-correction and rebuild oneself to become a being that can be trusted with life and live a life of dignity and respect because this will support one to prove to be able to trust themselves.

He taught me by example what is real love. He was and still is my greatest support and now I realize I must be this support for myself and wallk this process for myself breath by breath. I am the key, no one can walk my process for me for although he has been a great example. He was a visionary, truly genuine and real.

The words he spoke and the tonality of his voice could stir one's inner waters. He lived within and as the words he spoke he could be counted and trusted.

He walked as an example of what is capable if one forgave themselves and correct themselves to be an effective human being that can be trusted.

He showed us how money could be used as a tool if it were given to all equally. He showed examples of how to create equality through the use of money as a starting point so that every human and animals basic needs are met and also within this a principle could be lived what is best for all is best for self this of course includes nature the earth, the air. Everything and everyone here.

I’m still working on building my vocabulary to be able to effectively express myself which was something he also supported me and many others with. He taught me to be critical and not jump to conclusions based on ideas, memories, feelings, emotions, interpretations, associations etc. I am so very grateful for the moments I spoke with him and for all that he has shared and for that which was given unconditionally.

I am grateful for the self-forgiveness statements he wrote that I can speak out loud and utilize still as a point of self-support and assistance for myself when I myself have not been able to be self-honest enough to explore the points on my own - so that I can also see that I can do it and also live the same words as myself.

It has been 5 years and I am very grateful to be here today to write this witness statement. I had the honor and pleasure to witness a person who truly cared and truly loved thank you Bernard Poolman thank you to your children who you have raised so well and proven that parents are able to be effective living examples.

He showed me what it is to live and how to live by example to also support others in their processes. It is each one's turn to give to another what we would like to receive. That is all he ever asked of anyone and did not accept anything less.

His expression will never die, he lived in a way that even after death, he is much more alive today than most. You're life was not in vain it was an effective life worth living the world is a better one because of you. I'm a practivist because of you, I will not stop until it is D-ONE and we are in fact equal and one.

I commit to live a life within the principle of equality and oneness I breathe, I stand, I express and I walk.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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I just want to give correction to something that I stated before, when I said that Bernard was a Father for all of us.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to define Bernard as a Father by not seeing or recognizing that with me creating an experience towards Bernard its just reflecting on me, that I am still too far from Self Honesty, and that there are still a lot of things to do, and that the main pint remains the same, focusing into bringing practical solutions to this world

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to react emotionally to the dead of Bernard Poolman, and within this I see how egoistical and delusional is to create for myself an experience of his death, calling him a father, I mean, yes, he shown us how to stand and to walk, yet it doesn´t require me to create an experience about it, and to really live practically the message and the words of Bernard Poolman, means to honor ourselves by really committing ourselves to be self honest in every moment, just as he did

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to focus on my inner experience instead of allowing myself to walk and live what has been shared by Bernard and the Desteni group, because that is the only way in which I can really stand up and live in self honesty in every moment

I commit myself to continue with the day and to not allow any emotional or feeling reaction or thoughts in any way whatsoever, I commit myself to live the tools already given by Desteni and Bernard to really assist and support myself and not allow or give acceptance of any bubble or any delusion to remain within me

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Anna »

Cool Gabriel and all.

Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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I wish I could have talked with him and got to know him. He seemed like a really good person. I wish I would of just asked if I could visit the farm and maybe I could have gone. I see thoughts and fears in the past that stopped me from asking and I wish I would have went for it. But that is over now and theres nothing I can do to meet with him and that's okay really.

Now I am really going to have to stand up because I feel that at this time desteni needs to be more committed than ever before. To really give it our all and every ounce of time we have to work on solutions for this world and to work on solutions for us as individuals in our daily life. I really want to get involved now and not waste any of my time. I know now as a final decision to walk this process until it is done that I want to be and get the to stage that he got to so I can be an example to others just as he was.

