Desteni: Cult or not?

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Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby AnthonyF » 27 Dec 2012, 04:17

Pretty simple fucking question.
Both sides have valuable evidence proving the opposite side wrong.
But obviously there is only one answer. Not that I expect any of you to pronounce "YES, OKAY. I ADMIT IT. I HAVE BEEN WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE DESTENI FAD FOR 10 YEARS AND IT IS ALL A SCAM TO RETRIEVE PEOPLE'S MONEY!".
Things like self-forgiveness. That has helped me so much. I mean, I don't worry as much about how people judge me, I don't fear as much, I genuinely feel better about myself.
The things about the "Demons, interdimensional portals" I don't/have barely read into that stuff. Honestly, things like that I find harder to comprehend/believe. But I also know that, that stuff won't affect ME personally as much, so I feel no need to read about that at this point in time.

I spent the day with my cousin who is 29 years old yesterday. He is one of those people that is just great to be around, funny, good looks, fun. I've always looked up to him in a way. And I told him about Desteni. And he thought it sounded great in person. Then I linked him to the site.
This is what he said via Facebook:

"Chovies mate, it's definitely cultish. "Interdimensional portals, demons, emotional energetics," WTF?

Dude, I think if you're searching for some direction, you'll find it around you. Your family and friends love you and care about you. Why not listen to them instead of a bunch of bald people on the internet?

There's some good stuff in there, sure. But there's good stuff in fundamentalist Islam, or even in Nazism. You don't need any of this. All you need to do is look around at the people that love you. You Mum, your Dad, your grandparents, your uncles and aunties, me. We want to help you because we're blood, we're family and that's what families do.

Interdimensional portals!"


"No self-respecting cult admits to being a cult! A bit like Osama Bin Laden wouldn't have described himself as a terrorist.

You're the perfect potential recruit: you're young, looking for direction, and you want to believe!

Be careful, Chovies. There are so many ways to fall down in life. There's good and bad in everything, but usually your gut feeling is right. For example doing drugs might make me feel euphoria, but my gut tells me that in the long run, the bad outweighs the good. So I don't do drugs.

Do some research into some of the other cultish organisations out there: Landmark, Scientology, Hillsong. Look for similarities to Destini. Then look at the examples in history of cults that have been allowed to run their course:'s_G ... ous_group)

There's many more."

That's just what he said. (My nickname is "Chovies" by the way).

Anyway, I respect his views. He's family after all.
And I am NOT saying he is correct.
Honestly, I have never considered Desteni being a cult up until now. A few friends believe that it IS a cult. But I disagreed. Just now that someone that I am actually close to has brought it up, I felt the need to question it.

I want to believe in Desteni and Desteni's message SO MUCH. It has helped me FULL STOP.
But reading all this shit about cult's with "Mass suicides" and all this fucking shit. It scares me to be honest. Like what the fuck?
Not that Desteni is implying suicide, I know that it isn't.
But yeah.

Also, is this a legit entry?
http://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot. ... story.html

Anyway. Just thought I'd share this.
Maybe other people are questioning certain things.

Thanks all.

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby Jeanne » 27 Dec 2012, 04:47

Hi Anthony F
You better question everything because no one is going to do it for you.
I doubt you will have anyone on this forum defend themselves or Desteni.
It's not easy standing up for Equality -- I too have experienced the 'diss' from friends and family and I can understand that people are afraid of being manipulated -- just think about how we manipulate ourselves, never mind each other.
I wonder how badly the shit has to hit the fan before people self-organize and create a present and a future that is worthy of Life.
You can doubt you entire life or you can apply the tools and continue to see how you can experience yourself and this world without the cultish influence of your mind. Unfortunately, no one is going to pat you on the back so you have to change yourself by yourself to no more exist as Bob Marley said, "In Mental Slavery"...
then we can see about getting this world fed. Sounds like a plan to me.

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby Anna » 27 Dec 2012, 12:06

Hi Anthony.

The following is what I'd suggest for anyone who says that Desteni is a cult to consider:

It is easy to make assumptions about something when casting a glance at it. It is similar to seeing monsters in the corner of one's eye at night, where upon further inspection it was merely a lamp casting shadows. But if you don't actually step out of the bed and go and investigate it, you'll keep sitting there seeing monsters because of what? Fear and Imagination in the mind that is coming from within oneself. Therefore I'd suggest to have a look at whether one is deliberately looking for some specific result (like Desteni is a cult) - because otherwise, would it not be common sense to investigate something before making assumptions?

So suggest to instead of looking at the word 'demons' and recoiling, to investigate in detail what is being shared, because how can you otherwise make an informed decision? Is that not also the problem with families for example, in that we're brought up to place blind trust and to not ask questions? I'd definitely suggest to investigate Desteni in detail so that you can stand clear in whatever decision you make - that you are walking this process for yourself, that no one is exploiting you financially or otherwise and that you can share this in certainty with anyone that asks. At Desteni we've laid ALL the material that has been produced since 2007 out freely online. It is all here, how Desteni was established, when, by who, for what purpose. There is no 'behind the scenes' of Desteni. Everything is shared in full disclosure. And therefore to claim that there is something fishy going on without having done ANY background research is simply ignorant.

