Bernard's Passing Away

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Thanks to Bernard Poolman, I am standing. ... -standing/

Bernard Poolman: A tribute to man of tough questions. ... questions/

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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When I heard Bernard had died I first experienced calm and gratefulness, then I straightened my back and stood strong.

I realized I now have to trust myself.
I felt Relief as I realized that THIS IS IT.. This is serious. Bernard died! REALITY CHECK!! This Is Serious! Now it is time to take the responsibility. It is time to DO THIS THING!!
I experienced a shift, a transfer of the trust I had put on Bernard coming to myself. There was no where else I could put it, and I was glad. Finally I see I have to do this.
And so I experienced myself standing up within myself.
I have never experienced myself so strong and determined.

Hearing the news, it took a while to settle it in. And I went a bit up and down within myself for a while at the same time as I experienced a calm and stableness within me. Up and down in like laughing and crying for all the fun and ugly times. Everything seems so Tragical and Comical at the same time.
And to explain fun and ugly times, I am talking about when I have been facing myself within Hearing the Words of Bernard. Ugly because it is unpleasant to see what I have accepted and allowed myself to become and fun because I enjoy to realize it so that I can let it go and change.
I laugh and cry in Gratefulness. And sometimes I do both at the same time.
It is funny how that goes, it is like nothing that I cry about is so sad or fearful that I am not able to laugh about it at as well, if i realize myself within it, not even the point of Bernard dying.
When I cry and realize why I cry or I see what is able to be done, then it is joyful, so then I have to laugh because often it is very laughable when realizing a point while crying about it. lol. And it is releasing.

To give a little tiny bit of a hint on what he is for me.. he is the one that has been and done the most for me ever, the only one that I have been able to trust for real, I did not ever imagine I could trust someone like I came to trust Bernard. And I am grateful for learning that now it is up to me to trust myself the same way. To gift it to myself. I did not ever realize I had come to depend on him so until this moment. And it feels a bit sad and a bit comical.. it felt like it is exactly what this was about..
like ;) Blink from Bernard, now it is time for You to take this on.
So thanks B for going on dying on us. And sincerely, Thank you for what you have done.

Another thing that came up.. I thought now I am not scared anymore to come to the farm. And then I thought, but now there is not as much of a point for me to come to the farm anymore. Basically what that was about is very selfish, because I thought that now he is not there for me to benefit from.
I wanted to face myself through him,
I wanted to be guided by him,
I wanted to depend on him.
But I realize I have to do everything for myself. I trust myself. I change myself.

And last but not least I am grateful for having all of you guys as well, assisting and supporting and/or mirroring and exposing it All (whether you are one that is aware of it or not ;D)

Thanks and Regards ... ng-on.html

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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http://adriansjourneytolife.wordpress.c ... d-poolman/

I’m here to speak about Bernard Poolman, who passed away on August 11, 2013. When I heard of the news at first, I had to re-read the words a few times to make sure that this is what I was actually reading. I was flabbergasted. In shock and disbelief. I didn’t expect it at all, I mean I had even thought before about what it might be like in the future one day when I am in my 50’s and Bernard is in his 70’s, what life would be like then. This was totally unexpected as there was no kind of illness leading up to his death. My initial reaction was to try and make sense of it – how it happened or what it means, so that I can understand it sufficiently to make some kind of value judgment on it.

The truth is that in reality death is just another part of life. Life is life and has no beginning or end as it is life, and thus with every death as an ending, there is also a new beginning. As I am writing this, I am reminded that Bernard was actually the person who assisted me to open my mind and see death in a different light – not as something negative to be feared and avoided as we are taught to, but to embrace the opportunity that presents itself within change.

There was some sadness within my reaction to Bernards death, but interestingly enough I noticed that there was actually a part of me that kind of wanted to be sad. The fact is that (once again, as I remember Bernard once saying) sadness is pointless, and if I really look at it self-honestly, the desire to cry is really a selfish thing. I say this because Bernard was a being who truly lived every breath like it was his last: he did everything possible while he was alive on this earth to support me and all life to self-realize. He had already since a long time ago given me and everyone else the necessary tools to be able to create a life of perfection, to create a heaven on earth for myself and all of my brothers and sisters. He truly did everything possible to enable people rather than be dependent on him, and for this reason, I or no one else require Bernard to be around any longer for us to do what is necessary to be done to create a world that is best for all.