I once thanked Bernard for all the he has done and this is what he said me to and would probably say the same thing or something close to it to everyone thanking him right now. "Pleasure Joseph -- Its a journey worth walking as in the end --one will be what you created yourself to be --That no one can ever take from you"- Bernard Poolman

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Antoaneta »

I never met Bernard in person however I was touched and inspired by his interviews and vision that we must create Heaven on Earth in order to stop the abuse allowed currently to exists and drive this mad world of illusions hurting the physical.
At times I found him to be rude in the way he expressed himself almost bringing out the fear in me to come out (fear of the unknown) because he was sharp in his words and he did not sugar coated for anyone. Many Destonians who went to visit the farm got the opportunity to meet him and def know him better than I will ever know Bernard. ... d-and.html

When I received the email of his death yesterday I was on my way out the door in South Carolina (vacation) to get some food. I was not able to read the full email right away because I was driving the car, but my reaction was "WHAT???" with a pause at which point I had to put the cellphone down so we can go. On my way to the store I kept thinking about the email and wanting to read all of it ASAP- I was wondering what had happened. When I finally got to read it, I did not know how to respond and had no emotion come up within me regarding his death (which is due to me never having to physically meet him, make "memories" or have connected him to my mind on a physical level.
However I did have a thought come up as though his death is like "Jesus"s death" and not to be taken in vain which means we as a group must stand stronger than ever to continue living the message and make it a reality- which would have been Jesus's message essentially (treat thy neighbor as you would like to be treated"- that is a message of equality- that is the core solution to humanity-that is how we safe ouselves.)

Bernard was not a guru but to me he was a humble teacher, I often saw him as a mentoring, inspirational figure to my life because his words spoke the truth about the state of this world and had the solution, so simple as to targeting the problem at its core (which is money) and establishing an Equal Money System as the common sense solution- all we have to do is agree to walk that solution together.

So I continue with my process of stopping my EGO/mind in existence because I am only one being and it is my responsibility to take care of this EGO problem as it is everyone's individual responsibility to clean their "demons"/EGO/mind so that we are able to create Heaven on Earth.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Day 405 - Bernard Poolman - One Man in 7 Billion

Well what can I say to add to the statements and musings of remembering a man like Bernard Poolman? I came to Desteni only really a couple of years ago and I didn't have the 'fortune' of meeting the man in the flesh, but all I can say at this point is that at 5.00pm yesterday afternoon when I opened my emails from the Desteni group and I read the words " Bernard Poolman passed away today ....." My world for a moment stopped. My very first response was 'fuck, fuck, fuck, this is a joke, surely?? I didn't know what to do or say after that point I was on my way to the shop and I was limited for time as I was due to start work at 6pm so I didn't really have time to be upset and I was out in public, but I wanted to cry and fear ran through me for a moment, like " What do we do now?" "What do I do without him?" - What I was really thinking was will I now stand in self honesty in every moment of my own breath, without another to guide me? Will I trust myself enough to do this now and I felt so alone in a moment.

I got back home and started my work so was able to breath and focus for a moment - but later on in the evening after we all got together on the forum and had a chat and the condolences flooded in, the gravity of the situation hit me and I burst into tears - Bernard represented that part in all of us that we don't want to face for real in that for a moment I was shameful and sad again that I was not standing as what is best for all in self honesty and self trust yet, so his passing for me was like a massive rug was pulled from under my feet and now I have to prove to myself that I can do this and stand as what is best for all, so my tears in part were for my own shame of him literally dying for my sins.

Bernard Poolman; had and still does have such a profound influence and effect on me and I have never met the man in the flesh, but I know him and he knows me and he sees the potential in me in being the best that I can be as he could in all of us - it is just a shame that only a small minority are ready to hear the words of this man that stands for all of life equal and one from the smallest to the greatest, where he puts the needs of the many first and only ever does what is best for all, after investigating and keeping that which is good.

I saw in Bernard as many did a Father figure and there is today a void in this world that now the group as Desteni will fill, because Bernard's message will continue on and we as the group of life, we will make sure that it does, as it was never just about the man, he was the catalyst and the one with the balls to make sure the message is heard by those that are willing. This man is the most benevolent man that I have had the pleasure of being involved with - and those that would attempt to bring him down should be ashamed of themselves, because he only ever stood up for life and because they can't get beyond the ego and their own fears saw him as a threat.

This man was never a guru or a leader and didn't want to be seen as that at all. I often asked questions and if I had to find the answer for myself he would ignore it or tell me to look again and decide for myself. I had a few conversations with him on skype chat and he was always firm but gentle and kind and assisted me to see what I needed to face within myself and would never interfere in my own process unless I was going out of the way to abuse or sabotage myself and then, he would just maybe say one or two words that brought this home to me.

