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Share and ask your moments and experiences in random, unpredictable, sudden moments that happened to you - you'd like to understand. Whether it be during a discussion with someone and not understanding why certain thoughts / behaviours came up in you or another. Not understanding another's facial expression or even your own when looking in the mirror etc. So, this thread is dedicated to the everyday life moments we WONDER about but never ask.
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Tim Gormley
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Ask a Destonian

Post by Tim Gormley »

I have a question regarding flu like sickness.

I have been trying to focus on breath extensively for the past few days straight and have gotten very sick with the flu. I don't think it is a coincidence because the symptoms get worse the more I focus on breath. Was potentially thinking that my breaths could be too hard, thus bringing in too much cold air into my lungs and lowering my body temperature.

Symptoms (feels like the flu):
- Extreme fatigue
- Extreme Coldness (shivering), followed by high fever
- Head Ache
- Dehydration
- Lower back pain, possibly because of slowching or shivering.
- Coughing up yellow shit out of my lungs.
- Lungs are very sensitive, which i believe is the heart of the immune system battle.

I felt 100x better when I woke up and in the morning, but now the symptoms have returned, similiar in timeline to the day before.

Marlen made a comment in the April 9th chat explaining that the body sometimes creatively cleanses itself through fever.

Any insight would be much appreciated.


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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by Kristina »

Hey Tim - all I can suggest is to breath and 'be with/as' the physical experience of sickness, do not fight it or resist it. And perhaps suggest to see a doctor if it continues.

Pain/sickness/illness/disease is physical support for us - so perhaps investigate what's been your experience the last few weeks and what comes up in relation to this sickness - there you will find points of self forgiveness, and once you walk it there might be relief. That is all I can offer for support. Maybe more will have some insight.

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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by JessicaSmith »

Hey, Tim. I noticed that you had some interesting wording within this post.
I have been trying to focus on breath extensively for the past few days straight and have gotten very sick with the flu. Trying=separation.

Here is an interesting quote from my buddy that assisted me. "All it takes is a decision to breathe and than walking the decision is easy. So investigate the starting point of 'trying to breathe' and why it is not yet a decision to breathe."

The flu seems like physical support for yourself to see that we never, 'find,' our breath because every breath is here in this moment.

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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by Marlen »

Cool support here, spot on within the 'trying' = not being fully directive.

See if the starting point of breathing is not here-as-self but instead you wanting to overcome the flu, which is a battle with no resolution of self-as-life then, meaning: the starting point is not self-support but overcoming the mind which enhances the sickness.

Some supportive notes:
BernardPoolman1 sickness is not pain although it may have pain --that is a design -- pain as process will not be illness related and will subside with self forgiveness
And a fresh reminder:
TimGormley I'm sick Veno. wtf. Major Chest Flu.
Veno TimGormley, in your process - not yet entirely self honest in your writings etc, still writing what will make you look good or okay, while the deep shit is seated/hiding in your secret mind

Wiki entry: Health, Illness

and some past quotes:

Bernard, 2008 wrote:‹Bernard› sneezing is when one is realizing or seeing something and the body says--see
‹Bernard› colds and fevers are corrective adjustments in Dna and the sneezing assist with it
‹Bernard› snot-is cool--snot indicate--focus and move self or get sick again soon
Bernard› sinus about the sign and designs in your life that requires direction

‹Bernard› so--use illness to move faster in your process
Bernard› or illness will move you
‹Bernard› in the fever--focus intently on the manifestation you require as support in your life and the skills you want effective

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Tim Gormley
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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by Tim Gormley »

Cool support.

I like the perspective on using the word "trying".

Thanks for the quotes.

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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by Maite »

Cool support, guys!

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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by Anna »

Yes cool!

"Do or Don't - there is no try." - Yoda.

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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by andresftenjo »

I presented similar symptoms as Tim, but in my case I experience complications in my throat, sometimes when I expose myself to the cold after 2 or 3 days I experience : fever, fatigue, head ache, chills and Phlegms. Some years ago my doctor prescribed me antibiotics , vitamin c and acetaminophen it was the same medication every time that I went to the doctor, after all of this I realized that this never really help me because I always feel the same pain / symptoms in my throat again and again

In relation with my process I could say that exist something in my mind that need to be done effectively , in order to close this 'sickness' cycles , maybe something that I never considered, two days ago my 'throat knot' is here with me again, I watched this video : the water is very helpful but any suggestions can be helpful as well !

