My perspective on AntiHate

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My perspective on AntiHate

Postby Bella » 05 Jul 2011, 11:53

We have started a ‘campaign’ to expose the abusers that attack with empty accusations in Spite of the evidence that is here. Already numerous AntiHate participants join in. On my Youtube channel BellaAntiHate I share the basics principles we share at Desteni and provide clarifications, because I do not wish to condone the assumptions and deliberate accusations of haters. I am exposing the ‘fuzzy logic’ of the haters and the deliberate defamation against the one group that is working towards stopping dictatorships and creating a world where ALL are leaders : of Life!

Do your own research about who we are and what we do at Desteni - the websites and material are free to use, here for all.

Equality is the end of all cults. Equality is the principle that includes all Life. Equality means that the value of Life is Life.
Desteni is Anti-Fascist and Anti-MindControl. Desteni is Anti-Dictatorship and Anti-Religion. Desteni stand for the end of all separation and the end of all abuse.

Unlike any other group/school/movement, we realize that mind-control works from the inside-out as the conditioned perceptions, fears, desires, beliefs, imprinted onto us through 'education', media, culture = the things that create our 'world-view' and divide us, have us compete against each-other in fear of each-other.
Hence we apply & propose SELF-Honesty, SELF-Forgiveness, SELF-Will, SELF-Responsibility for Life as who we all really are --- SELF-EMPOWERMENT for ALL

Abusers remain anonymous and claim they "speak out against cults & control systems".
That is what we are in fact doing at Desteni, standing with our real names. We describe the inner and outer systems we are debunking in detail and show exactly how they work. We don't hate, and we don't attack, we don’t blame ‘others’. In self-responsibility, we educate ourselves and each-other; We wash our own brains from the fear and the power-greed that rules this world and stand for a Free World: NO GODS, NO MASTERS, NO SLAVES.

I stand for Equality and a New equal money system, for a World that is Life-Supportive for All - and that is why I stand with Desteni and support that ‎we need to Change the Economic System, the Way we Function with that which is Valuable, the Way we Support Life; The Way we Value Life, so that there is NO MORE Wars, Murder, Abuse, Deception.

The micro-cosmos that is ourselves as individuals constitutes the macro-cosmos we experience in our reality. Who will we Be within it all? Is Self-Determination possible? How can we break the spell that we’ve cast upon ourselves in spite of life?
Let us once and for all Stop abuse and lift the veils of mind-control that is the current world-system, the unified consciousness system.
Debunk the matrix within and without – Empower yourself to Stand-Up as Equal of Life.

Any one is able to Stand Up for Life and Participate in Changing the Desteni of the World.

That is Why we Are Here.

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Re: My perspective on AntiHate

Postby Bella » 05 Jul 2011, 11:54

Desteni is actually Anti-Cult. Why?
Cultures as they exist exist in competition against each-other due to fear of each-other –
The common good, the common sense is sacrificed on the altar of specialty, profoundness, dominion.

Why is man too blind to see that deeds and decisions taken in the name of the ‘differences’ that separate us are like domino pieces waiting for the final countdown.
At Desteni we are people that see the insanity of all this and recognize that we, too, are responsible for what is here: the way we have existed within ourselves and with each-other has in fact perpetuated the world as we know it. Thus we have gotten together to apply and promote solutions of EQUALITY & ONENESS, based in the value of Life, because the value of Life is Life – beyond gender, race, culture, society, religion, ideology, belief.
At Desteni we are busy debunking the systems of separation that exist within and without, exposing ourselves and our world for all to see: we are all the same – yet, we are here, and no one is coming to save us. We have no choice but self-responsibility. We have no truth but self-honesty as life.

The anonymous people on Youtube, on the internet, go about saying Desteni is a cult, is dangerous, their leader is evil and they will harm the world. It is ‘fascinating’ how everything is in reverse. We have no ‘leader’ because no one leader has ever brought anything good upon mankind. Instead, we each support ourselves and each-other to stand-up and be leaders for ourselves and each-other, so that we may lead ourselves and each-other as life – for a world where All Life is equally honoured and supported in Fact.

