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Re: DIY System Demons - Part 35 - Anger Demon Transcription

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System Demons 35
- Anger Demon -

Hi, this is the anger system demon. Everyone has got anger in this world, everyone experiences anger. It's like the smallest ridiculous thing sometime ignites anger within you.

Or when something happens to you, you become angry. Or, when you've done something to yourself and you know you've done it ... anger.

So, I am the anger system demon. Whenever you experience anger I'm there.

But anger apparently has got many different faces, places and experiences and expressions in your world.
But the truth is actually, that there is only one type of anger that exists. And that is anger at yourself, voilà .
And, another interesting point is that there only one type of anger exists as one point of being angry at yourself, and that is when you've not been honest with yourself.

If you have fucked yourself, you become angry at yourself. And then that anger will manifest in different ways and different places in your world to show you that there exists anger within yourself because you haven't been honest with yourself. And you suppress that anger and because you suppress that anger that anger will resonate, manifest and be experienced in different places in your world. What am I say saying, I'm saying that when you experience anger, know that you haven't been hones with yourself on certain points. Let's say... What do women sometimes do when they get angry with men that apparently don't put down the toilet or something like that, just a simple example. And the wife goes: “Why god damn it didn't you put down the god damn toilet? I need to sit down when I pee!” There are some women that get angry. Now that is a separate manifested projection experience of anger for you to see that there exists anger within you. So an event had to take place for you to see that there exists anger within you. Now, it has got nothing to do with your husband not putting down the toilet. It's got to do with the realisation “Oh fuck, I've got anger in me”, “Why do I have anger in me?” Now you've got to look at all the points where you haven't been honest with you in our world which culminated through the manifestation of an event that had to take place for you to realise that anger exists inside you.

When there takes place events in your world which manifest the experience of anger inside you; know that is has got fuck all to do with the event. It has got fuck all to do with that which exists which caused the event, whether it be a person, an animal or a child.

It has got to do with you being angry with yourself because you suppress anger because of you not being honest with you in certain and specific points within your world.

And you know what the most interesting thing is? You'll know exactly where they are .

So what you do is when you experience anger: stop yourself. Then you go look inside yourself: Why am I angry? Where did this anger start? At what points in my world have I not been honest with me? So therefore I kind of fit in with the flag point system demon. Then you've got to get back to the flag point system demon. Then you have to look: Where, in what system demons in my world, am I not being honest with myself in every moment experience?
Because I -as the anger system demon- am the outflow of you not being hones with you in your starting point in every moment which culminates to anger. Then you have to go starting point system demon as well. See how we all link so beautifully... What's another point of interesting anger? Oh, people! Fuck, conflict between two people, Jesus Christ I love that.

Because there I flourish! So, when a person diverts anger at you, you become angry at the person : “Pjew pjew pjew (gun shots)”. There's where the anger system, me of you- and the other person meet. We birth another anger system demon that multiplies within both of you and the event is never really resolved. Because in your thoughts you go : “Oh that fucking bitch!” or “Oh that fucking asshole!” And you shake your hands and you say (*big fake smile*) :”Oh yeah, I forgive you.”, and you're going in your head “...fucking asshole.../fucking bitch”.

So when a being is angry and diverts anger at you realise that they're actually just angry at themselves because they haven't been honest with themselves within certain point within their world and that you must not become angry at all. Don't throw the ball back. Don't play tennis, don't play anger tennis with eachother, just stop. Don't throw the ball back, just stand there. That person is inevitability going to have to stop. Energy can only last so long. Even if that person goed on for an hour you just say “yeah, ok” and afterwars you'd say “Ok, are you done? Is the angry out now?” and then you say :”Now I'll have a decent conversation with you.” You see, simple. And that person gets anry again you just say :”I'm not gonna talk to you.” and you walk away. Simple.
Don't play the game. Don't throw the ball back

Uhm, ok so that's where I the anger system come in so that if you experience anger, you have to get back to your starting point demon and your flag point demon and look in your world where you have not been honest with yourself. Because I am just the outflow experience of that 2 points. Which is the : triangle.
See as triangles fit in everywhere and everything. We're a traingle nation.

Ok, thank you very much, I am the anger system demon.

Transcribed by AngelaPagano

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