To inform yourself on the topic of demons, suggest to listen to the following series (one is on Youtube and the other can be purchased on Eqafe. The first is old and the second is brand new, so if you're able to, definitely suggest to listen to both.)

The History of Desteni and Demons - Part One

Demons in the Afterlife - Part 1

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby Maya » 27 Dec 2012, 12:46

Yes, this is Legit.
"There are many that come across Desteni and define the Message as a Negative one or 'Not so much Positive'. They Say that Desteni Message is Radical and Extreme and from that, make the assumption that they already know what it is all about and thus, stop their investigation because it doesn't resonant with them. However, as I will be showing in this blog, the Desteni Message is all about Living the following Principles within and as an expression of oneself:
- Give as you would like to receive
- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you
- Investigate ALL things and keep that which is good for All.
Within this, there is no Good or Bad, it is not about Positive or Negative nor Good or Evil - it is about seeing Reality as what it's really is and accordingly, walk the correction that would result in the Best outcome for the Lives of all. " ... steni.html

Suggest reading the blogs series to understand the extant of Pre-programming and why people so easily will first say that Desteni is a Cult and Negative.

I also suggest reading and watching through the material we expressed regarding the Hate Speech about Desteni and the Desteni Members:

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby Bella » 27 Dec 2012, 14:41

This world consists of different 'cults' separated from each-other in groups, defined by their differences, each 'cult' trying to 'protect' itself against the others, trying to be the best, the one that wins, because "the winner takes it all" - the 'elite' being obviously the ultimate 'cult' and the ultimate 'winner' when it comes to life on earth. In this whole game we have come to completely disregard our common origin, our common ground, our common sense in this physical existence.

Thing is, masters can only exist when there are slaves accepting and allowing this bipolar relationship of control. What I'm saying is that we are all responsible for the current condition on our planet. At Desteni we investigate how we got here and how we can practically and in fact stop being slaves and stand-up to take responsibility for life, for ourselves, for each-other.

We have a world in pieces unable to find peace, because in the realms of religion, culture, society, peer-groups, financial groupings, etc., what is cultivated is self-interest, fear, prejudice - the 'need for survival' no matter the cost for life as a whole.

The devastating results of such existence can be seen in the crises we are facing as humanity, whereby in our 'struggle for survival' we have depleted earth of its natural resources and have allowed for 2/3 of the world's population to exist in inhumane conditions, while we don't care, as long as we are 'surviving' and the horrific daily news are not affecting us personally.

It is simply insane.

What is more insane is that such groupings and the whole culture of separation is based on mental belief systems, deliberately created to control the human through fear and inequality.
I mean the only reason the human is able to be controlled is because the human is lacking self-realization as oneness and equality, as life. The human is in fact inferior to everything in this world, yet the human will mostly attempt to seem or feel superior through 'knowledge' and 'wisdom', in spite of the obvious common sense that the knowledge and wisdom of this world system should be questioned, as it is not bringing forth any desirable outcome for life in any way whatsoever.

Desteni is a group of people that, given the above realizations, decided that "enough is enough" and that in common sense life should exist as one group, as best for all, as we are all here together on this one earth, subject to the same conditions and requirements for a dignified life.

So, instead of cultivating fear, separation, control, and a system of deception and exploitation -
at Desteni we cultivate ourselves as life, re-defining our existence practically to be based on the value of life, walking the self-realization of life as oneness and equality in all possible ways of practical living.
Because it is clear that what Earth requires, what humanity requires, is a culture of life, a culture of unity, a culture of respect, a culture of individuals that see themselves as equals of life and that will stand up for life and make sure that this system of abuse, deception, exploitation and inequality is stopped, and that we as mankind manifest and establish a new system of actual life support.

That is what Desteni is about.

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby Jeanne » 27 Dec 2012, 16:37

Hi Anthony,

If you haven't already, check out this free ebook "How I was able to hear the Desteni message" ... ni-message

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby CerisePoolman » 27 Dec 2012, 21:12

This statement indicates that you did not read the blog

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby AnthonyF » 27 Dec 2012, 23:52

Thank you all for your replies.
I really should have investigated more. Not that I was accusing Desteni or anyone of anything, just what was on my mind at the time.
Going to check out those links too, thanks all.
Admittedly I jumped to conclusions.
And also I did NOT read that journey to life blog post properly, true. Fucking stupid of me, my bad.

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby Matti Freeman » 28 Dec 2012, 04:05

Look at it simplistically:

We, like our family and friends who 'love and care about us' - are the product of knowledge based on the value of self preservation and protection of self interest. If we weren't - we would have come up with a solution to end suffering in this world.