The only reason I could find for wanting him to stay is to have some sense of security, that ‘everything is ok because Bernard is here and he is almighty’ – which would then be the exact opposite of his message and a selfish thing because as long as I have this warm feeling rooted in dependency, then I will not change.

Bernards death drives this point to home. It is like a father figure dying in the sense that there is this cold, hard realization that ‘oh shit, I am on my own now, it is all up to me’ – and it is perfectly fitting because again, this was the message all along and it only reflects to me where I had missed the point of it.

It is funny how even in death Bernard has me looking at myself in self honesty. Everything he ever did always lead towards this same outcome: to support others to realize themselves and take responsibility for themselves, and I have never met a being that was so selfless and so impersonal, and yet was ‘so close to me’ – although these words are insufficient to explain this because it was more than that: with Bernard, if even for a moment of being with him or in his presence, you truly experienced what equality was and could be, what it was like to be beyond separation, and one with and equal to another being that is truly you, living in another individualized expression. I had never experienced anything like it.

Of course I will miss him and his expression, but within living oneness and equality, nothing is truly missed because again, the point is not to stand as separate to this point but to actually become one with and equal to it.

So getting past how I relate to the death of Bernard, I would like to speak more on the actual man he was, for anyone who is interested to know from my own personal account. I first encountered Bernard through the Desteni forums in October 2007. He didn’t often write large posts nor did he need to – I was always amazed at how powerful and directive his words could be, and yet with so few words and such simplistic terminology. The things he would say rang throughout existence as they were words that seemed to encompass an understanding of life in it’s entirety – and so within this the words would also ring true in my own life. The kind of words that applied directly to everybody’s life which everyone could relate to, providing us with clarity and stability along with intrigue and fascination. In a short time and with a few simple words, Bernard had already changed my life and opened my eyes to new perspectives that I had never before fathomed, yet explained everything that I had been experiencing in my life and that I had yearned to understand. After some time of asking questions on the Desteni forums, the first words he had ever spoken to me “you will not understand with the mind” were groundbreaking and spoke volumes to me, having vast implications over my life and how I would perceive everything in my life from this point onwards.

I knew that although I did not always fully grasp what this man was saying, that his words and his message were something that I really had to come to understand if I was ever to understand myself and this world, which he had already shown me, there was much, much more to it than I was aware of. Through very tough times I was extremely fortunate to have him here, and despite being a person as dedicated, committed and busy as he was (he once mentioned to me that he gets about 1000 e-mails a day) he was always there to assist me when called upon. There were never any pleasantries or small talk with Bernard, something that might be unnerving, and yet it was never needed as the substance of your interaction with Bernard spoke for itself – no reaffirmations were ever need to convince yourself that your experience with him was a positive thing, as is so commonly the case in all other day to day interactions with people.

Through the stability and purity of his words, Bernard showed his trustworthiness and there was not a single human being that I would have trusted with my life any more than him. And when I say ‘my life’ – I do not mean in terms of my survival or self interest – quite the opposite, as in that sense he posed the greatest threat! And yet despite any fear of loss or change, Bernard always has and always will stand as the reassuring example and stability that this is process of self change that I am undertaking is what must be done, that this is who I really am.

In March of 2010 I was fortunate enough to go to the Desteni farm and meet Bernard face to face. When I walked into the kitchen of the main house for the first time, he happened to be walking directly towards where I had come in, immediately stuck out his hand to shake mine and said “stop following me”, which was something that was written on a graphic T-shirt I was wearing at the time, and coincidentally this statement made from my shirt related directly to my process. There were many of these kinds of funny moments. I was initially very nervous to be meeting what I considered such a great man, and yet by the time came that I actually met him, all of that completely vanished and it was unexpectedly natural and fluid, it is like his presence allowed me to really be myself, and contrary to how I can be, I found myself extremely quiet in his presence, as if every word I could speak, before I could speak it, was reflected back to myself and so before my mouth even opened, I knew whether or not I was talking shit.

