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Shared videos, vlogs, etc.

Posted: 22 Jul 2019, 01:17
by nuno
About "our" "infinite(<- perhaps a subject/ "issue" for another topic: the almost "infinite" material*) videos", maybe vlogs also, etc. According to this guy, the simple act of putting an image on the internet (imagine what will not be a video) requires energy that in short is like: each photo on the net is the equivalent to cutting a tree. I tried searching on the subject but found nothing. but as for a long time (although I am currently a regular user of technology <-computers to be more exact) I have for myself that all this technology of modern times is indeed a problem regarding all the problem that is already our world, I have no reason to doubt what he says (on the 8:38... video time). Are "we" with a big problem on our own hands?

ps: I'm not sure if my post has "fair" place in this section Questions and Perspectives about Everyday Life Moments. probably not. sorry anyway...too much sections/ topics ... too much systematization and so little time here...but also kinda lot of complexity for those who do not speak English (native language).

Re: Shared videos, vlogs, etc.

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 22:31
by Gabriel
Hi nuno, in regards to the section at 8:38 of the video: we will be putting content on the internet which includes pictures.

There is at this stage nothing one can do that will not involve some levels of abuse. When you walk the grass, you walk on insects such as ants. That does not prevent you from walking.

Therefore, it is to be aware of the nature of this reality that we have accepted and allowed. Yet within this also create the determination of doing whatever it takes to show that a different world and a different life altogether is possible.

Those who are here to stand as the voice of Life will dedicate themselves to self-introspection through writing and self-forgiveness - finding in themselves the grain of passion to stand up and say no more.

Re: Shared videos, vlogs, etc.

Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 19:53
by Marlen
Hi Nuno, I agree with Gabriel's comment

And I also found this recent audio supportive when facing this kind of reactions to seeing current consequences and harm done unto the world environment, nature, animals, fellow human beings, and virtually onto any other particle that is enabling us to live here
I recommend checking it out if you need more support:
Transforming Emotional Motivation to Self Motivation - Reptilians - Part 620 ... s-part-620

Re: Shared videos, vlogs, etc.

Posted: 09 Sep 2019, 15:49
by nuno
I understand perfectly. but as a side note, understand me: I do not walk on the grass (I am the example of what I say <- this, I have well understood it; and so I only admitted that I use computers; if I walked on the grass I would certainly have mentioned it or not even made my post). But for now thank you for your words gabriel. They helped me early on, to realize a point I have to work on: stage and levels. in short, two words so iconic of what has always been the talktalk of spiritual evolution. which, in the context of desteni and about what life is, may induce us in this understanding: process for life or process for the spirit in a heaven after death ends up being the same thing. I know it's not ... or rather I want to understand exactly why it's not the same thing if it's not really. yes, you have seen/may noticed that I do not "abdicate" knowledge. but I "try" to be my knowledge myself, or as desteni define it as something of the kind: to be knowledge itself (the only way knowledge is not a detriment to ourselves or self). or briefly, desteni acknowledges here and there that knowledge is not necessarily a "mistake", "something to avoid", etc. and from what desteni (and poolman) recognized as the only form of knowledge not being a "bad thing", this is what I strive for/regarding knowledge (my relationship to knowledge - or my relationship to life on a knowledge basis). And then the annoyance of a time / STAGE when clarification (mind / thinking / intellect) has to be cleared / done (even before we actually start living physically with each other) the fact we are still living in a tower of babel (different languages) Makes me sooooo mad. in short, when we really need to start unite ... language (different native lang) seems to laugh in our face. and I refer in particular (regarding the inconvenience of language/s) to those who can never in this life have even a clue what desteni says (I do not refer the problems that language can already have with who and how it uses it - which in turn justifies the need for redefinitions.)

Re: Shared videos, vlogs, etc.

Posted: 09 Sep 2019, 15:55
by nuno
PS: and please let's not confuse overthinking with non stop questioning. desteni showed it very well that not questioning was like a rule in heaven - hence the possibility of deceiving and imprisoning.