Desteni: Cult or not?

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby ingridschaefer » 16 Jan 2013, 13:48

Lots of support here in regard to the word Cult! Thanks.

The fact that other people are trying to proove to you that you must not 'get involved' with the material and people of desteni, is already a point to investigate and a 'proove' that they didnot investigate the material of desteni that is available, for themselves. They are more busy with trying to keep you away from it than do some investigations for themselves. Why? The only answer is fear. Do they fear 'for you'? No, they fear for themselves. Why not trust you in your ability to investigate this and to walk with it as you see it is supporting you and bringing solutions as support for all life? Because they do not trust themselves. Which is the whole problem, we as people do not and cannot trust ourselves as long as we are not self-honest; but we are scared to admit this, to admit that we have lived our live as a mistake and thus have to change, and instead of this ratter attack people who are a threat to this self-believe of being a 'good person'. This trying to convince you with reasons of staying away from desteni is a proove of not being self-honest, because a person with some self-honesty would investigate everything and keep what is best for all, and start walking the process to become a self-honest, trustworthy human being and support you within this.

You can see it as a reflection of your own doubts inside yourself, which is supporting you to stand up in this and make a decission who you want to be and become. I also had this clashes in the beginning of participating within desteni (and still from time to time), and it supported me to see even more clear what is real, and how the human mind is preprogrammed to turn around reality into imagination as a 'private advantage' to survive in/as the energy of self-believe, instead of standing up for what is best for all life in physical reality. And this is quite a process to walk! And at the same time the Best Decission that I have ever made, as I am finally walking what I am able to, which is only possible if it is best for all life, which includes me as life.

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby Maya » 17 Jan 2013, 09:27

This Thread is now locked since there is nothing left to say that we haven't discussed, shared and debunked in common sense before.
If one is facing difficulties with Family and Friends with regards to one's participation with Desteni, we suggest to visit the AntiHate thread to educate yourself through the Common sense Perspectives that were shared. Then, if there is any point that wasn't covered before, one may ask for perspectives.

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