I noticed that Bernard moved very fluidly in everything that he did, he was always working hard at something, he was extremely dedicated and yet always cool, and he was always being followed by about 10 dogs! Surely they also enjoyed the stability of his presence. Having conversation with him was fascinating – he would show me things about myself that I was not even aware of, he would explain things about myself and existence that I could barely fathom, and within this it was always implied that he had the faith in me to eventually get what he was saying, despite how small or insignificant I may believe myself to be. Bernard was a person who had absolute faith in the potential of the human, despite all evidence pointing to the opposite, despite how much we may not believe in ourselves, he did. And while I had some fascinating discussions about the ‘bigger picture’ of life, no conversation or task was ever too small for Bernard. As an example, there was a time that I was trying to figure out how the fizzy drink machine in the kitchen worked. He showed me effectively how to use it and that was it. A seemingly small thing and yet it shattered any kinds of delusions of grandeur I may have had about him.

I always expected Bernard to be ‘hard on me’, being aware that he was not one to accept anything less than ‘who you really are’ – and yet he never judged me, and was actually very gentle in giving me just exactly what was needed to assist me with a point – nothing more, nothing less. Bernard had truly given himself up in service of life, and all the most acclaiming words are not enough to describe what it is like to experience a being that is so trustworthy and so pure. It was not about what he did, it was about who he was, as all of his actions indicated that this was no acting job; he had truly gone inside himself and sorted himself out as the creation of who he was. He was that person that everyone wished they could be, the image and likeness of perfection that is possible for every human to become – and by no magical means; he had dedicated himself and walked through his own process of doing whatever it took, of giving up whatever was necessary to do what is best for all life and to be a being who could be trusted with life and was the true image and likeness of God.

It was an amazing experience, and yet it was very normal. It was very ‘special’ by contrast of what the human has become, something flawed and evil in nature, but in terms of what life should be like, it was just normal. He didn’t have super powers, he couldn’t fly or do things that would make you go ‘ooh ahh, look at how special he is and superior to everybody’, he had no extraordinary skills or talents or gifts put on display, he was, as he explained, ‘just a beast’, and his mind was darkness. “There is nothing, just darkness” He said to me about what goes on in his mind. And yet with no mind, this man had been more capable and effective than any human being I had ever met. With any person in any given moment, he seemed to know exactly what was going on with that being and exactly what to say which would be something that resonated right through the core of your being and prompted a response.

And throughout all the chaos and bleakness of our world and our future, he provided a faith that was rooted in reality and thus a stability through certainty, that eventually, we would find our way, that I would find my way, because there was only one way; life as all as one as equal – and now that we know the way, we are on our way through the process that is taking place on earth. One of the earliest things I remember reading that he said about his own story was that ‘if anyone else had been in my position, they would have done the same thing – that is the faith I have in man’.

Some of you who know of my time living and working in Thailand may also be curious to know that it was Bernard who encouraged me to undertake this experience, which I initially had declined, and I am forever grateful for it as it has been an invaluable life changing experience. It was also Bernard that encouraged me to take on the Desteni I Process course, when I initially did not participate because I believed I was not capable of doing it – this was another life changing decision.

I suppose I could go on and on about the implications of Bernards time here on earth and what he had done to change this world to become a better place and a place that is best for all life. He has shown us how significant we are, within the point of ‘who we are’ – that you matter and that your life can be of great consequence, if you are able to let go of the illusion of self as ego and embrace yourself as the physical, as that which is really life. It is a tough process and yet the most rewarding thing a person could ever undertake.

My main experience with regards to Bernards death is one of regret – but again, this is more of a self reflection of a point that already exist within me, so here Bernards death is assisting me to look at myself. As an ongoing point, which I also experienced with regard to my time spent on the farm, I regret not having done more, not having applied myself more, not having lived as Bernard did as his equal; having done everything possible to honor life in every single moment of my existence. Even in his death he stands. He stands as the example, something that can never disappear or be forgotten as its effects are here and will remain here as those who walk in his stead. And so even in death has his message remained consistent: let’s get this done! That to honor life and sort out our world is still priority #1. Bernards death has lit a fire under my ass to really have me question myself, just as he did in life – am I doing everything I possibly can to stand for life?