I am relatively new to the Desteni group - so always considered myself as a newbie to the group, but that is my own doing and insecurities of lack of self trust, because I have never in my life felt so supported and I am truly proud and privileged to have had the assistance of this man to help me realise myself and how my part in this existence is contributing to what is here and stopping and correcting myself to what is best for all.

When Bernard Poolman died something literally shifted in me.. It was like a light went on and I see that I was not trusting myself to see this process through for myself because I was so disappointed and fearful that I he was no longer here to prop me up - as I had defined it, so I breathe and I let it go and I see that as a group we are stronger than ever now and there is no way on this Earth that I can stop now and go backwards.

Thank you Bernard I miss you even though I never met you and I will always remember your words to me and now even in death you are assisting me to see what needs to be looked at and how it is really time now for me to get real.

The message of Bernard Poolman is one of equality and oneness for all, no judgement ever of others or oneself and to never fear anything and that everything that exists within and as fear is always self created.

Much love BP -- Until our beingness' reconnect again.

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Gratitude for Bernard Poolman

Post by sandymac » ... d-poolman/

I was stunned, in disbelief, when I head the news of Bernard’s passing. I am deeply saddened. Many tears have fallen. Don’t really know how to express my deep gratefulness (was hoping to do so in person next summer, as I am planning to visit the farm) to Bernard so I will attempt to keep it simple and direct.

As someone shared today, Bernard would say, ‘Why are you crying for me, why are you not equally crying for the thousands of children who died yesterday of starvation?’ Why indeed! As usual, Bernard is spot on, cutting through all the crap, all the propaganda and lies the world has fed us, our entire lives.

Bernard never did this. He lived absolute, from the first video I heard of him to the last blog I read, he was the first person I have really trusted in this world. Thank you Bernard for showing me it is possible to trust another human being, that we are capable of becoming trust worthy because before I ‘met’ Bernard I did not believe it was possible (unfortunately, I did not meet B in person but attended several online group chats, private chats, taking DIP and other involvements). In fact, he showed me that it is not only possible to trust another human being but that it is imperative. That makes sense to me but I never had the courage to speak it, at least not more than once. Bernard did, he had guts, the guts to speak the truth, over and over again.

Thank you Bernard, for consistently teaching, showing, exemplifying that it is not ‘just human nature‘ that so many atrocities occur in this world daily, but that it is because of what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become. That is the reason people are starving to death, while we watch, ignore, justify, blame- we do anything but take self-responsibility- and we do not even shed a tear. Why? Because ‘there’s nothing you can do about it, it is god’s will/plan, they choose this life, it’s their governments responsibility not yours….’ The lies go on and on, I hated it but I felt helpless.

But then came this man, booming voice over the internet, who said ‘NO, this is unacceptable! …This must end and we will end it!…There can be no secrets… we are individual but not separate…’ What? I had always thought that but this man was speaking it and sharing it! I could hardly believe someone of such conviction, courage and integrity existed! He was the first person that made sense to me in my entire life. He gave me, and several others, direction and clear instructions of how to rid ourselves of the past, how to begin the process of creating ourselves from scratch, for real! Not only this but he had walked the process by himself first, without any support and was offering this to us all! I jumped at this opportunity and never looked back, through all the fear and self-doubt.

Bernard taught me not to suppress my emotions. Not to judge myself. To breathe through (and forgive) self-doubt, and the dreaded desire to be liked. He did it with grace, humor, unabashed candour, often a gentleness and insisted we (those in process) walk through any and all resistance, allowing no excuses. I have surprised myself and yet am still in a process.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I suggesting I was not afraid/sometimes terrified of Bernard, I was! But he also provided practical tools of support, so I am able to face whatever emotion comes up. Not only that but Bernard explained what the fear in fact was/where it came from/how to de-construct that fear/then how to ‘walk’ it meaning live the change!

