Writing Article About Desteni for VICE Magazine

Share and ask your moments and experiences in random, unpredictable, sudden moments that happened to you - you'd like to understand. Whether it be during a discussion with someone and not understanding why certain thoughts / behaviours came up in you or another. Not understanding another's facial expression or even your own when looking in the mirror etc. So, this thread is dedicated to the everyday life moments we WONDER about but never ask.
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Joseph Floretta
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Re: Writing Article About Desteni for VICE Magazine

Postby Joseph Floretta » 25 Oct 2013, 12:13

For equality's sake, I desperately needed to communicate with well-spoken members of Desteni such as yourself. Thanks for responding.
Cool Roscoe. Stay true to your intentions and post a link of the article here in the forum. Good luck

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Re: Writing Article About Desteni for VICE Magazine

Postby Denise » 27 Oct 2013, 00:09


When I first heard about Desteni, I was skeptical and I had to do my own research into it before I would even consider utilizing it. I came across more anti-Desteni material than I expected. What I discovered was there was more "hate" vlogs, and cult accusations and judgments mostly by religious people. This did not deter me or prevent me from investigating for myself. I have not looked at every single video, however, I did decide to benefit myself and work on this process everyday, every moment as I recognize the need to be self-honest, self-corrective and move forward with myself. The anti-Desteni material is irrelevant to me at this point. I have no answers to your questions, just the suggestion to investigate for yourself. Read the material on Desteni. Read what real people are doing. Listen to vlogs, listen to the live hangouts where real people share themselves, and real things that are going on in the lives of people AND solutions to issues that we all struggle with. I do not call myself a follower of Desteni, I am part of it by way of community- a community of individuals who assist and support one another by sharing themselves and their process and who recognize that in order for equality to be realized, we must do what is best for all life here.

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Re: Writing Article About Desteni for VICE Magazine

Postby barbara » 27 Oct 2013, 08:28

Cool Denise!

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