What mankind has been cultivating and calling ‘life’ is worth-less, as it is based on separation, greed for profit, and exploitation of life for personal interests.
We have had enough! We are here to re-educate ourselves and each-other in self-honesty and practical common sense. We are here to cultivate ourselves within a new, dignified CULT-U-RE, the Culture of LIFE.

Anyone willing to see what is really going on and not just follow some ‘conspiracy theories’ based in fear, ignorance and deliberate indifference, will see that the anonymous attacks against Desteni, against equality, are based on nothing substantial: the users claiming Desteni to be a cult have had no interaction on the Desteni websites and forums or with the people that have been visibly participating at Desteni through recordings, documents, exchange forums and internet platforms. All of us participating in the message of Equality & Oneness for Man(to-be)kind, for One Earth, one home and the end of all abuse, have been sharing ourselves and our processes publicly, for years, and anyone is able to follow our processes and see how this group has emerged and developed and how we continue empowering ourselves to make an actual difference in this world.

The haters come with no interest in solutions, with alternatives, no suggestions – only empty accusations filled with blame, spitefulness, self-importance.
What is the profile of such hater? Where do they come from? Child-abuse? Discrimination? Bullying? Personal Failure? Obsession? Greed? Why are people simply attacking, and that is, attacking the One group that has made it its purpose to expose and stop all things that separate, abuse and exploit life! How come we are being named a cult, when we are standing up for the end of all cults, for the end of all cultism, the end of all separation?

Have people perhaps expected a proposal for an actual solution to this mess of a world to come served on a golden plate, all dressed beautifully and announced with angelic music? People react to us because we address the Unacceptable that has been accepted, the ‘hidden’ sin of the fathers that no one wants to take responsibility for; not seeing that if we don’t, we are passing it on to the children to come, that is ourselves, that is this earth, here. People react to us because we call things by their names, and we CAN, because we do it not only for what is ‘out there’, but firstly for what is ‘in here’, inherent within each-one as ‘human nature’.

Self-Responsibility, Self-Will, Self-Honesty – these are tools for self to stand Equal as One, as who each one is of Life.
Equality is the Key to the universe.
Will man be kind enough to be part of the universal family of Life?

This is our destenation.
We are here to change our desteni, and together we can change the desteni of mankind.

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Re: My perspective on AntiHate

Postby Bella » 04 Aug 2011, 17:09

just like lately again, it has often been witnessed that HATERS will lurk around for things/points they can pick-up/pick-out from another's blogs or vlogs to try and harm another, to try and 'prove' their point (of why it is 'justified' to be a desteni hater) and 'win' with their opinion/judgment about OTHERS.

when i recall my time in kindergarten and primary school, we had such kids around: they were always in the outlook for something about ANOTHER that they can take and twist around enough to ridicule/diminish the OTHER. this made them feel 'more' powerful in themselves, it would boost their ego and make them HAPPY (!) - trigger-happy.

this is a SADISTIC trait - the bully, the hater, the kind of people going to unspoken lengths to make OTHERS seem inferior so through this polarity they can apparently 'elevate' themselves as 'superior' - (not unlike what criminal analysis units call SOCIOPATHS) - and this is where it is obvious that such tactics, such power-games can only stem from an accepted, denied or suppressed 'inferiority' of self.
it is against oneself one is actually fighting - against the accepted/allowed/adopted self-definitions according to which one is not 'good enough', according to which one's worth is measured against the worth of another, and that only worth diminishing another one can 'elevate' oneself to acceptable value (!).
this is SICK. and yet if we look around, within and without, this is what our relationships in this world are based on, both in the smaller and the bigger scale. if we investigate how VALUE is defined and what self-worth is in this world, the truth we find is disturbing.

