Keeping notebooks from childhood... or throwing them all?

Share and ask your moments and experiences in random, unpredictable, sudden moments that happened to you - you'd like to understand. Whether it be during a discussion with someone and not understanding why certain thoughts / behaviours came up in you or another. Not understanding another's facial expression or even your own when looking in the mirror etc. So, this thread is dedicated to the everyday life moments we WONDER about but never ask.
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Keeping notebooks from childhood... or throwing them all?

Post by sophiazz »

Hi! i've gotta question with regards to throwing old notebooks.

I'm traveling to Colombia and I have here all my notebooks, books, letters, etc, from young years.

Most of them are from school, maths, sciences, i don't see a point on keeping them, what for.

But then I asked myself if probably in the future, with process- I will need them for something? like to understand more deeper about my childhood, with the way i wrote, the letter i used, etc...¿? makes sense or there's really no point on keeping notebooks from childhood?

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Re: Keeping notebooks from childhood... or throwing them all?

Post by AnthonyF »

Hi sophiazz,

That's a good question. I'd say it's fine to dispose of those old notebooks etc. If they're not practical for you to keep around now, then you'd be fine disposing of them. I see what you're saying in that they could potentially come in handy in a way. Perhaps you could look through them and perhaps you could have reactions/memories/thoughts etc that come up within yourself that you'd like to take responsibility for and possibly change, but I wouldn't be keeping them around for that reason. You can just as easily direct a point from childhood/from the past without having those physical notebooks with you. If a reaction for example comes up within you in the present, you could still quite easily trace that back to your childhood - take responsibility for the reaction, and change it.

So I'd say to focus on your process in the present, and just work on yourself and any point that comes up within you, and direct it - whether it's from a longtime in the past, or recent past, or whatever time period.

In my experience, when there's something on my mind (a point/point of resistance etc), I just sit down and start typing away, and often it all comes flooding out. After I write about it in-depth and get a good handle on the point and how it may have been created etc, that is when I start writing my self-forgiveness. I don't need physical items/things to provide a more accurate/visual image of a point that I am reacting to. As I write that, I can easily see myself becoming a hoarder if I were to keep hold of things in my life that I may have some type of reaction to!

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Re: Keeping notebooks from childhood... or throwing them all?

Post by Luc »

I'd keep'em. I have a few trinkets from my past that one day I could show to my children and reminisce.

There is nothing inherently wrong with anything, how I react thus respond to everything needs careful attention.

So check yourself, direct yourself, dissect yourself before you wreck yourself.

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Re: Keeping notebooks from childhood... or throwing them all?

Post by Marlen »

I agree with what Anthony shared based on the reason and purpose you are describing of wanting to keep them. We are the result of everything we have been through or lived, yes even past lives. So, whatever we see we have to process or "work on" so to speak will reveal itself or come out in your day to day living, in the present.

If you want to keep them out of nostalgia or showing to future children etc like Luc described, that's a different story. But based in your question, I don't see a point in keeping them.

I've kept some personal diaries though which is different for me, but not school type of notebooks. Though, I might someday change my view about these as well and get rid of them too hehe. Trust yourself in your decision and own it.

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