This isn't a matter of trusting or 'listening' to Desteni. It's a matter of self trust and listening to your own self honesty.

What is trust?

Relying on Self to see, realize, understand, and live what is best for all life. What is Self Honesty? Facing Who I Am in every moment - which means, in every moment looking at what is my starting point.

There are only two starting points: That which protects self interest, and that which protects what is best for all life.

Deciding to NOT be what is best for all life - deciding to NOT be life - requires all kinds of justifications and excuses and opinions to 'explain' why not being what is best for all is apparently 'valid'.

Deciding to be what is best for all life - deciding to BE life - does not require philosophy, stories, opinions, belief systems, feelings to 'back it up'. The vocabulary of 'portal', 'interdimensional', 'reptilians', etc - is really irrelevant to the message. Anyone who actually tests self forgiveness for themselves can see this. Those that jump right to the discrediting of desteni based on words like 'portal' are those that have made the decision to protect an opinion - rather than to investigate everything within trusting self to find that which is best for all life.

It's up to Self to decide who self will be.

Desteni is people that trust ourselves to do what is best for all life.

Those who choose self interest as the cult of the pursuit of happiness - you can see - cannot demonstrate through daily writing exactly, specifically HOW such a choice and way of life can be of benefit to life on earth. You see only the promotion of techniques and methods you can use to improve your happiness and feel better about yourself and the world while one billion starve. You see only techniques and methods you can use to protect each other's self interest as happiness and suppress conflict within your relationships -- you never see any practical walkthrough of the actual patterns involved in conflict and how to stop them and replace them with patterns that will produce an outcome that is best for all.

Desteni on the other hand, demonstrates with daily blogs exactly how to stop conflict, stop abuse, stop inequality, stop delusion, stop depression, stop anger, stop spitefulness.

The inner conflict about participation / standing with desteni is not about Desteni - it's about Self. It's the conflict within self between the choice of a life of blissful ignorance - or a life where you actually take self responsibility for everything that you are and everything this world is.

Always bring it back to the simple principle of valuing all life equal. Any group whether friend or family or religion or community that cannot value all life equally and would rather protect self interest is a dangerous, harmful cult.

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Re: Desteni: Cult or not?

Postby kim amourette » 28 Dec 2012, 13:24

Hey Anthony,

you've already gotten a lot of great perspectives from everyone here - but i would still like to add my two cents about this, because this 'cult' point is like a major deal with human beings - like the fear 'losing yourself' or 'losing a loved one' to some kind of 'mind-brainwashing group/program'. lol - the fact that this fear exist in the human alone should already reveal the extent to which we don't even really know who we are as we seem to be aware of just how easily we can be 'lost'/'brainwashed'. And within this, obviously our family and friends will only project their own weak character on the one that steps out of the family program, and is now apparently the 'lost sheep' that will lose its way, and thus not actually realize that the weak character they're seeing in the 'lost sheep' is in fact what they have allowed themselves to become --- this is the point of SELF HONESTY (!), what you see in another is in fact yourself.

So, how do you know you're not in a cult??
By developing a 'strong character', through self-investigation and self-honesty and thus not simply place your trust within something/someone outside of yourself (which is what family/society will in fact expect you to do) - rather develop self-trust in every way --- as an awareness of who you really are, so that you know that what you stand for/as is really 'who you are' and not some product/result of brainwashing where you're just the parrot that repeats words because you think and believe them to be 'true' and 'right'.

And so within this, those that call desteni a cult - are simply beings that don't trust themselves enough to actually try out the tools that we present, like self-forgiveness, for themselves - and they in fact live in fear that they may 'lose themselves' or be brainwashed as that is exactly how influence-able and 'sheep-minded' they've allowed themselves to become. And so they will do whatever it takes to keep all the other sheep 'in check' --- and when one sheep tries to 'wander off' to go on a path of SELF-discovery -- they will call them whatever names and say whatever it takes to put the fear back into this little sheep and thus get it to return back to the herd where it's 'safe'.

Just have a look at how family will deliberately play into your FEARS as the feeling of 'inferiority' by telling you that you're going to be brainwashed in a cult -- so now the mind goes 'no, i don't want to be inferior, i want to feel good about myself again' --- which will then make you want to join the family-cult again where they say they love you because you're just like them. When really, if they'd actually really loved you, they'd support you in letting you make decisions for yourself and within that, learn about reality and yourself, and learn to trust yourself no matter where you are or what happens.

Self-honesty is to look within yourself and to see for yourself where you are following your fears and making decisions based on fear instead of trusting yourself - and this is where writing and self-forgiveness comes in, as it allows us to really see 'where we're at' within ourselves.

And thus, the fear of 'being in a cult' or 'being brainwashed' would in fact already indicate a point within yourself where you are giving away your trust to something/someone outside of yourself --- so, i'd suggest to look investigate this for yourself, so that you can get to a point of simply trusting yourself and stand by/as what you do/say no matter what anybody else says.

Cheers, Kim

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