Bernard once joked about how when we say ‘good bye’, we are actually saying ‘good buy’ – and to rather say ‘die well’. To the mind this may sound appalling, but if you really look at it, it is a self honest statement because everybody dies, and everybody would like to die well and we would all like each other to die well because that would mean that we lead a life on earth that was worth living, where we honored all other life as ourselves as equals. Bernard was a being who truly died well.

Die well, Bernard. You will be missed, but your message and what you stood for will not.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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I was sitting on the couch and I was saying to myself that as long as one person was alive there is always hope for changing who we are. So there is always hope. Because hope means there is a possibility for something, and the possibility for change is always here, even after death. In one of the portal interviews, Satan, a spawn of the devil, talked about how as a system he was turning into something real: life. It was a funny story too. But the point is everything and anything is, can, and will be life. And that's because I am determined to make it so. As long as one person stands in that position, the rest of existence has to follow. And as we start to follow change becomes more and more visible. And so it will be.
The word life is interesting. But I only accept the best definition for it, which so far to me has meant really standing in the position of recognizing all of existence as one and equal to you, not less or more.
Bernard made that very clear to me. I don't remember if he really said that, but that was the principle of the message he spoke in every video. Asking questions like, why are we reacting to this existence? Why are we reacting to ourselves? We are equal and one with ourselves, wtf? Why would we accept anything less, cmon people.
Like with any event in this existence, Bernard's death is an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves and this existence, as equal and one. Because what's here in this existence is here in us, and this includes death.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Bernard Poolman,
He stands unwavering and eternal as life.
The man who spoke restless, who did awesome interviews and writings which I am glad always to be a witness of the immense support he gave here. He placed in words that which is true, that which is real that has been so suppressed and hidden and he took it and opened the points, daring to speak about that which no one else has done and shared the common sense solutions.

Thank you, 1+

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Bernard Poolman– A Man of Life – Day 332

Bernard Poolman’s passing came as a shock to me, I had to read the email a few times to get the words I was reading through my head, and finally accepting the implication of these words that Bernard is died. I admit that in that moment, I went into a constriction and fear, with thoughts such as ‘what does this mean for me?’, ‘who is going to share with me the insights I need to become life?’, ‘why did he have to go?’, ‘how is the group going to stand without him?’ you know, selfish questions only regarding myself and my own benefit. So it’s interesting that I allowed these types of thoughts to come up showing to me that I in fact am not standing because I was living for his approval, his direction, I was waiting for his say, and not actually stepping into the principle of what he was living as, being my own stand, my own directive principle, and thus his equal. And so I was dishonoring him and the principle of life he stood as through this idea and desire to ‘wait and see what Bernard has to say’. Now, he is gone and I am alone, his last words etched into my physical of ‘make it count’ and this I commit to do, to give it everything I have to ensure that I indeed make my life count and be a plus one to accumulate a world of honor and integrity. My life is about finishing the work here on earth Bernard set forth, what he prepared us for through the years that we as a group have been walking together, and ensuring that life prevail and we create this world the best it possibly can be, heaven here on earth, and this only possible through living equal and one with all life as self. Living principled in always considering the whole rather then my own self interest in doing what is necessary to be done to create this world best for all.

There was so many words Bernard shared with me/those around me/in the group/in videos/blogs that spoke to me either directly or indirectly that caused an impact not just on this 'me', but the potential of who I can be as life fully realized, and in this time of knowing and working with Bernard I have become a being who will stand up for life no matter what needs to be done. Bernard inspired this within me through his selflessness, his determination and directive will, his insight into the depths of who I am, his service to others, I mean man he never stopped, he never quit, he never complained, he always no matter who or what the case was supported and assisted them in his very direct but gentle way, he walked whatever it took to give another a chance to self realize who they are as life, he was absolutely amazing to observe and learn from, he was the greatest teacher I have ever had. He showed me what it means to be here and be life, to live this through living breath by breath, his example inspired me to be in service of life in all it’s forms until life is equal and one here as a living principle on this earth because this is what I would want for myself. ‘I give so I can receive’, Bernard lived these words beyond death and made them life, and so showed me the way.

