On Fake Forum Accounts

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On Fake Forum Accounts

Post by tylersr »

Not sure where else to post this, so this seemed like a fitting subforum.

Has anyone else noticed the great number of questionable accounts on the forum lately? There seems to be a minimum of 100 users logged in at any one time, with similarly spoofed names like Aldenduri, Briannoift, DavinBymn, DerikMt, JerodNAL, Kevenoi, RamonFoste, Ridgemose, etc. now showing up as registered users. Not sure if this is cause for concern, I would hate to see this invaluable resource disrupted in any way, though.

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Re: On Fake Forum Accounts

Post by Gabriel »

Hi Tyler, we do moderate the forum and when a new account makes a post it is automatically placed on hold for review and that is how we catch the fake accounts.
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