Man Cuts Off Own Foot to Avoid Work

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Man Cuts Off Own Foot to Avoid Work

Postby tylersr » 28 Mar 2012, 02:06

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An Austrian man cut off his foot with a saw to avoid a work placement that would have reduced his unemployment benefits. Despite the man’s history of mental illness and his now amputated foot, the unemployment agency said his attempt to avoid work will not be successful. After he leaves the hospital, another position will be found for him, according to the agency.

This incident is but one example of the extent to which we are enslaved by the money system. So long as you are not a vegetable, you will be forced to work for your survival, even if you feel so bad about your life that you cut off your own foot. Rather than providing medical care and counseling to this man and then placing him in a job that he would enjoy, the system can’t wait to get him back to work. If they could find a way to get vegetables to do work, I’m sure they would. Maybe we could harvest energy from such people- vegetable heartbeat power plants! I’ll be rich!

In an Equal Money System, this man would not be forced to work. No one over about the age of 26 would have to work at all. And everyone would be supported unconditionally regardless of employment status, mental health, or any other condition.

The only types of jobs will be those which people actually want to do because they are fun. You will never find yourself in a situation where the only jobs that are available are so bad that they make you want to cut off your own foot. Everyone who wants to work will be involved in something that is supporting everyone else. With the value of work made directly visible to each and every participant, having fun at work will be the norm.

Check out to read and watch videos about the economic system of the future. If you have any ideas about common sense ways to tackle the issues of food production, water infrastructure, education, health care, transportation, or anything else that you see fit for a future of fun, don’t hesitate to post your idea in the forum!

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Re: Man Cuts Off Own Foot to Avoid Work

Postby Maya » 28 Mar 2012, 06:57

thanks for sharing this here.
if you haven't already, it would be cool to post it on the Equal Money Forum.

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