Bernard once said ‘I will be last’, and what he meant by this is that he will be last in the benefiting of the gift of life until all are one and equal in the physical, he was nothing but self less and shared himself unconditionally in ways that I would never have considered possible, he has done the impossible and made it real, and showed me and everyone he has met that we can do it to, we can do the impossible. This was his gift, he was life and he shared in all ways possible how to be life with each and every person he met and came into contact with. It seems impossible to be able to stop the mind, stop thoughts, have a 'nothingness' (as he often called it) inside self, live breath by breath, but Bernard is the evidence that it is indeed possible and thus will be the living example that stand through all time to be a benchmark for life 'potential' to live a life for real, and so no matter what - life will prevail.

Bernard was a man of life and lived this absolute, in which I am grateful and humbled, and honor him by committing myself to live this as well until it is done.

Some quotes By Bernard:

"I am not a leader, I am just a man, I am your equal and you are mine."

“You must become me as I am you, so that we can trust each other no matter where we are, no matter who we are.”

“Each one will first scare themselves shitless with doom and gloom, then bring it back to self, direct self and stand up. Each must go through this – that is the point of equality.”

"Free Choice as the choice that leaves all free and end all abuse is the Desteni way."

"See, it's really all about who you are in each relationship and how you see every other part in your Existence. You Decide. And thus, through that Decision - Create Reality and Relationships that Form the Experience."

"When you run out of things to forgive yourself for, a person may then have a right to condemn others their behavior but anyone who has looked at and forgiven every inch of themselves and vowed not to allow themselves the same mistakes again would not contain a heart capable of blame. A heart with that great of knowledge of themselves would live nothing but solutions."

"Feelings are Never Valid as an Integrity Assessment, Feelings are Always Dishonest because they are Done from the perspective of Enhancing one’s illusionary Reflections of the mind."

"Self as Eternal, as Real Does Not Exist until You are in fact Life and that is Evidenced in All of Everything that You are a part-of, where you completely Understand All Form, All Mechanisms, All Relationships – Until then, Self is just Potential and May Never Exist for Real – but in this Temporary Consciousness for a Moment, you’ll be Able to Look in a Mirror and Ask the Question “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: What is the Self in it All?” and Unless that Stands Clear Eternally that This is Life: There will be No Self For Real."

"There is so much possible in the physical - unless one is just living like a zombie, hoping things will get better and using the mind as a mirror where you stare at your own image and try and improve it through your imagination. In you must exist nothing of 'you' in any picture-form. It must be a complete living expression as the functionality of every word...that makes a word alive."

"When a child is angry --one must communicate and help the child understand the energy they experience as feelings--this is done through helping the child to define the energy with words--you will for instance say--do you feel like you really do not like some one because they are better than you or get more than you? that is called jealousy--is that how you feel? So one will explore each possible feeling/emotion till the child can relate --then one discuss it and help the child make sense of it"

"If you are Life you will find a way to bring all to life as equals in a way that will always be best for all. If you are not life, you will react and have several insane stuttering giggles while you pretend you know better and can justify why life is not supposed to be equal."

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Adele »

Thank you Garbrielle and all for sharing Quotes from Bernard.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Bastian Neumann » ... n-der.html

Nachruf für Bernard Poolman 'Der Mensch und das gelebte Wort'

Nun, ich kann weiter so tun als ob ich den Tod von Bernard Poolman überhaupt nicht mitbekommen hätte und verdrängen wie sehr mich der Moment bewegt hat in dem ich davon erfuhr, oder aber ich stelle mich in einem selbstehrlichen Prozess den Emotionalen und gedanklichen Aspekten dieser Erfahrung und bleibe Herr meiner Selbst, bleibe wach und aufmerksam, erkenne und vergegenwärtige mir die Bedeutungen und Ursachen eben dieser emotionalen Reaktionen um mich dadurch selbst zu verstehen, standhaft zu sein, eigenverantwortlich und selbstbestimmt, so wie es im Sinne dieses Mannes gewesen wäre, dieses bemerkenswerten Menschen der mir über so lange oder auch kurze Zeit als einzigartiges, lebendes Beispiel gezeigt hat, dass die Freiheit des Menschen, seine Selbstbefreiung und die Erlangung wahrer Menschenwürde und Vertrauenswürdigkeit tatsächlich möglich und lebbar ist.