Bernard explained in precise detail, through the Portal, what happened to my mind and why, when I experienced ‘mental illness’/hearing voices. He set me free from my self-imposed chains of ‘I’m broken/defective/doomed as I’ve crossed some spooky line’. So, because of Bernard I no longer have to ‘rely on a higher power’ believe in some god, I am free to take self-responsibility, to stand as a human being of integrity. Because of Bernard I am free from isolating ’cause I’m different’, he validated my ‘questioning’ the universe/god and said ‘question everything, take nothing personal’. That is liberating, that is freedom, that is self-empowerment. Bernard gave me my voice back when the world systems said ‘you are wrong, be quiet and stay in your box’. So I will get up and keep walking, not alone but within the group.

Bernard introduced me to the process of standing as one and equal, with all in existence. Again, why would I want any less than this absoluteness? It is the only thing that has ever made sense to me.

I will miss meeting you in person and getting to know you Bernard. Thank you for giving meaning to my life. Indeed, you have changed my life forever. I am eternally grateful for all you tireless support and assistance, your absolute dedication and I will continue to walk this process until it is dONE.

Please see Bernard’s blog here: Creation’s Journey to Life

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kevina P
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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by kevina P »

I am still in disbelief. Part of me is struggling to make sense of what is going on. In the past 2 days, I have been told that 3 people have died, 2 who work at my hospital. I am just stunned and I am hoping this is the last of deaths I am going to be hearing for some time. All I keep thinking is how short life is and I feel that 1/2 of my life has gone so fast and that I have done nothing of value to help change the world.
On one side, there is part of me which is sad and on the other I feel like now I have to do whatever it takes to stand up as life. I feel more compelled to push myself faster and further so that I can become more effective in assisting people. I have no words to express how grateful I am to the man who has kindly given up so much of himself to help us in our process of discovery, as via birthing ourselves as life.
Thank you Bernard for all you have done and are doing perhaps? You will be missed in flesh I am sure. I felt sad when I heard you are not coming to us via the portal, but I know you did it for the right reason.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Anna »

Thank you everyone for sharing yourselves here.

It is awesome to see how everyone has had a unique point of realization through communicating with Bernard, whether through chats, mails, interviews or in person. It is a Gift that we must pass on and share as it has been given to us unconditionally by Bernard and the Group.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Ambroz »

Day 271: In memory of Bernard Poolman

In memory of Bernard Poolman

I've been a participant of the group Desteni for about a year. Even though it is a pretty colorful world I saw it as a construct of polarities. To be the judge of the "game" that is always right even if it is a mistake or wrong made me a sort of an obsessed being to search for something greater while trying to doubt it that it exist. I'd would always seek the things that are missed and put a light on it. I came to a point where I could basically face myself but within that actually only focus on others as if I missed that part that I am.
I got this once in a lifetime opportunity to face my fears to face my beliefs, my conceptions and all the opinions and check them if I was right. On Internet I met Bernard trough his writing of his knowledge and as living word that he was and still is since it all exists as everything that he created in his life. In real life i had a chance to meet him for about 2 weeks to see him for who he really was as a living being as an expression of the moment. All I can say about him is that he made me see what is the true quality of life if it is created and lived and what this world can become if we live out his principles that he set for us not to lead them or follow but to walk with. He made me see what is the difference between being a slave of the mind or the master of it. He made me see how easy it is to give in into the mind and let it do the hectic thing or just breathe and let go. He made a decisive impact on me. Even when I would deceive myself he would point it out in plain sight with a tough word that needed to be faced and then after realizing the self deception i created for myself within my mind through the expression of his words gave direction. Everyone he'd talk to would always expose the point that needed to be aligned and after exposure always gave it direction. I can only say that I'd regret not being here on the farm to face the man. Everything happened so fast to me I had trouble swallowing it whole.

All I can say is that the principles are set, priorities solidified in the memory and now all we need to do is to realize them in the physical world because otherwise all of what he created would be in vain and would not mean anything. He plainly explained to me my points that I stick to either I succeed and make him happy or I fail and make him sad. In a way I believe this equally applies to everyone. He gave me purpose to go on and to keep pushing myself to the limits of my capabilities.

I am grateful for what he did, what he created and left behind for us to see that it is so simple and possible to make this life a life worth living.

I've never met a man that I'd know for two weeks of living with and would experience such a great void because of his death.

With his death, he gave us to face the last point from which we stand and must face. Lets create T-his.
- See more at: ... NGi3d.dpuf

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