Everything goes so fast

Share and ask your moments and experiences in random, unpredictable, sudden moments that happened to you - you'd like to understand. Whether it be during a discussion with someone and not understanding why certain thoughts / behaviours came up in you or another. Not understanding another's facial expression or even your own when looking in the mirror etc. So, this thread is dedicated to the everyday life moments we WONDER about but never ask.
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Everything goes so fast

Postby frank » 01 Mar 2017, 13:54

Today I started to feel everything going so fast. I'm feeling insane of it. What happened to my mind?

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Re: Everything goes so fast

Postby Gian » 01 Mar 2017, 17:22

Frank, when things go fast it is obviously from being in the mind, for this, I would suggest to slow down, take the 4 count breath action of applying the 4 count breathing to support yourself when things are going fast. so, breath in and counting to 4 (4 seconds) and hold the breath for 4 and exhale for 4 and then hold that exhale for 4. as it is systematic and something you have to focus on it focusses all of you in this action of breathing, the body and mind, After applying the 4 count breathing for a while, stop counting and move the breathing to be that of natural (thus no counting but feeling it) and within this see your environment, be here, focus on what is here, and SLOW everything down in your movements. if this still doe snot help in the moment, then you will have to apply writing on the points that is moving fast and insane. expose the automatic programming and actualize yourself as yourself authority and who you are.

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Re: Everything goes so fast

Postby tylersr » 04 Mar 2017, 01:20

Hi Frank~

Good advice given by Gian here that you will find repeated throughout the Desteni material: breathing and writing self-forgiveness. Important to remember the Mind LOVES energetic possession and will use speeding up thoughts or changing the intensity of feelings/emotions to trip you up and cause you to go into a possession. Energetic possession, if you are not familiar, is when you become so possessed by a thought/feeling/emotion that you actually let that aspect of your mind direct you within a moment instead of you directing yourself in stability and calm. Once you've done a lot of self-writing and applied self-forgiveness within self-honesty within that, you will find that you can tell almost before hand when your mind is going to speed up/slow down/change intensity and you can just apply breathing/be here and direct the point as you would when you are writing self-forgiveness. This is especially true if the point that comes up as "intense" is something you've written about previously, as self-writing allows you to see into different aspects of the Mind related to such points so that when the mind tries to bring them up again, you are already familiar. So, in order to be as prepared as possible to face any such "intense" points I would continue with daily self-writing on any points within yourself that you know are not "best for all".

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Re: Everything goes so fast

Postby YoganBarrientos » 04 Mar 2017, 04:44

Slowwwwwww Dowwwwwwwwn

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