All die Jahre meiner Suche nach einem Sinn, nach einer Erfüllung, nach einem Grund oder einer Bestimmung, nach dem Grund der Existenz, nach dem man zwangsläufig anfängt zu fragen wenn man einen gewissen Punkt der Selbstarbeit überschritten hat waren nichts weiter als die strebsame Gier des Egos, dieser Gedanken-gespeisten Einbildung einer Existenz allein als Ich, als diese Person nach energetischen Erlebnissen und haben immer nur den einfachen Weg vor mir ausgelegt, weil sie eben Strukturen der Gedankenkonzepte und der emotionalen Bewusstseinsauslegungen folgen die uns allen eingepflanzt werden und die dich immer wieder auf dich selbst zurückwerfen, während du verzweifelt versuchst aus dir heraus zu kommen anstatt den Blick auch tatsächlich bewusst und offen auf dich selbst gerichtet zu halten.

Dieser eine Schritt, eine offene, ungezwungene und bedingungslose Entscheidung der Unterstützung ohne irgendeinen Versuch der Überzeugung durch die Gruppe, der Menschen die mit Bernard zusammen für Desteni, für seine Worte gestanden haben waren der erste und einzig notwendige Augenblick für mich um mich selbst zu finden und mich als gleich und eins mit allem Leben zu erkennen – oder besser gesagt zu erahnen, denn wie ich all das umsetzen, wie ich damit fertig werden und mich von den Gedanken ignoranter Selbstrechtfertigung und emotionalen Fesseln meiner persönlich auferlegten Gefangenschaft befreien sollte war mir zu dem Zeitpunkt noch unklar. Doch die eigenständige Auseinandersetzung mit dem Desteni Material, mit der Fülle an Artikeln und Interviews, den Vlogs und Blogs, das Schreiben als Werkzeug, als Hilfsmittel zur Entfaltung meiner Persönlichkeit vor mir selbst, das hat mir die Augen geöffnet und den befreienden Schritt zur Annahme meiner Eigenverantwortlichkeit für und als das Leben selbst möglich gemacht.
Bernard war sicher treibende Kraft in der Gruppe und für mich war er ein Fixstern für meine Orientierung und Ausrichtung am Leben, für meinen Weg mich durch die eigenen emotionalen Verkrustungen zu brechen, meine Opferrolle aufzugeben, meine Süchte zu beseitigen und mich als Mensch zu befreien, weil er als Beispiel das gelebt hat, wovon ich immer nur eine Ahnung hatte, was ich aber in Angst und Eigensinn vergraben hatte. Es war immer so, dass e genau die richtigen Worte zum richtigen Zeitpunkt aussprach die ich hören musste um im Moment des Fallens wieder zu mir selbst zu finden, auch wenn er mit diesen Worten nicht mich persönlich ansprach, sondern alle Menschen gleichermaßen.

Und da liegt eben auch die Kraft seines Wirkens, dass er klar und ungefärbt die Gleichheit aller, die Gleichheit der Strukturen und die offenen Wahrheiten des Lebens deutlich erfasst und ausgesprochen hat in Worten die mitten ins Herz der selbstgeschaffenen Scheinexistenz trafen und sie treffen noch immer, haben noch immer die selbe Kraft.
Ja, ich bin unsagbar betroffen von seinem Tod, ich vermisse seine Präsenz auch wenn ich ihm nie näher als dreizehn tausend Kilometer Kilometer gewesen bin. Ich habe einfach keinem anderen Menschen so viele wertvolle, profunde und dauerhafte Einsichten zu verdanken wie ihm, seiner unterstützenden Haltung, seiner Wahrhaftigkeit und brachialen Ehrlichkeit.
Ja, diese Welt ist durch seinen Tod tatsächlich ärmer, doch ist das bereits tausendfach aufgewogen mit dem, was Bernard Poolman als Mensch hier bewirkt und zurückgelassen hat, was unumstößlich seinen Tod überdauern und aus ihm heraus weiter wachsen und gedeihen wird zum Wohle allen Lebens. Das größte Geschenk, das ein Mensch dem Leben aller und damit sich selbst machen kann, die Transformation der mensclichen Existenz als programmiertes Bewusstsein zu einem sich selbst in Einheit und Gleichheit erkennenden und eigenständig verantwortlich definierenden Menschen-Leben, der wahrhaftige, selbstbestimmte Weg in die Freiheit allen Lebens als Beispiel gelebt und mit offenen Händen geteilt als Bedingungslose Hingabe und Unterstützung für alle.