Desteni can only be perceived as a threat if/when one is holding onto one's own beliefs and self-definitions to such an extent that the loss thereof creates a FEAR that takes over completely, so much so that anything that's 'threatening' to make one FACE that FEAR and that LOSS: is perceived as posing a threat and thus being 'dangerous'.

yes, Desteni is dangerous to fear. Desteni is dangerous to anything of polarity - and that is why we are here, sharing, exposing; ourselves AND this world; applying and urging others to apply the STOPPING of polarity/polarization, the STOPPING of denial/suppression, the STOPPING of separation; to STAND-UP as life in self-directive principle and Stop all fear, because in essence FEAR is MIND-CONTROL.

and so it is that while LIFE is all-inclusive, there is those that exclude themselves from life and exist inFear while they (attempt to) project a 'superior' image, as if it were possible to be 'more than life'.
it is not.
"one is either equal, or one is less than life" -
the value of Life is Life
and therefore LIFE is the highest value, the holy/wholly of existence, and that which we all have in common: we all breathe the same air.

It is suggested that personal blogs be done privately on the Private Forum or the Destonian Forum.
It is unnecessary to expose oneself in a way that would invite abuse - the Haters are like vampires that are out for blood, ready to steal your breath. The point of exposure is simply to See Self; 'exposure' is always self-exposure - in self-honesty it can never be about 'others'. Exposure is purely for the purposes of understanding the patterns at play so as to see things for what they are and through this take back self-directive principle and bring forth self-willed change.

If you have personal matters you are busy working through and are serious about facing yourself in self-responsibility, ask for a Buddy to support you. On this see also Guidelines for Forum-Buddy relationships

further perspective on 'Haters' and the AntiHate campaign:
Of Power and Illusion - Where is Life? ... =3235#p853

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Re: My perspective on AntiHate

Postby Anna » 04 Aug 2011, 19:14

Awesome Bella!

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Re: My perspective on AntiHate

Postby Bella » 11 Sep 2011, 22:18

It is self-evident that instilling fear and hatred based on spitefulness, ignorance or mere jealousy is the very trait that is responsible for WAR, TERROR and SEPARATION in this world.

This has been the application of Rick Ross (RR) and his infamous 'cult education forum' on the internet, where among others he also attacks and spreads fear and hate against Desteni -
though, he seems to have attracted some real truthseekers.
There is in fact several investigations questioning Rick Ross and his cult.*

The 'beauty' of it all is that the truth, the actuality of every point reveals itself inevitably.
That is equality and oneness:
The Truth is What is Here. Are we willing to see?

This 'nature' of the human/world as shown through the haters on the www can and must be stopped -
it all starts within each one;
Self is the origin of creation: who we are and how we co-exist creates this world; thus this is also where we STOP.

We stop the terror and all war within self;
We speak out, we speak up, we use common sense and transparency in all our ways.

Destonians, as Earthlings, stand for ALL as LIFE.
We are cultivating the ultimate cult, lol - the CULTURE of LIFE where ALL is included!

Self-Forgiveness is showing us in practicality the solution to END the cycles of consciousness, to end the vicious games man entertain and STOP all power-games.
We have been proving to ourselves through the whole point of/as the AntiHate campaign, wherein we stand-up to no longer accept and allowing Bullying, Hate, Attacks and Terror, without however projecting blame and pointing fingers in spite but instead through taking all points back to self and walking in self-honesty and common sense, seeing things for what they are and most importantly: seeing our responsibility within it all.

That is the main point of Destonian Walking:
bringing each point back to self as creator, investigating how one's own existence has been accepting / allowing / giving permission for such point(s) to exist in this world; and looking at the practical change/solutions required to transform what is here to a Here that is Best for All.

Here are some AntiHate links that expose the hate-attacks of Rick Rock and his so-called 'cult education forum':

Blog by Andrea Rossouw:
Rick Ross is a Cult and here are the reasons why

Vlog by Adrian Blackburn:
Weak minds are swindled by Rick Ross

*There are more people out there that question Rick Ross and his motives ... or-cultist ... istics.htm

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