Thanks guys !

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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by barbara »

Hi Andres!

You can check out Veno and his article on the structural resonance of the throat: ... -2-phase-1

So suggested to consider the situations in which you have been voicing yourself or not voicing yourself, but fearing consequences where the 'voice box' knotted itself up and tied you in to the energies that you participated in in that moment instead of self-directing (knot), what has your starting point been in your communications lately? Have a look at the experiences that came up in such situations of communication and forgive yourself for having participated and commit to self-honest sharing within/as commonsense and self-expression.

5.) THROAT point :

Your throat point contains your vocal cords or as I would prefer to refer to it as: Your Voice Box.

The sounds, in which you communicate and voice your words with, have also unfortunately been influenced by the systematic design of the consciousness systems within you. Meaning that words and the sounds in which you communicate them have been separated within yourself – words and sounds are not one as they are currently spoken within humanity yet it may seem so because you're probably asking: Then how's it possible that I communicate with words in sound as sound? Here, allow me to explain:

The words and sounds in which you communicate have been separated from yourself, within yourself, in totality. Meaning that when you communicate, all the words together with the sounds they are expressed within are actually done in support of consciousness systems within you and within the world and not spoken and voiced (words and sounds) as an unconditional expressive statement of who you really are.

How was this done?

In your Voice Box, situated in your throat region, is another system which is part of and one with the entire mind consciousness system within you. This Voice Box system have been designed with consciousness sound frequencies, mathematical equations and symbols – developed and designed by none other than Marduk – which also assist with the development of the entire mind consciousness system within you. Assisting in developing the definition and design of ‘who you are' and ‘who you will become' within the system as a mind consciousness system. Therefore words have been connected to consciousness sound frequency symbols as well as mathematical equations to support and assist the development and manifestation of the mind consciousness system within you as who and what you will become as you come of age in this world and experience your pre-programmed life experience. All the words you continuously speak, the specific sound frequency of each word, the emotional and feeling connotations to each word, the accepted picture or definition connected to each word, the specific symbol allocated to each word, the mathematical equation of which each word consist of: All this that each and every single word consist of and is designed as is manifested within each and every single human beings' Voice Box within the THROAT point and is connected to and one with your entire mind consciousness system within you. And this includes the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Therefore when you speak any and all words, you actually support the compounding manifestation and existence of consciousness systems within yourself and within this world as the rest of humanity.

Have a look at the consequential effect of the existence of words and sounds as per consciousness systems designs: Whether you think a word or voice a word – it's the same thing because the word exist within you as per consciousness systems designs which I have described above.

Let's take the word ‘rape' for instance: If you but even communicate in conversation the topic regarding the word ‘rape' or even think about it and look at it in your mind through the act of thinking: You are actually manifesting the word in this world. Why? Because all words have been programmed in the image and likeness of that within which you experience yourself as in this world: The White Light gridline structure. In other words if you communicate or even think about the word rape as the word exist within you as consciousness systems designs as the sound frequency of the word ‘rape', the emotional and feeling connotation to the word ‘rape', the accepted picture or definition connected to the word ‘rape', the specific symbol allocated to the word ‘rape' and the mathematical equation of the word ‘rape' – you manifest all that this word ‘rape' stand as within your self as consciousness systems designs and world definition acceptance – as an actual experience. Whether by yourself or by anyone else in this world: You support the existence and manifested experience of rape in this world. And this goes for all words humanity, each and every single word because words and the sounds you communicate and voice them with, have been programmed and designed to support consciousness systems.

Why do you think there exist news broadcasting centers, to be displayed on television, newspapers regarding the status and situation of the world: It is reflecting what all of humanity as one is designing and manifesting through the words you speak and the thoughts you think. Also, of course, to further have you speak and think as communication of all that is broadcasted in the media as the news so that you are able to continue supporting consciousness systems within yourself and in this world which become manifested experiences within which you are controlled and directed and enslaved. Never to know that you, each and every single individual human being, is actually responsible for the manifested experiences of all human beings on earth through the words you speak and the thoughts you think as communication which is of consciousness systems.

(NOTE: I am not saying to become a mute, or never watch television or never to read. I will be sharing with you practical examples, solutions, of how to support yourself and the rest of humanity as one together to discontinue the manifested experiences allowed and accepted today through the words you speak and the thoughts you think. For now you are able to STOP your thoughts.)

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Re: Ask a Destonian

Post by PaulQuessy »

Awesome Support here. Many thanks

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