Wer mehr darüber erfahren möchte wie einzigartig und doch vertraut, kraftvoll und dennoch einfühlsam, umfassend und dennoch in simpler Klarheit dieser Mann gewirkt hat und immer noch unverändert wirkt, der verschaffe sich selbst einen Eindruck indem er sich mit den Blogs und Vlogs, den Entwicklungen und dem Einsatz, der Hingabe und der bedingungslosen Aufopferung für das Leben aller der stetig zunehmenden Menge an Menschen überall auf der Welt auseinandersetzt, sich der Fülle an Selbstenthüllungen und dem gelebten Wandel all derjenigen aussetzt die sich dem Leben in Klarheit und Einheit verschrieben haben, die die eine Entscheidung im Namen des Lebens getroffen haben, sich selbst, eigenständig und eigenverantwortlich dem Prozess der Selbstbefreiung von den gedanklichen, mentalen Strukturen der Unterdrückung und Beschränkung des Lebens zu unterziehen, nicht etwa weil Bernard Poolman ein Übermensch gewesen wäre dem alle nacheifern, somdern weil er sich als ein bedingungslos vertrauenswürdiger und offener, gebender Gleicher gezeigt, weil er sich hingegeben hat für das Leben, die Freiheit des Lebens und damit für die Freiheit aller. Darin sich selbst zu entblößen bis auf die Knochen, sich als eins und gleich mit allen zu entlarven und diese Wahrheit in treffende Worte zu packen die die Illusionen des Geistes und seiner Überheblichkeit gezielt an der Wurzel packen lag und liegt das, was er uns allen gegeben und hinterlassen hat, und in unseren Leben, unseren Entscheidungen und unserer Hingabe an das Leben, an den Prozess der Befreiung in eigenverantwortlicher Selbstbestimmung liegt die überdauernde Ewigkeit dessen, was er repräsentiert hat. Das sind meine Worte über Bernard Poolman, der niemals etwas zu verbergen hatte. Es steht jedem Menschen völlig frei sich ernsthaft und umfassend zu informieren, sich einzulesen. Doch es bedarf schon einiger Courage den ersten Schritt auf die Wahrheit zuzugehen, wenn man überall auf althergebrachte Weise den scheinbar leichten Weg der Vorverurteilung geboten bekommt, wenn man nicht selbst denken, handeln und entscheiden muss und glaubt, sich dadurch der Verantwortung für und als das Leben das man ist entziehen zu können. Dass das nicht funktioniert, dass man die Verantwortlichkeit nicht abschütteln kann, ist eine der so unangenehm erscheinenden Wahrheiten die er nicht müde geworden ist herauszuschreien um uns die Möglichkeiten der Freiheit, das Potential als Mensch wahrhaft zu leben vor Augen zu führen.
Ich habe lange gebraucht um diese Worte zu schreiben, weil ich nicht sicher war, ob ich es mir anmaßen kann über den Tod eines Mannes zu schreiben, den ich lediglich über tausende Kilometer Entfernung aus Chats, Vlogs und Blogs zu kennen glaubte, doch ich bin froh damit angefangen zu haben, weil mir dadurch klar geworden ist, dass ich ihn sehr wohl kannte, dass ich genau wusste um die Wirkung seiner Worte und die Wirkung seiner Presenz. Ich kenne Bernard Poolman so, wie ich mich selbst kenne und eben weil ich zu ihm, zu seinen Worten stehe, stehe ich zu den meinen und in meiner Hingabe an die Wahrhaftigkeit, die Freiheit und Eigenverantwortlichkeit als das Leben lerne ich ihn immer besser kennen, bis ich mich selbst absolut bis in den letzten dunklen Winkel meiner Selbst kenne und verstehe. Auf dass wir alle in Freiheit und Gleichheit die Vielfältigkeit des Lebens und sein volles Potential sein werden.

Danke Bernard Poolman,
Danke an alle die mit mir bis hier gegangen sind und die, die noch mit uns diesen Weg gehen werden.

Bastian Neumann

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Day 342 - Who am I in relation to Bernard Poolman?

I've now had a week to process the death of Bernard Poolman. The aspects of myself that this man had brought into view for me were tremendously supportive. He showed me how my anxiety can be stopped with a simple breath and 'yes or no' perspective. Simple. He called me out on my selfish, egocentric way of seeing myself in the context of all that is around me, explaining how all I've really been caring about is the 'me' in my head, placing all other beings as irrelevant (unless they could benefit me, obviously). He assisted me in understanding just how severely compromising this self-importance design I created for myself is. How I have actually separated me from the physical reality to such a degree that I inflate the view of myself, feel powerful, and thus trap myself within my own illusion, while in reality I am damn near powerless.

He spoke of potential. That was the perspective he spoke from. He would see the potential in everyone and he took responsibility to assist us in seeing how we're holding ourselves back within our skewed views. He didn't allow himself to be anything less than than Life, one and equal with all life, and so he wasn't about to allow the rest of us stand as anything less than the Life we all truly are. And he wasn't about to walk our Journey to Life either! "You created it," he would say.

He devoted his life to living the principle of what is best for all. He investigated what is here and found many systems that support inequality and the enslavement of the human. Very few actually understand that the physical reality is what matters. These people are the elite. The difference between the elitist perspective and Bernard's perspective is fear. Bernard recognized the fear reactions within him and questioned "why not best for all?" He was relentlessly compassionate, saw the problem, and stood as the solution. And perhaps the most significant part was that he understood what had to be done, and he did it.

The Desteni group is the result of his efforts to bring about a better world. The few that knew him understand the authenticity of Bernard without question. What he stood for came through in every word that he spoke. Sure he was a funny guy, but his humor was never dry, always specific in revealing the odd to atrocious nature of man's existence. Before I had met him in real life, I had listened to many of his talks on YouTube, and even though he sounded...unattractive, scary even, I was listening to what he was actually saying. Where he was coming from. His words came from a place I could not easily dismantle. I had to continue my investigation.

Now, I stand with clarity. I am here to carry on in the name of Life. Bernard shared how he realized himself as Life through self-forgiveness, self-honesty and practically living the the solution within the principle of what is best for all. He created an organization of people who care. Small as we may be, I guarantee this is only the beginning. The fears and justifications do not stand a chance against the movement of life; but the test of time will prove that.

I commit myself to accept and allow nothing less than Life within myself, so that I may stand as a pillar of support for all to realize Equality and Oneness.

Here's my brick of SF from the day he died:
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself in relation to Bernard. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a relationship of dependence with him, that I can't do it alone, despite the nature of the core message. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that Bernard is superior to me as life embodiment. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself believe I am less than life. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify my personal issues and time loop many times because I fear I cannot stand as the directive principle of my life. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear my inability. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I cannot do it, that I can not do what he has done. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel a need to suppress points in relation to him that might make me cry if I look at them self-honestly. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget that I can stabilize myself in any and every moment with a single breath. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold to memories where he had supported me so well, and believe that I cannot stand and effectively support myself. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think that I can honor him by playing Candy Crush, and not be self-honest about the point to see that I am avoiding facing the emotional reactions that I chose to not face immediately. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not face my reactions immediately. I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to quantify self-forgiveness and focus on my application, so that I may optimize and walk my process steadfast.
In the next post, I'll correct and expand on how I decide to live here onward. Thanks for investigating.

See also: The Measure of a Man & how other's expressed themselves in relation to Bernard here on this thread in the desteni forum.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Thanks Daniel!

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